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This category is for buyers who are looking for Electronic Components, Transistors, Semi Conductors, and Electrical Component Supplies. All you have to do is click on the wholesale listing of your choice and you will be taken that company's website. If you are a seller you can have your wholesale Electronic Components company listed in this category by visiting our Submit Wholesaler Url page.

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Belgian electronics company with offices in the Netherlands, UK and Belgium, Europe. Supplying development tools and modules for the electronics industry, with products that include microcontroller boards, programmers, LCD modules, robotics and adapters.
http://www.antratek.be/ (wholesalers belgium - wholesale electronics - belgian wholesale electronics)

Arrow Nordic
International electronics company located in Nedre Vats, Norway, Europe. Electronic products range includes semiconductors, electromechanical, interconnect, cable, wire products, component technologies, embedded platforms, subsystems and power supplies. Nordic offices in Europe include Denmark, Finland, Norway, Sweden, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.
http://www.arrownordic.com/ (wholesalers norway - wholesale components - norwegian wholesale electronics)

Electronic company in Malmö, Sweden supplying a large range of electronic compnents, robotics, monitors, and electrical products for industry.
http://www.beijer.se/ (wholesalers sweden - wholesale electronic components - swedish wholesale electronics)

Ekinler Elektronik
Turkish electronics company in Manisa, Turkiye manufacturing connectors, terminals, cables and cable harnesses for industries and products that include TVs, household appliance, automotive electroncs, heating elements, and the telecom market.
http://www.ekinler.com/ (wholesalers turkiye - wholesale electronic components - turkish wholesale electronics)

Wholesalers in Germany distributing a wide range of wholesale electrical products, electric parts, components, CCTV, and gadgets in Deutschland.
http://www.farnell.de/ (wholesalers germany - wholesale electronic components - gadgets - german wholesale electronics)

KH Distributors
South African importer and distributor of electronic components based in Johannesburg, South Africa. Supplier of electronics from brands like Exar, SST, Slimtek, SMI, Winbond, Sensory, Umec, Unisonic Technologies, Schmart Board, Chiplus Semiconductor Corp, Integral and more.
http://www.khdistributors.co.za/ (wholesalers south africa - wholesale electronic components - south african wholesale electronics)

Madhu Subtronic Components
Indian wholesale electronic component distribution company in Mumbai producing and supplying electronic components that include semi conductors, rectifiers, load cells, multimeters, digital panel meters, diodes, transistors, voltage regulators, circuit breakers, buzzers, heatsinks, power cords, capacitors, filters, knobs and more.
http://www.mscpl.com/ (wholesalers india - wholesale electronic components - indian wholesale electronics)

Silverstar Celdis
Italian electronics wholesale distributor specializes in semiconductors, industrial computer products, systems and subsystems, passives, electromechanical devices, and connectors. Located in Milano, Italy.
http://www.silverstar-celdis.it/ (wholesalers italy - wholesale components - italian wholesale electronics)

Japanese electronics company in Tokyo producing electrical components for companies worldwide. Components include semiconductors, cpu boards, and custom designed components for electronic manufacturers.
http://www.takebishi.co.jp/ (wholesalers japan - wholesale electronic components - japanese wholesale electronics)

Vilniaus Vingis Group
Electronic components manufacturer in Vilnius, Lithuania, Europe. Electrical components include deflection yokes, transformers and more. Also offering electromechanical plating, metal stamping and thermoplastics molding.
http://www.vingis.lt/ (wholesalers lithuania - wholesale components - lithuanian wholesale electronics)

West Virginia Electric Supply Company
Distributor of electrical supplies in the USA in Huntington, West Virginia. Is a Cooper master distributor for fusing and arresters in the electronics industry. Merchandise available include arresters, cutouts, NX fuses, insulators, contacts parts, NX capacitor fuse, fuse-ARC stranglers, mountings, RTE expulsion bayonet fuse Links, and more.
http://wvesco.com/ (wholesalers usa - wv - wholesale electrical supplies - components - wholesale electronics usa)

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