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One of the larger and more popular categories on the Wholesalers Network website is the clothing and fashion category. I’m currently going through it to delete companies that have closed down and to add new wholesalers that haven’t been listed. If you’re not already listed in the Wholesale Clothes section or you use a great clothing wholesaler that isn’t listed, let us know about it.

It’s a challenging business selling clothes. A friend of mine sells clothes to the teen and young adult crowd and he says they’re so fickle. Just when you think you’ve found a hot item that will pay for your retirement, it stops selling. It’s quickly come, quickly go, which is fine, but you can’t become complacent for one second in the industry. Which is how all businesses are to some extant, but selling fashion to young people even more so.

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Anyway, enough chit chat.. here’s some of the categories that I’m working on within the clothing section..

  • Asian Clothes – I’m not young and fashionable but I have noticed a lot of people are really into Japanese and South Korean fashion lately. They’re really popular with the fashionable crowd.. which is probably why I have no Asian clothes in my wardrobe.
  • Baby Clothes – Everyone around me seems to be having babies lately. I might be buying baby clothes in bulk soon if the trend continues ;-)
  • Ethnic Clothes – Ethnic is a broad term covering things like Arab clothes, burqas, Islamic, Jewish fashion, and a few others. I use the term loosely.
  • Jackets and Coats – I know the northern hemisphere is moving into summer, but being in Australia means it’s getting bloody cold! I have been looking for a good jacket on eBay this past week. They’re so much cheaper than in department stores.
  • Lingerie – Lingerie and sexy underwear is always popular. I almost bought an online lingerie business once upon a time but the seller left me with more questions than answers. He was just a little too vague and I couldn’t bring myself to fully trust him.
  • Men’s Clothing – The mens clothes section is so much smaller than the womens clothing section! Especially when you also consider the fashion accessories section.
  • Organic Clothes – The whole organic clothes and green friendly fashion craze was popular there for a while. I hope it continues though as we need to look after this big beautiful blue planet of ours.
  • Urban Clothes – Urban wear or street wear is popular with the kids. The trends change from month to month though!

There’s plenty more categories in the Clothing distributors section. Do a search for your b2b company and see if it’s already listed. If not, let me know. It’s free! What business doesn’t need free publicity??!

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  1. Hi,

    I’m looking for casual wear /sportwear supplier who can do me some logo embroidery/sublimation samples.

    if so please contact me on my email. thanks BR

  2. Jane Hicks says:

    Hello, I am interested in resort wear to start a boutique with my travel business . What I would like to know is where do I find a wholesaler who specializes in cotton fabrics like you would see in stores like Soft Surrounding .
    Thank you!

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