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List of businesses for buyers who are looking for wholesale Lasers, Optoelectronics Equipment, Scanners, Laser Cutting, Marking, Precise Measuring Tools, Fiber Optic Networks, and Laser supplies. All you have to do is click on the wholesale listing of your choice and you will be taken that company's website. With all the wholesalers, manufacturers, and suppliers listed below we hope that you will find the right company. If you are a seller you can have your wholesale Lasers company listed in this category by visiting our Company Submission page.

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Alpes Lasers
Swiss laser company with offices in Neuchâtel, Switzerland. Products include gaz spectroscopy equipment, trace gaz detection, narrow linewidth lasers, singlemode distributed feedback laser machinery, multimode lasers, and others used in applications which include food processing lines, brewing, combustion diagnostics, medical diagnostics and other areas.
http://www.alpeslasers.ch/ (wholesale switzerland - laser companies - machinery - swiss machinery suppliers)

Disco Corporation
Asian machinery company supplying a range of products out of Singapore. Products offered include dicing and cutting saws, laser cutting machinery, grinding equipment, polishers, dry etchers, die separators, surface planers, high power waterjet saws, dicing blades, dry polishing wheels, and other industry machinery and equipment. Offices in Japan, Malaysia, Thailand, USA, Singapore, and Europe.
http://www.discosin.com.sg/ (wholesale singapore - grinding machinery - laser machines - cutting machinery - waterjet saws - machinery - singapore machinery companies)

Duma Optronics
Laser products and equipment suppliers in Nesher Israel in the Middle East. Manufacturers of a range of equipment used for laser beam positioning, optical beam alignment, and beam analysis equipment for CCD laser beam profiling. Applications include measuring, testing and examining laser beams.
http://www.duma.co.il/ (wholesale israel - laser beam equipment - machinery - israel machinery suppliers)

Excel Technology Asia
Asian company specialising in lasers and related technologies with headquarters in Penang, Malaysia. Manufactures components and laser workstations use for ultrafast micromachining, marking, lamp and diode pumped laser systems, engraving, deep engraving, infrared CO2 laser markers, and nanosecond micromachining. Machinery used in industries which include automotive, medical, packaging, tooling, semiconductors, aerospace, electronics and other industries.
http://www.exceltechasia.com/ (wholesale malaysia - penang companies - laser equipment - machining - machinery - malaysian machinery suppliers)

Feinmess Dresden
German industrial company supplying metrology machinery out of Dresden, in the Free State of Saxony in Germany, Europe. Suppliers of high-precision drive solutions, gantry systems, linear stages, PICO linear axes, controllers, custom solutions, positioning systems for medical engineering, optical instruments, and catenary measuring equipment for specialty industries.
http://www.feinmess.de/ (wholesale germany - dresden companies - metrology machinery - laser equipment - machinery - german machinery suppliers)

Golden Light
South Korean lasers equipment and machinery company in Asia. Supplies a range of laser diodes, optical fiber laser delivery systems, laser head machinery and related equipment products.
http://www.goldenlight.co.kr/ (wholesale south korea - laser equipment suppliers - machinery - south korean machinery suppliers)

MCE Lasers
Australian lasers company based in Campbellfield, Victoria, Australia. Offers laser levelling equipment, industrial high precision alignment for industry, laser surveying equipment, measuring lasers, and other laser guided machinery for the agricultural industry, builders, construction, safety, mining industry and tunnelling.
http://www.mcelasers.com.au/ (wholesale australia - victoria companies - laser equipment - mining industry - construction - machinery - agriculture - australian machinery suppliers)

European lasers and specialty industry equipment company with headquarters in Berlin, Germany. Supplies a range of laser beam shapers, optical isolator equipment, faraday rotators, optical devices, advanced flat top laser heating systems, photovoltaics equipment and other specialty laser machinery and devices in Europe.
http://www.mt-berlin.com/ (wholesale germany - berlin companies - lasers companies - machinery - german machine suppliers)

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