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aliexpress review

I’m in two minds about AliExpress: I like it because you can connect with suppliers to buy cheap products in small amounts but I dislike it because they just don’t have the dispute system worked out properly. Dealing with a wide range of manufacturers and suppliers in China can be a nightmare! I have used them quite a few times now and most suppliers I have bought from have been honest and fair but I have also dealt with thieves.

AliExpress could learn a lot from looking at how eBay deals with disputes. On two occasions I have dealt with dishonest sellers on eBay and both times I have had my money returned. I can’t say the same about AliExpress. Ali Express really needs to invest in a better customer contact system and the people needed to run it! You need to feel safe buying online and I don’t with AliExpress. If they could sort this out I would be doing a whole lot more shopping on their website.

My advice? If the product you’re after is on eBay and is close to the price it is listed for on AliExpress, definitely buy it from eBay. If there’s a big difference, and there often is a big difference in prices, try AliExpress but do a search for the seller online first. The good thing about the internet is that when a less than honest seller appears they’re quickly outed. Do your research into the supplier and if you can, just buy a small item from the seller first. I would also pay for the product with Paypal too as they’re also good to deal with when you have a problem with the seller. Most of the sellers on there are one hundred percent legit and keen to do business with you, just tread cautiously and there’s bargains to be had!

What do you think about AliExpress? Have you had good experiences or bad?

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  1. I deal with several suppliers sourced from aliexpress and have had very few problems with them. Remember, if it’s a big name brand product it is more than like a fake or forgery. China is like that.

  2. Oh yes, very true. If you’re buying Calvin Klein underpants or Nike shoes on Ali Express they’re probably not the real thing ;-)


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