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Being based in Australia means postage costs for books from Amazon in the USA or the UK are very HIGH. So you can imagine my delight when I discovered Book Depository (based in the UK) offering a selection of more than 9 million titles at great prices AND they have FREE worldwide shipping! I contained my excitement before actually ordering five books and seeing them turn up on my doorstep. They took a few days extra for international postage but they all turned up safely and in a timely fashion.

I was so impressed that I’m now telling everyone I can about them. Especially here in Australia as most local book sellers have prices so much higher than sellers from Britain and America. Here, do a search for something at Book Depository and see what you come up with. Remember postage to anywhere in the world is free.

Just this past few months I have been back on the learning train, improving and growing everyday. I stopped for 5 or so years and coincidentally my business and personal life crumbled as I was hanging around people with the wrong thinking. Seriously, if you’re not learning and improving every single day then you’re going backwards. If you’re a 9 to 5 worker with an unimportant position and you’re fine with that position, then I agree, you don’t have to be growing everyday. If you want a better job or you run a business (most of us here on this blog!) then you absolutely, positively, HAVE to be learning and improving every day.

I now start my day with reading books about business, success, health or motivation. Whatever it is, it has to be positive and completely drama free. So nothing on politics, nothing on history, and nothing on popular culture. Definitely no newspapers or news of any description!!

Throughout the day while I’m working I’ll listen to audio books when I’m doing tasks that don’t require too much thinking. And at night, just before bed I’ll read a book for a while, review my day, and then go to sleep with an audio book playing. I put the timer on for 60 minutes and I make sure it’s a positive book that I approve of 100% as I’m always asleep before the book shuts off.

I know it sounds like a lot of effort, and I guess it is, but the alternative is to be less than you can be. I’m yet to come across a successful self made businessman or woman who isn’t continually learning and improving. It just doesn’t happen. They might get lucky and do it for a few years but they don’t stay successful long term. Multi-millionaires and billionaires are always big readers! They’re continually learning about their industry and improving themselves, even when they’re the best at what they do, especially when they’re the best at what they do!

So yeah, check them out at Book Depository. They have a great selection on business, finance and self development. I know I’ll be buying from them again soon.



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