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Wholesalers> Wholesale Foods and Drinks> List of Drinks Wholesalers

Alcohol | Beer | Coffee | Energy Drinks | Juice | Milk | Soft Drinks | Tea | Water | Wine

This category is for buyers who are looking for Drinks, Beverages, Soft Drinks, Alcohol, Non Alcoholic Beverages and Energy Drink. All you have to do is click on the wholesale listing of your choice and you will be taken that company's website. If you are a B2B wholesaler or distributor you can have your wholesale Drinks company listed in this category by visiting our Website Submission page.

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Albanian Trading Company
Albanian company supplying herbs and related products out of Durrës, Albania. Herbs supplies include sage, basil, juniper berry, bay leaf, black pepper, rosemary, white pepper, laurel, oregano, cinnamon, thyme, herbal blends, garlic and other special herbs and spices. Also supplies a range of teas for drinking, herbal teas, medicinal, and aromatic tea drinks.
http://www.albaniatrading.com/ (albanian wholesalers - wholesale herbs and spices - wholesale tea companies - albanian food companies)

Aux Quatre Couleurs
French wholesale company supplying rare and fine wines, working with restaurants to create wine lists and fine wine retailers.
(french wholesalers - wine - france food)

Beutelsbacher Fruchtsaftkelterei
European beverage company supplying healthy natural juice products out of Weinstadt, Germany, Europe. Wholesale drinks include fermented enzyme drinks, fruit juices, sap juice, bio beverages, fruit cocktails, natural sweeteners, natural vinegar, vegetable juice and organic drink products.
http://www.beutelsbacher.de/ (wholesale germany - weinstadt company - wholesale organic food - health foods - vegetable juice - fruit juice - juice - wholesale europe - food wholesalers in germany)

Luxembourg brewing company located in the city of Bascharage. Brews and distributes a range of European beers with brands like Bofferding Pils, Bofferding Hausbéier lager, Bofferding Fréijoersbéier, Battin Gambrinus Lager, Battin Extra and others from the Brasserie Nationale company.
http://www.bofferding.lu/ (luxembourg wholesalers - beer wholesalers - alcohol distributors - luxembourg drink companies)

Bomba Energia
European energy drink company based in Wiener Neudorf in the Mödling district of Austria. Bomba Energia supplies energy drinks in glass bottles, energy drink in cans, plastic bottled energy beverages, and related drink products out of Europe.
http://www.bomba.at/ (austrian wholesalers - wholesale energy drinks - wholesale drink suppliers - wholesale austria food)

Byron Bay Tea Company
Australian drinks supplier of teas in Byron Bay, New South Wales. Byron Bay Tea Company supplies a range of herbal teas, English tea, Earl Grey, sencha green tea, chai, jasmine, oolong, Japanese quince, ginger zing, peppermint, chamomile, calming tea, energy tea, organic, digestive, and detox teas.
http://www.byronbayteacompany.com.au/ (australian wholesalers - nsw - drink suppliers - wholesale tea companies - australian drink wholesalers)

Byron Beans
Wholesale Australian coffee beans supplier in Byron Bay, New South Wales. Supplies Australian grown coffee beans in a vriety of roasts from dark to light coffees. Coffee ground using several methods including espresso, coffee plunger, and stovetop along with whole bean coffee products.
http://www.byronbeans.com.au/ (australian wholesalers - nsw - drink suppliers - wholesale coffee companies - australian drink wholesalers)

C&C Beverages
American wholesale distributor of carbonated soft drinks based in Cranford, New Jersey, USA. Products availabe include fizzy cola, carbonated drinks, cans of soda, spring waters, fruit juices, and peeweez bottles of drink.
http://www.cccola.com/ (american wholesalers - new jersey - wholesale soft drinks - usa drinks)

Classic Foods
Milk producers based in Edith Creek, Tasmania, Australia. Packages Ultra Heat Treated (UHT) dairy liquids and long life milk, along with long life soups and desserts.
http://www.classicfoods.com.au/ (australian wholesalers - tasmania - wholesale milk - wholesale drinks australia)

Cream Bell
Indian wholesalers and manufacturers of milk and dairy products located in the city of Gurgaon, Haryana, India. Supplies dairy products like milk, pasteurized milk, UHT or Ultra Heat Treated milk, unsalted butter, milk powder, frozen foods, ghee, yoghurt, and long life milks in India.
http://www.creambell.net/ (indian wholesalers - wholesale milk - wholesale india drinks)

Dam Brewery
American beer wholesale distributor working with liquor stores, bars or restaurants, located in Dillon, Colorado, United States.
http://www.dambrewery.com/ (colorado wholesalers, usa)

Turkish wine producers selling white and red Turkish wine, including the DLC Kalecik Karasi wine to the retail and wholesale markets in Turkey and internationally.
(turkish wholesalers - wholesale wine - turkiye food)

French wholesalers of fine wine and wine accessories based in Cestas, France. Offering rare red and white wines from wine growing regions in France, Australia, California, Chile, Italy and Spain.
http://www.finestwine.com/ (french wholesalers)

Spanish wholesaler and distributor of fresh mineral water. Company based in Galicia, Spain supplying local and national shops and retailers with natural bottled water in a range of sizes.
http://www.fontecelta.com/ (spanish wholesalers - wholesale water - wholesale spanish drinks)

Fun Beverage
American wholesale company supplying beer, wine and soft drinks, based in Flathead Valley, Kalispell, Montana, USA. Incudes drinks from beverage brands like Coors, Miller, Pabst, Gallo, Constellation, Beringer, Mondavi, Snapple and Red Bull.
http://www.funbeverage.com/ (american wholesalers - montana - wholesale beer - wine - soft drinks - usa drink)

Gatorade Australia
Australian arm of the Gatorade energy drink based in Sandringham, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. Markets and supplies the Gatorade sports drink, Gatorade merchandise, sports towls, drink bottles, and sports bins.
http://www.gatorade.com.au/ (australian wholesalers - victoria - wholesale energy drinks - wholesale drinks australia)

Globus Wine
Chinese wholesalers of fine wines from around the world, located in Shanghai, China. Includes red, white, rose, champagne and sparkling wines from wine growing regions like France, Italy, Germany, Spain, Portugal, and California.
(shanghai wholesalers, china)

Iama Trade
Wholesale company in Cyclades, Santinori, Greece. Exporting wholesale Greek wine worldwide to retail and trade clients.
(greek wholesalers)

Iowa Wholesale Beer Distributors Association
Iowa beer distributors headquartered in Des Moines, IA, USA. Lists Iowa beer wholesalers which are family-owned and independently managed small businesses in the state of Iowa.
http://www.iwbda.com/ (usa wholesalers - iowa - wholesale beer - drinks - wholesale drinks usa)

JRE Water
Japan wholesale drink company located in Tokyo, Japan. Supplies a range of filtered drinking water in bottles. Also supplies iced tea, soft drinks and various other flavored bottled beverages.
http://www.jre-water.com/ (japan wholesale - tokyo wholesalers - wholesale drinking water - wholesale drink suppliers - wholesale japan drink supplies

Juice Express
Swedish wholesale company supplying fruit juice based in Sollentuna Municipality, Sweden. Produces a range of fruit drink and juices from melons, apples, oranges, lemons, mango, coconut, strawberries, mandarines, and tropical fruits.
(wholesale sweden - wholesale juice drinks - wholesale swedish drinks)

Kotayk Brewery
Armenian company manufacturing beer in Kotayk Marz, Abovyan, Armenia. Supplies a range of Armenian beer, Kotayk gold, lager, tshani, erebuni and more alcoholic beverages and drink products.
http://www.kotayk.am/ (armenian wholesalers - wholesale beer suppliers - wholesale drinks - armenia food companies)

Lerum Food
Wholesale Norwegian food suppliers with headquarters in Sogndal, Sogn og Fjordane, Norway in Europe. Supplies a range of food products including soft drinks, fruit jams which include apricot, orange marmalade, blueberry, strawberry jams, cherry, blackcurrant, raspberry, and peach jams, along with fruit juice which include wild berry flavors, orange juice, raspberry and apple, pear, blackcurrant, and other healthy food supplies. Lerum supports fairtrade companies.
http://www.lerum.no/ (wholesalers in norway - wholesale juice drinks - softdrinks - wholesale jam spreads - fruit juices - wholesale drink suppliers - wholesale norwegian food suppliers)

Magalies Citrus
South African drinks company supplying both preserved juice and preservity free fruit juices in a range of juice percentages up to 100% juice. Drink products available include 5 fruits & 5 vitamins, breakfast punch, apple, fruit cocktail, fruity litchi, grenadilla, guava, litchi, mango, orange juice, passion fruit, peach juice, apricot, pineapple, carrot, and tropical punch juices. The Magaliesberg Citrus Company is located in Brits, North West, South Africa.
(wholesalers south africa - wholesale juice drinks - wholesale south african drinks)

Nathan & Olsen
Wholesale Icelandic groceries and food products company based in Reykjavík, Iceland. Supplies and distributes a range of food and beverages, fruit juices, tea, frozen food supplies, frozen fries, breakfast cereals, beans, nuts, candy, chocolates, snacks and other grocery foods for supermarkets and convenience shops in Iceland.
http://www.nathan.is/ (iceland wholesalers - wholesale groceries - snack foods - fruit juice - nut suppliers - breakfast cereal - frozen food suppliers - drink distributors - iceland food companies)

Ocean and Co. Japan
Wholesale coffee bean importers and distributors in Japan, Asia. Supplies a range of premium coffee beans, specialty coffee and merchandise for coffee retailers and cafes. Based in Chuo-ku, Kobe, Hyogo, Japan.
http://www.ocean-jp.com/ (japanese distributors - wholesale coffee beans - wholesale japan food)

Austrian drinks supplier of bottled water and oxygen with headquarters based in Innsbruck, Europe. Supplies pure mineral water from the Sextner dolomites, with roughly 150mg of oxygen, no carbonic acid for good health.
http://www.oxygizer.com/ (austria wholesalers - wholesale bottled water - wholesale drink suppliers - wholesale austrian drinks)

Paradiso Mineral Water is a company producing bottled water in Paradiso di Pocenia, Udine, Italy, Europe. Supplies natural bottled water to Italian retailers and exported worldwide.
(italian wholesalers - wholesale water - wholesale italy drinks)

Ramune Taiwan
Asian wholesalers of bulk soft drink supplies based in Nangang Taipei, 115 Taiwan, R.O.C. Supplies a range of soda and soft drinks in a variety of flavors in plastic bottles. Includes ice cream soda, strawberry, marble soda and other flavored Taiwanese softdrinks.
http://www.ramune.com.tw/ (taiwanese wholesalers - taipei companies - wholesale soft drinks - wholesale drink distributors - asian drinks - wholesale taiwan food)

Rasna India
Wholesale Indian drinks distributor and supplier in Ahmedabad-380 015, India. Major distributor of soft drinks, iced tea, cordials, fruit drinks, powdered health drink supplies, organge drinks, and related Indian beverages and processed foods.
http://www.rasnaindia.com/ (indian wholesale companies - ahmedabad companies - wholesale soft drinks - tea suppliers - drink wholesalers - asian - indian food distributors)

Red Oak Boutique Beer Cafe
Boutique beer company with a large range of premium Australian beers, located in Sydney.
http://www.redoak.com.au/ (australian wholesalers)

Reeds Inc
Drinks maker of natural soda beverages in Los Angeles, CA 90061, USA. Supplies a range of natural soft drinks, ginger beer, root beers, ginger candy, ginger ice cream, China cola, non alcoholic sparkling juices, and other refreshing beverages in California. Also includes wholesale energy drinks with ingredients like ginger, goji, jiaogulan, camu camu, green tea, ginseng, and more.
http://www.reedsinc.com/ (usa wholesalers - california wholesale - wholesale soft drink suppliers - wholesale candy - ice cream suppliers - wholesale energy drinks - wholesale drinks - drink distributors usa

Rheinhessen Wholesale Wine Export
Wholesale distributor of wine in Armsheim, Germany. Offering a large selection of bulk wine, red and white wine from wine producing countries like Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Portugal, Hungary, Bulgaria, Austria and Switzerland.
(german wholesalers - wine - germany drink)

Taybeh Beer
Manufacturer of beer and non alcoholic beers in Palestine. The range of beers include the traditional German style beer, a light beer, and dark beer.
http://www.taybehbeer.com/ (palestinian wholesalers - wholesale beer - palestine drink)

Vinex Slavyantsi
Bulgarian wine producer supplies a range of wines including red, white and sparkling wine. Vineyards located in Slavyantsi, Bulgaria. Also produces vermouth and brandy.
http://www.vinexbg.com/ (bulgarian wholesalers - wine suppliers - wholesale drinks - bulgarian drink distributors)

Vintage International
Import wholesaler of premium fine wines from wine growing regions around the world. Vintage International wholesale is located in Jakarta, Indonesia.
http://www.vintageinternational.net/ (indonesian wholesalers - wine - indonesia food)

Wataru Coffee
Japanese importers of coffee beans and coffee merchandise to Japan from coffee plantations in Jamaica. Wataru supplies and distributes raw coffee beans and coffee brewing equipment to cafes and coffee retailers in Asia. Head offices in Minato-ku, Tokyo, Japan with offices also in Osaka and Nagoya, Japan.
http://www.wataru.co.jp/ (japanese distributors - wholesale coffee beans - wholesale japan food)

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