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This category is for buyers who are looking for Metal Materials, including Steel, Aluminum, Alloys, Copper, Silver, Bronze, Gold, Magnesium, Zinc, Wrought Iron, and Industrial Metal Supplies. All you have to do is click on the wholesale listing of your choice and you will be taken that company's website. With all the suppliers, manufacturers and distributors listed below we hope that you will find the right wholesale company. If you are a seller you can have your wholesale Metals Supplies company listed in this category by visiting our Website Submission page.

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Wholesale Zimbabwean metals supplier of aluminum products from an African company located in Harare, Zimbabwe. Almin is a fully equipped aluminum extrusion plant and a light metal foundry with skills in engineering, technical knowledge, toolmaking and maintenance.
http://www.almin.co.zw/ (zimbabwean wholesalers - wholesale aluminum supplies - metals suppliers - wholesale zimbabwe materials)

Durban Roodeport Deep
DRD Gold is a South African gold mining company. Aiming to supply low risk, low cost, high margin underground and surface ounces of gold from mines throughout Africa. Offices in Roodepoort, Johannesburg, South Africa.
http://www.drd.co.za/ (south african companies - johannesburg suppliers - wholesale gold supplies - metal suppliers - wholesale south africa materials)

Foshan Electrical Precision Alloy
Chinese metal materials company located in Foshan City, Guangdong Province, China. FEPAC products include a range of bimetals, clad metals, electrical contacts, brazing filler metals, and services related to the metal products.
http://www.fepac.com/ (china wholesalers - guan dong province - wholesale metal materials - wholesale china industry)

Foshan Nanhai Nanfang Aluminum
Asian materials supplier of Aluminum products and materials for the building and construction industry. Includes alumium tubing, pipes, forgings, castings, and other aluminum products from an Asian supply company in Foshan City, Guangdong province in Southern China.
http://www.nh-nf.com/ (chinese suppliers - guangdong wholesalers - aluminum supplies - metals - wholesale china materials)

Romanian suppliers of steel products in 800701, Galati, Romania. Suppliers of cold rolled strips of steel, metal sheets, packing strips, coated strips, glvanized steel products, steel wire and related steel products in Romania.
http://www.galfinband.ro/ (romanian suppliers - wholesale steel suppliers - suppliers of metal - wholesale romania materials)

Hoganas Sweden
Swedish materials supplier with headquarters in SE-263 83 Höganäs, Sweden in Europe. Supplies a range of metal powders, chemicals, hot polymer filtration products, sintered components, soft magnetic composites, metallurgical products, iron fortification, glidcop, refined metals, specialty surface coating and other European metal products and services.
http://www.hoganas.com/ (swedish suppliers - wholesale metal powder suppliers - chemical wholesalers - wholesale sweden materials)

Ksp Steel
Kazakhstani steel company in Almaty, Republic of Kazakhstan in Eurasia. Suppliers of a range of steel products including steel tubes, pipes, steel billets, tubing, couplings, casing pipes, all in a range of diameters and sizes.

http://www.kspsteel.kz/ (kazakhstani suppliers - wholesale iron companies - wholesale metals - material supplies - wholesale kazakhstan materials)

Italian silver company supplying semi-finished silver items using the latest technology and equipment. Products include sheets of silver, silver wire, rods, strips, disks, silver anodes, solder, wires, and rough rolled metal products. Company headquarters in Padova Italia in Europe.
http://www.lamet.it/ (italian suppliers - wholesale silver materials - metal supplies - wholesale italy materials)

Libyan Iron and Steel Company
Lisco is a Libyan company based in Misurata, east of Tripoli in Libya. Suppliers of couted coils and sheets, galvanized or non- galvanized steel, cold rolled coils and sheets of metal, un-annealed cold rolled sheets, hot rolled coils, pickled coils, light and medium sections, channels, beams, flats, steel bars and rods, slabs of metal, billets, blooms and hot briquetted iron from Libya in the Middle East.
http://libyansteel.com/ (libyan companies - wholesale steel companies - wholesale metal - wholesale libya materials)

Magnolia Bronze
American metals company in Omaha, Nebraska 68134, USA. Products include bronze castings and alloys, lead-free B-1® bronze, machined bronzes, and finished bronze products in the metal casting industry.
http://www.magnoliabronze.com/ (american suppliers - nebraska wholesale - omaha - wholesale bronze supplies - alloy suppliers - wholesale usa materials)

MIL Resources Limited
Australian supplier of magnesium with offices in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia 2000. Australian Securities Exchange ASX listed metals company controlling SAMAG, Papua New Guinea Iron, Magnesium Holdings and Magnesium Developments Limited, among other mining and metals interests.
http://www.mgil.com.au/ (australian suppliers - nsw - sydney wholesalers - wholesale magnesium suppliers - alloy metals - wholesale australia materials)

Norsk Hydro ASA
European Nordic metal suppliers in N-0240 Oslo, Norway on the Scandinavian Peninsula. Global suppliers of a range of cast aluminum products, extruded metal products, wire rod and rolled products.
http://www.hydro.com/ (norwegian suppliers - oslo wholesalers - wholesale aluminum suppliers - metals suppliers - wholesale norway materials)

Global producer and supplier of aluminum with headquarters in Nikoloyamskaya str., Moscow, 109240, Russia. Rusal owns bauxite and nepheline ore mines, alumina smelters, aluminium refineries, alloys, foil mills, packaging materials and power generating assets. Products include foundry alloys, metallurgy powders, silicon, corundum, chemicals, wire rods, wrought alloys, gallium and much more.
http://www.rusal.ru/ (russian wholesalers - moscow wholesalers - wholesale aluminum supplies - alloys - metals suppliers - wholesale russia materials)

Saitube Industries
Indian metals supplier of copper with headquarters in Mumbai- 400093 and factories in Chennai, India. Suppliers of copper, copper alloy, copper electrolytic electrical conductivity copper silver, tellurium copper, dhp, and bronzes.
http://www.saitube.com/ (indian suppliers - mumbai wholesalers - wholesale copper supplies - bronze supplies - wholesale india materials)

Tirosh Casting
Israeli company supply a range of cast aluminum products from the industrial zone called Afek Industrial Park in Rosh-Ha'ayin 48091 Israel. Tirosh Casting product range includes aluminum sand casting, permanent mold castings and pressure die castings items like gear housings, laser scanner devices, brackets, aluminum printing machine parts, engine manifolds, periscope housing for tanks, housing for guided missiles and other parts for a variety of industries including the defense industry.
http://www.tirosh-casting.com/ (israeli suppliers - wholesale aluminum suppliers - metals suppliers - wholesale israel materials)

European company in Finland supplying a range of zinc products out of Pori, Finland. Products available from Vertic Zinc Wire Oy include zinc wire and zinc rods made from virgin special high grade zincs. Shipping products worldwide from the popular Finland seaport town of Mäntyluoto.
http://www.vertic.fi/ (finnish suppliers - wholesale zinc suppliers - suppliers of metal - wholesale finland materials)

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