List of Wholesale Meat Suppliers

wholesale meat suppliers

I have been working on the Wholesale Meat Distributors section of the directory, adding lots of new categories and improving existing categories. If you’re a meat supplier, producer, or processed meats manufacturer, let me know and I’ll add your company to the list.

Here’s a few new and interesting categories from the meat suppliers section of the Wholesalers Network directory..

  • Chicken Suppliers – Companies offering whole chickens, pieces, fresh, frozen and processed chicken meat products.
  • Exotic Meat Suppliers – Meat wholesalers offering all kinds of weird and wonderful exotic meats, which include things like emu, kangaroo, buffalo, camel, crocodile and much more.
  • Frozen Meat Suppliers – Companies distributing frozen meat products from around the world.
  • Halal Meat Suppliers & Kosher Meat Suppliers – For Muslims and Jewish people requiring meat prepared according to religious texts.
  • Hotdog Suppliers – I do love a good hot dog even if I don’t know what’s inside them. Sometimes it’s better not to know ;-)
  • Meat Pie Suppliers – If you want a good meat pie recipe see my new recipe blog that I have been working on. Cooking is one of my great passions in life.
  • Organic Meat Suppliers – With all the hormones and chemicals that some farmers are using, more and more people are turning to organic foods. As prices come down I’m sure organic meat will become much more popular.
  • Smallgoods Suppliers – My doctor tells me to eat less dried meats, sausages and small goods.. but do you think I listen?!
  • Seafood Suppliers – Plenty of fish mongers and seafood wholesalers distributing fresh and frozen seafood products.

Remember to let me know if your meat business isn’t listed and I’ll add it as soon as humanly possible. The more meat suppliers I add, the more useful our directory is, and the more popular it becomes. Win-Win.

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