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crocodile dundee knife

For years now I have been going to start an online store but have kept putting it off and putting off, until today when I finally took my first few concrete steps! I plan to sell all things knives and blades here in Australia. I’m going to start very small and gradually expand as I learn my way around shopping carts and the knife industry.

So it’ll be a learning experience for myself and I’m hoping others can learn something too. I have been making money from websites for more than 10 years now but I have never sold physical products. My strategy has always been to use advertising and affiliates to make money while I just added content to my sites. Ecommerce is a whole different ballgame though as I’m now dealing with customers, suppliers, packaging and posting, individual payments, and product quality. It’s a whole lot more involved than just throwing up a few affiliate banners or some Google Adsense. It makes you appreciate the companies paying for advertising on your sites a little more ;-)

As I take each step down this online retail path I’ll share what I have done and what I have learned, both mistakes and successes as I expect to make some of both. I’m hoping for more successes than failures though!




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  1. I am working on adding wholesale to my site . Currently I sell bags that are uniquely designed for women or men .
    I look to create products that have essential organization for its intended use.
    How can I increase retail and grow the wholesale side of my business ?
    I find it hard to drive customers to my site . I use Amazon to help me sell, but would like to find other ways to do business directly from my own e-commerce site.
    What are the best practices to do that ?



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