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Wholesale blogs are few and far between when compared with shop front blogs or e-commerce blogs, but things seem to be changing. Same goes for social media and b2b, it has been a neglected area for many companies. More and more companies are starting to see that it’s about building relationships with current customers and an offshoot of this relationship building through blogs and social media then leads to creating new customers.

Why Blog if you’re a Wholesaler or B2B Company?

Most wholesalers I deal with have only reluctantly created their company website, which is generally static and acts more like a business card than a place to create relationships with potential new customers. Those businesses that are benefiting most from having an online presence are those who evolve and adapt with the constant change that IS the Internet.

Starting a company blog and regularly posting on it is a way to make your company a part of the worldwide conversation that is going on, with or without you. Your niche, whether it be flip flops, meat or shampoo, currently has a conversation going online that is creating new customers and building trust with current customers.

The most successful companies using the Internet are engaging customers, creating conversations, getting feedback, working on social media, and asking questions. Blogging and social media are not fads, they’re not going away anytime soon, they’re where your customers are now spending a lot of their time when online.

What Do I Blog about as a B2B Company?

Obviously every niche will be slightly different but there are a lot of general themes that cross all industries. Don’t limit yourself by thinking there’s just not that much to post about to warrant putting the effort into starting and maintaining a blog for your b2b company. Here’s a few suggestions to get you started..

  • Customer Interactions – Not only could this one save you time by answering questions before they’re asked, it also builds trust. Think of it like a frequently asked questions segment where you address the concerns and questions of your company and your products. If your products are complicated, talk about them, suggest new uses for them, and show customers how they’re used successfully. I know your FAQ should also cover a lot of these issues, but this is a great way to share similar information in a conversational, more relaxed manner.
  • New Products – Similar to the above point, let people know about new products being worked on or new brands that you will be sourcing in the near future. It will also give retailers and ecommerce stores an opportunity to let their customers know what is new or coming soon. It might also be a way to get customers to prepay and could give you an idea of how popular the product could be.
  • Real World Examples – Share photos of your products being used in real world settings. If you supply mining equipment, show it being used in a working mine. If you supply Asian fashion for teens, show Asian teens wearing them in Asia.
  • Media Mentions – If your products are mentioned in the media, let people know. Is a celebrity wearing the sexy black dress that you’re supplying? Let people know. If your new chrome car rims are on a car in an auto magazine, share it with your customers. Toot your own horn!
  • Ask for Help – If you’re developing a new product, ask for feedback. People are happy to engage if they feel they’re listened to. Offer samples and ask questions.
  • Give Back – Contests are a great way to both get feedback and build an audience. Entries could be linked to subscribing to your newsletter or liking you on Facebook. Don’t make the customer jump through too many hoops though  as it turns a lot of people off.
  • Company Announcements – Hire someone? Let us know. Be proud of your workers and make them feel welcome. Making your company safer, greener, friendlier to the community, or more philanthropic? Let people know. Your customers won’t know what a great company you are if you don’t tell them!

It’s not something that you have to spend millions of dollars on. You don’t need a 10 person army to maintain it everyday. But you do need get started and regularly update your company blog. No matter what your niche is, you need a company blog as business, especially b2b companies are about relationships and trust. Every business has to work on building better relationships. Don’t expect fireworks overnight, but do persist, be patient, and be sure to post at least weekly.

Here’s my quick guide to start your own business blog today! It’s much easier than you think.


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  1. If you’re new to blogging and social media I believe it’s worth paying for guidance in the beginning. We have a small supply company. We paid a firm to start and manage our social media, weblog, company newsletter, and internet marketing for 12 months. It was worth every penny.

  2. Yeah I agree Rob. Especially if the company has very little experience with the Internet. You don’t have to spend tens of thousands of dollars on it to be successful.


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