Start Dropshipping Today with the Automated SellerBot System

Start Dropshipping Today!

The traditional E-commerce route for those looking to sell products online would usually require tens of thousands to get started and in some industries it would cost a whole lot more. You would need to buy the merchandise, store it, pack orders, post orders, and employ more people do all this when you start to succeed. But with dropshipping you can start with very little money down and  still be able to offer an almost unlimited number of products to sell!

Not only can you offer as many products for sale as the big boys in your industry, but you can also sell as many products as possible every single day as you’ll no longer have to pack and send each product as the dropshipper does it all.

What is Drop Shipping?

Drop shipping is where a product supplier takes an order from you, the retailer, and sends the product straight to your customer. So you’re basically the middleman. You no longer have to buy physical stock and store it in a warehouse. You simply make the sale online, send the order through to your dropshipper with payment, and then they’ll take care of packing and posting. You never touch the product, you simply take your cut of the price you sell it for.

SellerBot has made the dropshipping process very easy with their simple and affordable solution. Their system sets up a fully running eCommerce shop with a powerful DropShip system fully incorporated. They make it almost too easy. Here’s what the drop shipping process looks like..

What is dropshipping

See? Much easier than the traditional ecommerce path. Go check out how SellerBot automates the whole dropshipping process here.

They’ll set you up with everything you need to start your online retailing empire in no time. Here’s some of what you’ll get with the SellerBot dropshipping system..

  • An advanced Ecommerce website with an easy to use admin area.
  • Choose from a bunch of templates and color schemes to make your online store your own.
  • Receive a free domain name of your choice.
  • You’ll be able to accept payments with credit card or through Paypal.
  • You can use multiple dropshippers for the one order and be able to easily process them.
  • Access and run your online web store from anywhere in the world! You can run your store from a beach while sipping orange juice if you’re connected to the Internet.
  • List 5,000 products for sale without having to store one single item!
  • No listing fees, selling fees!
  • Add a blog or news section to your online store to communicate with your customers.

Get started today. Create a part time income or build your own retail empire so that you never have to work again! Sign up with SellerBot now.

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