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This category is for buyers who are looking for Fishing Tackle Supplies, Fishing Rods, Reels, Lures, and Angling Products. All you have to do is click on the wholesale listing of your choice and you will be taken that company's website. With all the distributors, manufacturers and suppliers listed below we hope that you will find the right wholesaler. If you are a seller you can have your wholesale Fishing Tackle Supplies company listed in this category by visiting our Website Submission page. Search Sporting Goods by Country.

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Ammo Baits
UK fishing company supplying a variety of bait for fishermen in the UK and Ireland. Supplies sandeels, launce, mackerel, squid, razor fish, and pike baits. Based in St. Ives, Cornwall, United Kingdom.
http://www.ammodytes.co.uk/ (uk wholesalers - cornwall - fishing bait wholesalers - uk sporting goods)

European company supplying fishing nets and netting for the commercial fishing industry. Includes trawling nets, knotless netting, along with twisted and braided knotted netting to fish for anchovies, herring, capelin and tuna. Bandinotti also manufactures nets for industry, sports, trampolines, building, construction, baseball, soccer netting, hockey nets, tennis, volleyball and more.
http://www.badinotti.com/ (wholesale italy - fishing nets wholesalers - italian sporting goods)

Basil Manning
Fishing rod wholesaler in South Africa supplying a range of fishing rods and gaffs. Basil Manning Durban is based in KwaZulu Natal, South Africa. Supplies Assassin rods and fishing equipment, along with fishing tackle supplies including lures, lines, lubricants, hooks, floats, corks, reels, rods, sinkers, swivels, accessories and fishing tackle boxes.
http://www.basilmanning.co.za/ (south african wholesalers - durban wholesalers - wholesale fishing tackle - fishing rod wholesaler - rsa sporting goods)

Cengiz Balikcilik
Wholesale Turkish fishing tackle supplies company based in Üsküdar, Istanbul in Turkey. Distributes a range of wholesale fishing tackle, rods, reels, fishing lures, fishing hooks, swivels, squid jigs, spoon lure, jackets, fishing line, baskets, and related fishing accessories for anglers and fishermen in Turkiye. Includes fishing tackle brands like Okuma, Lineaeffe, Savagear, and Hansen.
http://www.cengizbalikcilik.com.tr/ (turkey wholesalers - istanbul - wholesale fishing tackle - fishing clothes - accessories - fishing line - hooks - reels - fishing lures - turkish sporting goods)

C and J Sports Inc.
American wholesale fishing supplies company based in Ridgeway, South Carolina supplying a large range of fishing tackle, swivels, sinkers, fishing line, rods and reels, fishing lures, hooks, jigs, hunting items, tackle boxes and a range of accessories for fishermen and sports people.
http://www.daiwa.com/ (wholesalers usa - south carolina - wholesale fishing supplies - fishing reels - lures - line - hunting - american sports goods)

Cmk Flies
Thai wholesaler of fly fishing tackle and supplies. Offering a range of Montage Avance flies in France, cdc flies, fly patterns, feathers, hairs, weighted hooks, and fly fishing equipment. Located in Chiangmai, Thailand.
http://www.cmkflies.com/ (thailand wholesalers - fly fishing wholesalers - thai sporting goods)

Italian sporting goods suppliers of fishing tackle equipment based in Reggello, Italy, Europe. Supplies a range of fishing tackle products like fishing rods, reels, casting reels, sportswear, and fishing line products for saltwater and freshwater sports fishing.
http://www.colmic.it/ (wholesale italy - wholesale fishing tackle suppliers - fishing clothing - reels - italian sporting goods)

American fishing tackle and reels company located in Cerritos, CA, U.S.A. Provides baitcasting reels, spinning, power assist, saltwater, and game fishing reels, along with a range of fishing tackle supplies, rods, tackle boxes, fishing line and lures.
http://www.daiwa.com/ (usa wholesalers - california - fishing reels wholesalers - american sporting goods)

Deadly Dick Lures
Canadian wholesalers of fishing lures out of Campbell River, British Columbia, Canada. Supplies a range of wholesale fishing lures like casting lures, jigging lures and diamond lure supplies.
http://www.deadlydicklures.com/ (canadian wholesalers - bc wholesalers - wholesale fishing lures - fishing tackle suppliers - canadian sporting goods)

Go Fishin
Sporting goods wholesaler of fishing products based in Sparks, NV, USA. Products include fishing rods, reels, lures, teckle, tackle boxes, and fishing knives.
http://www.gofishin.com/ (american wholesalers, nevada

Haedong Total Fishing Tackle
Fishing tackle wholesale company based in Busan or Pusan in South Korea, Asia. Supplies a large range of fishing equipment and tackle supplies, fishing tackle, lines, hooks, floats, swivels, fishing bags, life jackets, fishing clothes, safety gear, ice boxes, sleeping bags, gloves, outdoor gear, cold weather gear, and other equipment for angling and fishermen.
http://www.haedongfish.co.kr/ (korea wholesale - busan companies - fishing tackle wholesale - fishing clothes - fishing line - hooks - sleeping bags - life jackets - wet weather clothes - south korea sporting wholesalers)

Halco Tackle
Australian fishing tackle company of lures based in Fremantle Western Australia. Supplies a range of fishing jigs and lures made from plastic, wood, and metal for freshwater and saltwater species.
http://www.halcotackle.com/ (australia wholesalers - wa - fishing lure wholesalers - australian sporting goods)

Slovakian fishing tackle company in Europe manufacturing fishing lures for recreational and professional anglers and fishermen. Includes lures like wobblers, divers, poppers and more.
http://www.kovmasters.sk/ (slovakia wholesalers - fishing lure wholesalers - slovak sporting goods)

Italian fishing tackle suppliers exporting products and equipment for fishermen from Bologna, Italia in Europe. Exports a range of Italian design fishing rods, S Curve rods, S Flex rods, tackle, accessories, fish floats and fishing reels.
http://www.lineaeffe.it/ (wholesalers in italy - fishing tackle wholesalers - fishing rod suppliers - fishing reels - italian sporting goods)

McCoy Fishing Line
Supplier of fishing line and tackle for angling. Range include clear line, ice lines, and other premium co-polymer fishing lines. Based in Lake Havasu City, AZ, USA.
http://www.mccoyfishingline.com/ (usa wholesalers - arizona - fishing line wholesalers - american sporting goods)

Mog Rods
Wholesale fishing tackle distributors in Giugliano, Naples Italia in Europe. Suppliers of bamboo fishing rods, fly fishing rods, lines for fly fishing and other fly fishing equipment for freshwater anglers after bass, trout, salmon, pike, carp, tarpon, barramundi and other fresh water species of fish.
http://www.bamboorods.it/ (italian distributors - naples companies - fishing tackle wholesale - fishing rods - fly fishing equipment - italian sporting goods)

Munot International
Indian company manufacturing fly fishing tackle and equipment for fresh water fishing. Includes tools and equipment for fly tying like hair stakers, threaders, nippers, beads, spools, vises, hackle pliers, scissors, tweezers and wing burners for anglers. Located in Kolkata, India.
http://www.flytyingtackles.com/ (india wholesalers - fly fishing wholesalers - indian sporting goods)

Ocean Fish Equipment
Sporting goods supplier in Italy, 61100 Pesaro supplying fishing tackle equipment and supplies. Specializing in big game fishing and trolling for big fish. Fishing tackle distributors of rocket launcher rod holders, big game fishing chairs, harpoons, gaffs, tuna belts, harnesses, eagle gaff, outriggers, rod holders and other fiching tackle supplies for amateurs and professionals.
http://www.oceanfishequipment.com/ (italian distributors - wholesale fishing tackle suppliers - wholesale big game fishing - fishing accessories - italian sporting goods)

Ossifrage Industry
Chinese manufacturer of wholesale fishing tackle and supplies. Supplying a range of rods for beach fishing, boat rods, and fly fishing rods made from fiberglass or carbon. Fishing lures include the wobbler lure, spinners, spoon, soft lures and lead fish. Located in Zhangcun Town, Weihai, Shandong province, China.
http://www.chinafishingtackle.net/ (china wholesalers - shandong - fishing tackle wholesalers - chinese sporting goods)

North American fishing gear company in Sidney, British Columbia, Canada. Suppliers of trolling equipment, downriggers, boat rod holders, troll fishing products, line release tools, slamonid incubators and wholesale fishing tackle suppliers.
http://www.scotty.com/ (wholesale canada - british columbia - troll fishing wholesalers - canadian sporting goods)

Sea Speed
Wholesale water sports and recreational products in the Middle Eastern country of Israel. Supplies a range of boats and boat engines, kayaks, above ground swimming pools, inflatable boats, paddles, oars, anchors, aqua scooters, zorb balls, water sports products, fishing rods, reels, accessories, and other wholesale fishing tackle supplies.
http://www.seaspeed.co.il/ (israel wholesalers - wholesale boating supplies - paddles - boat engines - fishing tackle suppliers - kayaks - inflatable boats - recreation - israeli sporting goods)

Strike Master
Ice fishing company in Big Lake, MN, USA. Suppliers of ice fishing equipment, ice augers that are motorized or hand operated, hand held digital sonars, and winter clothes for fishing in ice.
http://www.strikemaster.com/ (usa wholesalers - minnesota - ice fishing wholesalers - american sporting goods)

Asian company supplying wholesale fishing supplies from Pusan, South Korea, Asia. Supplies a range of fishing rods, tackle, accessories, hooks, swivels, snaps, lures, fishing reels, jigs, squid skirts, octopus skirts, wire leaders and fishing tackle boxes made in Korea.
http://www.suntops.com/ (korean wholesalers - wholesale fishing supplies - fishing rod wholesaler - south korea sporting goods)

Tackle Mania
Australian fishing tackle and supplies wholesaler in the state of Victoria, Australia. Supplying fishing rods, reels, lures, floats, rigs, and fishing line from major sporting goods brands like Abu Garcia, Saratoga, Oscillate, Atomic, Black Magic, Berkley, Ecogear, Juro, Penn, Strike Pro, and Wasabi fishing manufacturers.
http://www.tacklemania.com.au/ (australian wholesalers)

Top Gear
Australian clothes wholesaler based in Darwin, Northern Territory. Supplies fishing wear, outdoor gear, fishing shirts, and adventure clothing for men and women.
http://www.top-gear.com.au/ (australia wholesalers - nt - fishing clothing wholesalers - australian sporting goods)

TT Lures
Wholesale fishing tackle suppliers in Brendale Queensland 4500, Australia. Supplies a variety of tackle and fishing lures including spinner heads, metal jigs, trolling rigs, scents, jig spinners, spinnerheads, depth charge lures, switchblade, ghostblades, sinking baits and other lures for fishing.
http://www.ttlures.com.au/ (australia wholesalers - queensland companies - wholesale fishing lures - fishing tackle suppliers - australian sporting goods)

Wedge Outdoors
Fishing accessories company based in Muskegon, MI, United States of America. Suppliers of a electric fish scaler for commercial fishermen and fishing industry professionals.
http://www.wedgeoutdoors.com/ (usa wholesalers - michigan - fishing accessory wholesalers - american sporting goods)

Wz Rods
Chinese company manufacturing and exporting fishing rods worldwide. Includes a range of fiberglass and carbon fishing rods and telescopic rods for anglers. Based in Zhangcun Town, Weihai, Shandong province, China.
http://www.wzrods.com/ (china wholesalers - shandong - fishing rods wholesalers - chinese sporting goods)

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