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This category is for buyers who are looking for Confectionery suppliers, Gum, Candy, Mints, Sweets, Chocolate Truffles, Lollies, Lollipops, Chocolate merchandise. All you have to do is click on the wholesale listing of your choice and you will be taken that company's website. With all the suppliers listed below we are sure that you will find the right company. If you are a seller you can have your wholesale Confectionery company listed in this category by visiting our Website Submission page. See also Wholesale Food Suppliers by Country.

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Abtey Chocolatier
European food supplier and distributor of molded French chocolate based in Heimsbrunn, France. Produces liquor filled chocolate, easter eggs, chocolate easter bunnies, christmas chocolates and other chocolates made in France.
http://www.abtey.fr/ (french suppliers - easter chocolates - wholesale french chocolate - chocolate suppliers - french food suppliers)

Amy's Candy Kitchen
Wholesale candy apples supplier of wholesale confectionery products out of Cedarburg, Wisconsin, USA. Supplies gourmet candy apples, confectionery gift baskets, chocolate dipped candy apple products, caramel apples and corporate gift ideas.
http://www.amyscandykitchen.com/ (usa wholesale merchandise - wisconsin wholesalers - wholesale candy apples - confectionery - american food suppliers

ANI Biscuits
Turkish biscuits and baked sweets company in Karaman, Turkey. Supplies a large range of biscuits, cookies, cakes, wafers, sweets, candy, petit beurre, finger biscuit, fikir fikir cake, chocolate rolls, kek, salty stick biscuits, cracker sticks with sesame seeds, fiyonk pretzel crackers, pizza crackers and more.
(turkish wholesalers - karaman - wholesale biscuits - cookies - cakes - pretzels - crackers - candy - wafers - baked goods - turkish food wholesalers)

Bayco Confectionery
Wholesale Turkish delight confectionery company located in Bellingham, WA, Washington, USA. Making traditional authentic turkish delight or lokum for customers in North America. Using natural ingredients that include pistachio lokums in flavors that include rose, lemon, and traditional turkish delights.
http://www.turkish-delight.com/ (usa wholesalers - washington wholesalers - wholesale turkish delight - confectionery - food suppliers usa

Best Buy Candy
American wholesale candy and confectionery supplier based in Orange County, California, USA. Supplies bulk bubblegum, confectionery, licorice, lollipops, chocolate supplies, candy bars, gummi, sugar free candy, gumballs, Jelly Belly, chewing gum, suckers, nostalgic candy and saltwater taffy at cheap discount prices.
http://www.bestbuycandy.com/ (usa wholesalers - california wholesalers - easter candy wholesalers - chewing gum - candy - confectionery - wholesale chocolate suppliers - food wholesalers usa

Bom Boys Candy
Wholesale American candy and chocolate made in the USA, Havre de Grace, Maryland, MD 21078. Supplies chocolate gift boxes, gourmet chocolates, home made candy, mints, fudge, chocolate pretzels, sugar free chocolates, ice cream, and more sweets made in America.
http://www.bomboyscandy.com/ (usa wholesalers - maryland wholesalers - american chocolate makers - mints - fudge - wholesale chocolate suppliers - food suppliers usa

Brittle Bark
Wholesale merchandise distributors of wholesale brittle candy from Mechanicsburg, PA in the U.S.A. Supplies retail candy shops with gourmet brittle in a variety of flavors and tastes including peanut brittle, dried nuts, fruits, macadamia nut brittles, packaged, wrapped and boxed brittle for gift ideas, pistachios, pretzels, cashews, and other interesting ingredients placed in brittle candy confections.
http://www.brittlebark.com/ (usa wholesale suppliers - pennsylvania wholesale - wholesale peanut brittle - confectionery - food distributors usa

American candy suppliers offering a large range of confectionery at retail, wholesale and bulk prices online. Includes chocolate easter eggs, truffles, chocolate bars, rock candy, gluten free candy products, kosher sweets, candy dispensers, licorice, chewing gum, lollipops, bubblegum, organic candy and more from famous confectionery brands like Hersheys, Cadburys, Pez, Toblerone, Wonka, Masterfoods, M&Ms, Jelly Belly Candy Company, Koppers, Reeses, Lindt Chocolate, Wrigley Gum, Nestle, and more popular candy brands.
http://www.candy.com/ (usa suppliers - wholesale candy - confectionery supplies - chocolate bars - lollipops - wholesale food suppliers usa

Candy Direct
Wholesale merchandise distributors of wholesale candy, boxed candy, and confectionery from Chula Vista, CA 91911 in the U.S.A. Candy direct supplies candy cars, chocolate bars, toffee, taffy, gummies, jawbreakers, jelly beans, licorice candy, lollipops, mints, powder candy, sugar free confectionary, and vintage candy from famous brandy candy makers like Hershey's, Albanese, American Licorice, Concorde Confections, Ferrero Rocher, Tic Tacs, Peanut Butter Kisses, Jelly Belly, Lindt, Just Born, Snickers, Dove, Twix, Skittles, Mars, M&Ms, Starburst, Nestle, Pez Candy, Wrigley chewing gum, Thompson, Tootsie Roll, Chupa Chups, Mentos mints and more.
http://www.candydirect.com/ (usa suppliers - california wholesale - boxed candy - chewing gum - candy - licorice - mints - wholesale chocolate suppliers - food distributors usa)

Candy Wholesale Company
American candy wholesale company located in Northridge, California. Selected sweets include candy keepers, chocolates, Ethel M chocolates, gourmet kettle korn, gumball machines, gummi candy, jawbreakers, JBZ chocolate candies, jell candy, PEZ candy, taffy and more.
http://www.candywholesalecompany.com/ (california wholesalers, usa)

Chocolate Buttons UK
Major confectionary wholesaler and online retailer in Blackburn, United Kingdom. Offering one of the largest selections of lollies, sweets, chocolate and candy online. Selected sweets include boiled lollies, Bon Bons, bubble gum, chew bars, chocolate bars, gobstoppers, jelly belly beans, marshmallows, liquorice, and more.
http://www.chocolatebuttons.co.uk/ (uk wholesalers)

CMI 2003 UK
Chocolate and candy machinery manufacturers in the UK, specializing in chocolate moulds and moulding tools. Confectionery equipment company supplying manufacturing, full scale moulding plants, cooling tunnels, storage tanks, depositing blocks and plates for chocolate makers and candy manufacturers. Located in Berry Hill Industrial Estate, Droitwich, Worcestershire, UK, Europe.
http://www.c-m-i.org.uk/ (uk wholesale merchandise - wholesale candy equipment - confectionery - british food suppliers)

Gourmet Candy Apples
Candy apple wholesale company supplying a range of candy apples and confectionery gift baskets. Gourmet candy apples is based in Phoenix Arizona 85053 USA. Includes a range of candy apples with a variety of toppings and ingredients.
http://www.gourmetcandyapples.com/ (usa wholesale merchandise - arizona wholesalers - candy apples wholesale - confectionery - american food suppliers

Wholesale Turkish food suppliers and distributors of confectionery based in Sazibey Mahallesi, Turkey. Supplies Turkish made lokum or Turkish delight in Turkey. Supplies different flavored lokums, sultan delights, pistachio, fistik, almond candies, Turkish delights, and mixed nuts.
http://www.kirmacioglu.com/ (turkish wholesalers - wholesale lokum - candy suppliers - confectionery - food suppliers turkiye)

Fresh Belgian chocolates company located in Brussels, Belgium Europe. Supplies a range of gourmet choclate, pralines, boxed chocolates, blocks, easter eggs, candy, marzipan, and specialty ice creams.
http://www.leonidas.com/ (belgium wholesalers - belgian chocolate makers - box of chocolate - chocolate easter eggs - gourmet chocolate - candy - wholesale chocolate suppliers - belgian food suppliers)

Licorice Candy Twist
Wholesale gourmet licorice supplier of wholesale confectionery products out of Burlington, IA, USA. Supplies a range of flavored licorice in traditional black and red, along with new liquorice flavors like apple, root beer, strawberry, watermelon, cinnamon, grape, red rasberry, green apple, cherry licorice and more. Supplies I M Good and Hickory Harvest licorice fresh.
http://www.licoricecandytwist.com/ (usa wholesale merchandise - iowa wholesalers - wholesale licorice suppliers - candy - american food suppliers)

Importer of English sweets, toffees, lollies and confectionery in South Australia. Supplying a range of candy that includes fizzy snakes, sherbet fountains, giant smarties, giant jaffas, jelly babies, liquorice allsorts, sherbet lollipops and more.
http://www.lollipops.com.au/ (australian wholesalers)

Metro Candy
USA wholesale candy distributors located in Syosset, New York. Wholesale suppliers of chocolate easter eggs, easter candy, bulk candy, lollies, wrapped candy, jelly pops, jelly beans, creme eggs, marshmallow peeps, candy bars, cookies, boxed chocolate, and other bulk cheap chocolates. Supplies from famous candy brands like Cadbury, Chupa Chups, Columbina, Daintree, Madelaine easter eggs, Just Born candy, M&Ms, Hershey's, Nestle, Swedish Fish, Pez, Tootsie Roll, Dorval, Ferrero, Jelly Belly, Mars, Wrigley and more manufacturers of candy and confectionery.
http://www.metrocandy.com/ (usa wholesalers - new york wholesalers - easter candy wholesalers - confectionery - wholesale chocolate suppliers - food wholesalers usa)

Mirza A & Sons
Wholesale confectionery equipment supplier in Faisalabad, Pakistan. Manufactures candy tools, equipment for candy shops, boiling machines, sugar mixers, batch rollers, candy forming machines, vacuum cookers, and candy mixing tools.
http://www.mirzaasons.com/ (pakistan wholesale merchandise - wholesale candy equipment - confectionery - pakistan food suppliers)

Miss Debbie's Specialty Candy Apples
American company supply shops with specialty gourmet candy apples in the Raleigh, NC region in the United States. Using fresh ingredients to create caramel apples, chocolate covered, dipped candy apples, chocolate apples, white chocolate apples, marshmallow, peanut apples, cashew apples and candy apples for special occasions like easter, mother's day, st patrick's day and valentines day.
http://www.specialtyapples.com/ (usa wholesale companies - north carolina wholesalers - candy apples wholesale - confectionery - us food suppliers

My Lollies
Australian candy and lollies supplier of sweets from Kingsway Confectionery. Melbourne food products that include candy like mints, after dinner mint, chocolate buds, chocolate bullets, liquorice allsorts, clunkers, Allens Minties, wrapped chocolate eclairs, packaged mint Mentos, fruit Mentos, wrapped milk butter toffees, bagged mixed lollies, fruit and nuts packs, customized candy, promotional lollies, rock candy, and confectionery from brands like Allen's Minties, Chicos, Cool Mints, Red Frogs, Party Mix, Snakes Alive, Strawberries and Cream, along with Chupa Chups, M&Ms, Maltesers, Nestle Smarties, Red Skins, Skittles, Wonka Blackcurrant Pastilles, Strawberry Storms, Wonka Chewy Gobstopper, Fruit Tingles, and Wonka Lifesavers.
http://www.mylollies.com.au/ (australian wholesale merchandise - victoria wholesalers - wholesale mints - liquorice - lollies - chocolate suppliers - confectionery - australian food wholesale)

Nory Locum
Manufacturer and wholesaler of Turkish Delight, also called lokum or locum. Based in Winnetka, CA, USA. Producing Turkish Delight or lokum since 1964 using a traditional recipe over a century old. Each batch is hand cooked, cut, and packed using American produced ingredients including pistachios, walnuts, almonds, and hazelnuts. Flavors include rose, pomegranate, mint, bergamot, vanilla, orange, and licorice.
http://www.norylocum.com/ (usa wholesalers - california suppliers - wholesale turkish delight - candy - american food suppliers

We Got Fudge
Wholesale fudge supplier of wholesale confectionery products out of Montgomery, TX, USA. Supplies a range of fudges including pumpkin slabs, pecan fudge, chocolate fudge slices, macadamia nut white chocolate fudge slab, peanut butter fudge, chocolate walnut and other flavors of fudge.
http://www.wegotfudge.com/ (usa wholesale merchandise - texas wholesalers - wholesale fudge - confectionery - american food suppliers)

Wicked Fudge
Australian wholesale food supplier of fudge in Wishart QLD Queensland, Australia. Supplies coffee shops, cafes and the food industry with premium fudge products, caramel fudge, toffee, and chocolate fudge confectionery.
http://www.wickedfudge.com.au/ (australian wholesale merchandise - queensland wholesalers - wholesale fudge - toffee - confectionery - australian food suppliers)

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