Forbes Richest American Billionaires 2014

richest american billionaires 2014

Billy Gates has topped the Forbes list of richest Americans again, making it his 21st straight year at the top. The billionaire philanthropist and world vaccinater increased his massive wealth by $9 billion over the past 12 months with a net worth of $81 billion US dollars. His bridge partner and buddy Warren Buffett of Berkshire Hathaway fame came in second place again with an increase of $8.5 billion pushing his wealth to $67 billion in 2014. The top 10 Richest Americans looks about the same as it did last year, apart from the fact that they’re all a little richer.

Not that I’m jealous or anything, but gee, it has been a tough couple of years for my business! ;-) I won’t lose hope though as 276 members of the 400 billionaires were self made. Fifty eight inherited all of their wealth and 66 inherited some of their wealth but have gone on to add much more to it. Silver spoons aren’t as prevalent as you would think at the very top of the wealth pyramid.

Top ten richest Americans

1 Bill Gates $81 billion Microsoft + $9 billion
2 Warren Buffett $67 billion Berkshire Hathaway + $8.5 billion
3 Larry Ellison $50 billion Oracle + $9 billion
4 Charles Koch $42 billion Diversified + $6 billion
4 David Koch $42 billion Diversified + $6 billion
6 Christy Walton $38 billion Wal-Mart + $2.6 billion
7 Jim Walton $36 billion Wal-Mart + $2.2 billion
8 Michael Bloomberg $35 billion Bloomberg LP + $4 billion
9 Alice Walton $34.9 billion Wal-Mart + $1.4 billion
10 S. Robson Walton $34.8 billion Wal-Mart + $1.5 billion


It’s very similar to the Top Ten last year. Facebook billionaire Mark Zuckerberg added more than $15 billion to his kitty over the past year which may give you an idea of how much money all those FB ads are bringing in for him. His was the biggest gain on the billionaires list and he’s now in 11th place with a cool $34 billion piggy bank. I’m thinking the Internet billionaire may be taking a Walton out of the top ten next year!

The three largest industries of those on the list include investments with 93 members deriving the bulk of their wealth from it, technology with 52 members, and food/beverage with 30 billionaire members. The youngest member is 30 year old Dustin Moskovitz with $8.1 billion and the oldest member on the list is old David Rockefeller Sr. (who could very well be a vampire) at 99 with $3 billion.

Rich listers had to have more than $1.55 billion just to get a look in on the list. More than 113 billionaires in the United States had to be left out because they just didn’t have enough money. Better luck next year paupers ;-)

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