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List of businesses for buyers who are looking for wholesale Cleaning Machinery, Parts Cleaners, Pressure Washers, Laundering, Vehicle Washing, and Cleaning Machinery supplies. All you have to do is click on the wholesale listing of your choice and you will be taken that company's website. With all the wholesalers, manufacturers, and suppliers listed below we hope that you will find the right company. If you are a seller you can have your wholesale Cleaning Machinery company listed in this category by visiting our Company Submission page.

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European supplier of industry equipment and machinery company with headquarters based in Milano, Italy. Supplies a range of degreasing equipment, washing products, sandblasting machinery, peening equipment, pickling, phosphating equipment, and specialty painting equipment for industry. Also provides services to businesses to set up and run the appropriate equipment for their needs.
http://www.itf.it/ (wholesale italy - milano companies - wholesale sandblasting equipment - cleaning equipment - machinery - italian machinery suppliers)

Lavo Washing Plants
Italian company with headquarters in Giussano Italy Europe. Supplying industry with cleaning machinery, ultrasound washing machines, wash benches, washing tunnel, hydrokinetic, solvent degreasers, parts cleaners, vacuum systems, kilns and other cleaning equipment for companies.
http://www.stimin.it/ (wholesale italy - cleaning equipment machines - kilns - machinery - italian machine suppliers)

Irish cleaning machinery company based in Kanturk, Co. Cork, Ireland. Suppliers of a range of industrial road sweeping machinery and equipment in various sizes for different requirements. Multisweep is designed to be used with any forklift, tractor, tele-handler, or loader. Family owned company in Ireland with an expanding global network.
http://www.multisweep.com/ (wholesale ireland - cleaning equipment machines - machinery - irish machine suppliers)

OMG Industry
European handling machinery company in Gonzaga, Lombardy, Province of Mantua in Italy. Supplies a range of hand pallet trucks, power pallet movers, pallet stackers, picking and packing trucks, reach trucks, side movers, electric powered forklifts, counterbalanced fork lift trucks, rough terrain forklifts, industrial floor cleaning machines, and other equipment.
http://omgindustry.com/ (wholesale italy - fork lift suppliers - handling machinery - cleaning machinery - machinery - italian machinery suppliers)

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