Social Media Marketing for B2B

Just reading an interesting article on the Guardian newspaper’s website about how companies are using social media to build relationships with their customers, who happen to be businesses too. It talks about creating a human face and building trust with the major social media websites like Twitter, Facebook and Google+.

They spoke with the logistics company UPS about how they’re using social media and Brian Pember of UPS said We use social media to share the brand stories, customer voices and our subject-matter experts to illustrate how we unlock value in the supply chain. The goal is to make logistics fascinating and relevant to segments that buy from us.”

Business to business companies have to work a lot harder to gain any kind of traction with social media. They’ll never attract the numbers that a popular fashion brand will attract and they won’t have the shares, retweets and likes that a celebrity will have and that’s fine. It’s a quality over quantity game when it comes to b2b online.

Anyway, back to the article. They also talk to the office services business Ricoh and office space company Regus about how they’re tackling the challenges of marketing online with social media. See the full article at the Guardian here.

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