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This category is for businesses (B2B) looking for wholesale merchandise in the Chinese municipality of Beijing and includes wholesalers in the districts of Chaoyang District, Haidian District, Fengtai District, Xicheng District, and the capital city of Beijing. If you are a wholesaler in Beijing, you can have your business listed in this category by visiting our Website Submission page.

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Beijing Invention Biology Engineering
Chinese materials company in Beijing China supplying customers with a range of carbon products. Offers a range of fireproofing materials, expandable graphite, flake graphite products, sulferless products and high carbon graphite materials for clients worldwide. (chinese suppliers - beijing wholesalers - wholesale carbon supplies - material supplies - wholesale china materials)

Beijing Jingyi Century Electronics
Industrial machinery and factory equipment from a Chinese company in Beijing Asia. Provides a range of industrial size lathes, milling machinery, specialty furnaces, ingot cutting machines, tumbling mills, grinding machinery, and multicrystalline silicon bevellers for the solar energy industry. (wholesale china - beijing companies - wholesale lathes - drilling - milling - furnaces - machining - machinery - china machinery suppliers)

China International Book Trading Corporation
Chinese publisher of books and periodical with offices throughout the world and based in Beijing, China. Importing and exporting books, newspapers and periodicals in China. (china wholesale - beijing wholesale - wholesale books - china publications)

Good Orient
Chinese wholesale Asian clothing company headquartered in Chaoyang District, Beijing City, China. Supplies asian fashion clothes, oriental clothing, Japanese styles, mens clothes, women's, Nepal costumes, Tibetan clothes, kung fu suits, yukata, geta, wedding gowns, and exotic eastern goods at wholesale.
(chinese wholesalers - beijing city - wholesale asian clothing - china clothing)

Light in the Box
Chinese wholesaler and dropshipping company selling flashlights and electronics to businesses and ebay wholesalers, located in the Chao Yang District, Beijing, China. (wholesale electronics - flashlights - dropshippers)

72 Mall
Wholesale Ipods from Beijing, China includes Ipods Nanos, Ipod Shuffle, MP3 player accessories, and unlocked Apple Iphones. Chinese wholesaler and dropshipper of electronic goods and merchandise.
(wholesale ipods - dropshippers)

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