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Wholesale blogs are few and far between when compared with shop front blogs or e-commerce blogs, but things seem to be changing. Same goes for social media and b2b, it has been a neglected area for many companies. More and more companies are starting to see that it’s about building relationships with current customers and an offshoot of this relationship building through blogs and social media then leads to creating new customers. [Read more...]

Best Toys of the 1980s

I was just browsing through Time magazine’s 100 greatest toys of all time list and remembered my childhood! Being born in the seventies, I was a kid in the eighties, so a lot of them brought back memories. I didn’t necessarily own many of them but I would have been bombarded with advertising of them at the time. [Read more...]

Ice.com For Sale

The online jewelry store Ice.com is said to be entertaining potential buyers of the company according to the Internet Retailer magazine. The jewelry merchant has seen sales declining since 2007 with the challenging economy and the increased competition from bricks and mortar jewelry businesses entering the online space. [Read more...]

Funding New Products with Kickstarter

Do you have a great new product idea but don’t have the funds to design and develop it? Crowdfunding the money might be an option. Places like Kickstarter allows entrepreneurs to post their project online and have it funded by hundreds or sometimes thousands of “pledgers” wanting to see the product produced. [Read more...]

Forbes Billionaires List Live

Did you know that the Forbes magazine has an almost real time billionaire’s watch list? It’s not as accurate as their annual billionaires list as it only watches the stock prices of major holdings held by each business person. So if they have much of their wealth in private companies or real estate they can’t be measured on a daily basis. [Read more...]

Social Media Marketing for B2B

Just reading an interesting article on the Guardian newspaper’s website about how companies are using social media to build relationships with their customers, who happen to be businesses too. It talks about creating a human face and building trust with the major social media websites like Twitter, Facebook and Google+. [Read more...]

Motivational Business Quotes

I thought I would start the wholesale news blog on a positive note with a list of motivational business quotes by famous business people, inspirational people, tech entrepreneurs and leaders from around the world. Please do share you favourite quotes in the comments and we might add them to the next business quotes post. [Read more...]

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Welcome to the new Wholesalers Network blog. We plan to post daily business news relating to the wholesale industry, b2b, retail, logistics, marketing and anything relating to business success.

If your company is doing something interesting and you want others to hear about it, send us your press release or let us know what’s happening and we might share it on the WN Blog.

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