List of Wholesale Food Suppliers and Distributors

List of Food Companies

I know I haven’t been posting much lately but that’s all about to change. I plan to spend a whole lot more time posting on the wholesalers blog and making sure listings on the WN Directory are as up to date as possible. Thanks to those who suggest new companies to list and/or delete listings that are either no longer in business or have changed. Today I’ve been going through the Food Wholesalers section.

So let me know if your business isn’t listed or your favorite supplier hasn’t been added yet. Remember, this is a free b2b directory and I don’t charge companies to be listed nor do I charge retailers to view it, so I need your help to make it as good as it can be (with just one person managing the website).


So, grab a coffee and check out some food and drink wholesalers, suppliers, manufacturers and dropshippers listed on the Wholesalers Network directory :-)

  • Coffee – Lets start with Coffee companies because one can never have too much coffee! Or maybe you can, who knows.
  • Canned Food – Food in tins or cans. I added a few more companies and deleted a couple that were no longer in business.
  • Confectionery – I added some new sub-categories and a whole bunch of new companies for those of you selling things like Chocolate, Gum, Turkish Delight, etc.
  • Dehydrated Food – Companies selling dried foods, survival packs and long life foods who could be targeting camping enthusiasts, survivalists or preppers.
  • Frozen Food – Frozen food suppliers seems to be a popular category. I added a few companies and had to delete a few. I have noticed a few wholesalers becoming retailers, not just in the food categories.
  • Herbs and Spice – And all things nice ;-)
  • Halal Food for my Muslim friends and Kosher food for my Jewish friends.
  • Produce – I added some new categories to the produce section.
  • Meat – And I worked some more on the meat and seafood suppliers category.

Let me know if I missed something or your wholesale company isn’t listed yet.


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