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Find "Belgian Food and Drink wholesalers" which are European Wholesalers in Belgium. Includes all categories of food wholesale companies in Belgium selling products and merchandise to retailers and in some cases selling directly to the public. You may also be looking for all Belgian Wholesalers or all Food Wholesalers.

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Castle Malting
European suppliers of malt products from the country famous for making beer, Belgium, headquartered in 4800 Lambermont, Belgium. Supplies malt for small home brewers through to large breweries making beer. Types of malt include wheat, pilsen lager malt, diastatic, acidmalt, peated smoked malt, pale ale, cara, melanoidin, aroma, castle crystal, coffee malt, chocoalte, black and biomalt. Also supplies hops, yeast and beer bottle caps.
http://www.castlemalting.com/ (wholesale belgium - wholesale malt suppliers - nuts and grains - belgian food wholesalers

Belgian produce supplier of frozen foods located in B-8920 Langemark, Belgium, Europe. Supplies a range of frozen vegetables including cauliflower, green beans, leeks, brussel sprouts, spinach, broccoli, peas, carrots, potatoes, cabbage, parsley, sweet corns, parsley, celery, courgettes, onions, peppers, which can be diced, sliced, mixed, tossed or baby vegetables frozen.
http://www.dejaeghere.com/ (belgium wholesalers - wholesale frozen vegetables - potatoes - spinach - cabbage - belgian food suppliers

Fresh Belgian chocolates company located in Brussels, Belgium Europe. Supplies a range of gourmet choclate, pralines, boxed chocolates, blocks, easter eggs, candy, marzipan, and specialty ice creams.
http://www.leonidas.com/ (belgium wholesalers - belgian chocolate makers - box of chocolate - chocolate easter eggs - candy - wholesale chocolate suppliers - belgian food suppliers

Belgian seafood wholesalers and distributors of fish and shellfish products based in Oostende, Belgium. Supplies a large range of fresh and smoked fish and shellfish. Types of fish include trout, herring, soles, flounders, hake, cuttlefish, cod, monkfish, tuna, red bream, smoked eel, john dory, mullet, black halibut, salmon and more. Shellfish varieties include lobster, crabs, oysters, winkles, mussels, scampi, crayfish, scallops, and whelk.
http://www.neptunusfish.be/ (wholesale belgium - wholesale lobster - oysters - sole - tuna - halibut - salmon - mussels - herring - seafood distributors - belgium food wholesalers

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To have your wholesale Belgian Food and Drink company website listed in this category and are based in Belgium, click on the link above. Some companies are import / export specialists, food suppliers, distributors of food, manufacturers, distributors, or wholesalers. See also Belgian Dropshippers and Belgian Trade Show Resources.


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