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Wholesalers Network.com> Wholesale Network Advertising Options

We at WholesalersNetwork.com know how important it is to get exposure to your website. A lot of wholesale companies have great products, prices and customer service but nobody knows about them. That's where we come in. We have two excellent advertising packages to choice from.

Featured Advertising for Wholesale Companies

With this option your listing will be featured at the top of the category that your wholesale site would be listed in (eg.. if you sell car rims you can only be featured in the Wholesale Car Rims category) This option is $15 per month. Listings are the same as normal listing, but are placed above all other listings and advertising. See the image below to see where the "Category Sponsor" listing goes.

Sitewide Advertising for Dropshippers and Wholesalers

To have your wholesale company featured on all the directory categories of Wholesalers Network, not including the Homepage, ask about the "Sitewide Sponsors" option. There are more than 300 wholesale company pages in the directory.

Images must be 120 x 60 pixels and must be a static image (no blinking, flashing or moving images). The sitewide sponsor option is $100 per month.

wholesalers advertising

Wholesalers Network Advertising FAQ

# Payment of advertising is only accepted with Paypal, using their subscription option. This means that you will be automatically billed each month, unless you unsubscribe from the subscription.

# Official company titles must be used for any directory listing, whether it advertising or a free listing. No keywords will be used in any titles.

# All advertising uses the rel="nofollow" tag to conform with the rules of Google.

# We can choose not to accept an advertiser for any reason we choose. Things that can cause an advertiser to be refused include; offensive material, exsessive pop ups or obtrusive downloads, and get rich quick scams. We will not list wholesalers that sell cigarettes, guns, or illegal products. Adult Wholesalers cannot be a "Sitewide Sponsor" but can be featured in the Wholesale Adult Categories.

If you have any questions or if you're interested in purchasing any of the advertising options above then let us know by using the email below. We will be glad to answer all your questions.

woopidoo at gmail dot com


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