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Wholesale Directory> Wholesale Merchandise by Country> Wholesale German Companies> A to Z German Wholesalers and Distributors

List of "A to Z German Wholesalers" section of the directory lists wholesalers categorized alphabetically that are based in the European country of Germany (Deutschland). If you are a wholesaler, distributor, dropshipper, manufacturer or exporter based in Germany you can have your wholesale company listed in this category by visiting our Website Submissions page.

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Acoustic Signature
Wholesale German suppliers of analogue audio products in D-73054 Eislingen, Deutschland, Europe. Suppliers of vinyl replay turntables, with models like the analog one mkIII, mambo, calypso, final tool, crystal, manfred, tango phone and more all made in Germany.
http://www.as-distribution.de/ (wholesalers in germany - wholesale analog audio - turntables - wholesale german electronics)

German food distributors of food in cans based in Hamburg, Germany, Europe. Canned food company supplying canned tuna, sweet corn, pineapple, mushrooms, tinned tomatoes, asparagus, beans, peaches in cans, pears and canned fruit cocktails. Along with a range of raisons, tex mex food products, pasta, Heinz sauces, chewing gum, drink powders and more foods from Germany.
(german merchandise - hamburg companies - canned food companies - fruit in cans - canned vegetables - wholesale german food)

European auto business designing and manufacturing auto rims and wheels for custom vehicles with headquarters in Schiltach Germany. Supplies wholesale rims, light aluminum wheels, racing rims, street custom wheels and wheel nuts.
http://www.bbs.com/ (german wholesalers - auto rims wholesale - wheels - wholesale german autos)

BB Schuhe
Wholesale German shoe makers and suppliers of footwear in Europe. Supplies a range of wholesale flip flops, leather sandals, slip ons, men's shoes, women's shoes, and shoe accessories in Schlema, Germany.
(wholesale germany - wholesale flip flops - sandals - mens shoes - wholesale fashion germany)

German wholesale company supplying computer products and electronics in Hilden, Germany. Supplies a range of computer software supplies, notebooks, pc hardware, webcams, microphones, usb sticks, pc peripherals, multimedia equipment, cables, and other equipment from famous computer brands in Europe.
http://www.betronic.de/ (wholesale germany - berlin company - pc peripherals - mother boards - pc notebooks - computer hardware wholesalers - computer software companies - it equipment - german computer wholesalers)

Beutelsbacher Fruchtsaftkelterei
European beverage company supplying healthy natural juice products out of Weinstadt, Germany, Europe. Wholesale drinks include fermented enzyme drinks, fruit juices, sap juice, bio beverages, fruit cocktails, natural sweeteners, natural vinegar, vegetable juice and organic drink products.
http://www.beutelsbacher.de/ (wholesale germany - weinstadt company - wholesale organic food - health foods - vegetable juice - fruit juice - juice - wholesale europe - food wholesalers in germany)

Bijou Shop
Wholesale German Jewellery suppliers based in the European city of Berlin. Supplies wholesale costume jewelry, swarovski crystal necklaces, fashion jewellery, silver jewellery and new European fashion accessories for women.
http://www.bijoushop.de/ (german wholesalers - berlin companies - wholesale costume jewelry - fashion jewellery - necklaces - swarovski crystals - wholesale german jewellery)

Boesner Art Materials
Wholesale and retail art materials company in Berlin, Germany in Europe. Supplies a large range of products and materials for artists and painters, airbrush supplies, acrylic paints, oils, watercolours, fixatives, print supplies, inks, pens, frames, art books, painting easels, stretched canvas, paper, brushes, pastels, calligraphy products, drawing materials, etching, linocuts, oil pastels, oil sticks, adhesives, and other craft and art materials for artists, printmakers, and painters.
(germany wholesalers - berlin companies - drawing materials - easels - watercolours - ink supplies - oils - acrylics - pastels - wholesale paper supplies - craft supplies - printmaking - artist supplies - wholesale german art suppliers)

D. Entrup-Haselbach
German food wholesale supplier of frozen baked foods based in Gevelsberg, Germany. Deep frozen bakery items include baguettes, croissants, bread rolls, mediterranean bread products, lye pastry baked goods, pastries, pizza breads, snack pizzas, ham and cheese croissants, Danish pastries, apple pies, vanilla plunders, butter streusel cake, strudel, puff pastry, doughnuts, cookie crumble, berliner and other baked food products frozen.
http://www.entrup-haselbach.de/ (german companies - gevelsberg - wholesale frozen baked food - cakes - bread rolls - pizza - fruit pies - donuts - croissants - wholesale baked food - german food wholesale)

German bathroom products company located in the Black Forest region of Hornberg, Germany. Offers a range of toilets, bidets, washbasins, urinals, bathtubs, steam showers, saunas, kitchen sinks and bathroom furniture products.
http://www.duravit.com/ (german wholesalers - wholesale toilets - saunas - showers - bidets - urinals - bathtubs - bathroom products - wholesale homewares germany)

El Hor
European supplier of designer dog collars in D - 44369 Dortmund,
Germany. Supplies leather dogcollars, dog leads, leashes, tassels for dog collars and more in a range of colors, styles and materials..
http://www.el-hor.de/ (germany wholesalers - dortmund companies - dog supplies wholesale - dog collars - german pet supplies)

Elo Touch Systems
European makers of touch screen displays based in Ottobrunn, Munich, Bavaria, Germany in Europe. Manufactures computer touchscreen monitors, kiosk touch displays, LCD touch monitors, custom solutions, touch computers, and related touchscreens for business and industry use. Elo Touch Systems are owned by Tyco Electronics Corporation.
http://www.elotouch.de/ (wholesale in germany - ottobrunn companies - wholesale touchscreens - computer monitor suppliers - kiosk displays - tech supplies - wholesale it germany)

Wholesale clothes supplier in Germany Europe supplying a range of clothing and underwear products for men, women, children and babies. Clothes made using natural fibers for preemies, nursing moms, children and adult males and females. Fibres used include organic cotton, silk, organic Merino virgin wool and other natural materials.
http://www.engel-natur.de/ (wholesale germany - wholesale underwear - women - wholesale baby clothes - organic clothes - wholesale clothing germany)

Wholesalers in Germany distributing a wide range of wholesale electrical products, electric parts, components, CCTV, and gadgets in Deutschland.
http://www.farnell.de/ (wholesalers germany - wholesale electronic components - gadgets - german wholesale electronics)

Feinmess Dresden
German industrial company supplying metrology machinery out of Dresden, in the Free State of Saxony in Germany, Europe. Suppliers of high-precision drive solutions, gantry systems, linear stages, PICO linear axes, controllers, custom solutions, positioning systems for medical engineering, optical instruments, and catenary measuring equipment for specialty industries.
http://www.feinmess.de/ (wholesale germany - dresden companies - metrology machinery - laser equipment - machinery - german machinery suppliers)

Wholesale sporting goods company in Grassau, Germany, Europe. Specializing in wholesale kites, kite boarding supplies, boards, foilkites, kite landboarding, surf kites, infinity bars and related equipment needed for kiting and extreme sports.
http://www.flysurfer.com/ (german companies - wholesale kites - water sports - sports goods - german sporting goods)

Friedrich Ingredients
Wholesalers of food in Germany in the University city of Konstanz bordering Switzerland. Supplies a range of food seasonings, marinades, crumbs for cooking, snack flavours, sauces, soups, spices, artificial sausage casings, coloring agents, food colours, processed meat products, food extracts, pepper, paprika, herbs, onion, garlic, food bases, allspice ground, bay leaves, chili powder, curry powders, saffron, ginger, and preservatives for food.
http://www.ingredients.de/ (wholesalers in germany - konstanz companies - wholesale seasonings - sauces - spice traders - food bases - curry - herbs - ginger - garlic suppliers - food wholesalers - german food wholesalers)

GMK Electronic Design
German wholesalers of technology equipment with headquarters in Wernberg-Köblitz, in the Schwandorf district in Bavaria, Germany in Europe. Supplies computer keyboards, customer specific keyboard products for business and industry, industrial devices, HMI, human-machine interface products, peripheral computing devices, IT security systems, switch systems and related information technology needs for businesses.
http://www.gmk-electronic-design.de/ (wholesalers in germany - wholesale keyboards - it peripherals - tech supplies - wholesale computers germany)

Grahl & Nicklas GmbH
German sheet music wholesaler in Frankfurt on the Main, Europe. Supplies a range of sheet music, musical scores, song books and more from Germany.
http://www.grahl-ffm.de/ (germany wholesale - frankfurt distributors - wholesale sheet music distributors - german musical distributor)

Find wholesale German uniforms and corporate wear clothing suppliers in Bamberg, Germany. Providing a range of formal corporate wear, suits, hotel uniforms, business suits, food service industry uniforms, waiter and waitress uniforms, aprons, chef hats, catering and hospitality workwear.
http://www.greiff.de/ (german wholesale - bamberg companies - wholesale work uniforms - hospitality uniforms - business attire - wholesale german clothing)

European supplier of wholesale sports shoes based in Achern, Germany. Gebr. Hammig GmbH are German wholesalers of athletic shoe products from well know shoe brands like Boras, Gripsy, Starforce and Kuebler sporting shoes. Offers a range of footwear in various styles, casual shoes, athletic, boots, formal mens shoes, hiking boots, winter shoes,
(wholesalers in germany - achern companies - wholesale sports shoes distributors - boots - mens shoes - shoe suppliers - wholesale shoes germany)

Wholesale German clothing suppliers of casual hemp made fashion in Adelsdorf. Supplies a range of hemp shirts, casual tshirts, jeans, casual pants, leggins, jogging pants, beenies, bags, socks, skirts, hoodies, scarves, and other male and female clothes made from hemp in Europe.
http://www.hempage.de/ (german wholesalers - hemp clothing wholesale - hoodies - jeans - skirts - socks - scarves - shirts - wholesale casual clothes - germany clothes)

Henrich Denzel
German manufacturers of contemporary fashion jewelry and wedding jewelery that includes wedding rings, engagement rings, necklaces, wedding bands and accessories for weddings.
http://www.henrich-denzel.com/ (german wholesalers - wedding jewelry - german jewelry)

Hermann Teddy Bears
German made toys company supplying teddy bears out of Coburg, Germany in Europe. Suppliers of collectible teddy bears, holiday teddies, stuffed toys, plush bears, stuffed mouse, and specialty teddy bear toys made in Germany.
http://www.hermann.de/ (german wholesalers
- coburg - wholesale teddy bears - plush toys - wholesale toys germany)

Hotelwasche Voelcker
Germany clothing uniforms wholesalers based in Dusseldorf, Deutschland. Suppliers and distributors of German workwear, hotel uniforms, cook aprons, bibs, tunics, chef's hats, t-shirts, vests, sweatshirts, work blouses, security uniforms, and other workwear for hotel workers. Also offers hotel bed linen, table linen, tablecloths, catering linen, chair covers, towels, blankets, pillows and more hotel products.
http://www.hoteltischdecken.de/ (german wholesale - dusseldorf companies - wholesale work uniforms - catering uniforms - vests - hotel linen - blankets - security uniforms - wholesale german clothing)

Wholesale German meat suppliers and importers of beef based in Bad Homburg vor der Höhe, Germany in Europe. Imports beef and cattle from South America. Supplies beef cuts like tenderloin, striploin, and heart of rump chilled or frozen along with topside, silverside, knuckles and forequarters of beef. Beef meat can be packed, packaged and presented ready to sell on supermarket shelves.
http://www.interatalanta.de/ (wholesale germany - bad homburg company - wholesale meat distributors - frozen meat - wholesale beef suppliers - wholesale europe - food suppliers in germany)

Jostec Composites
European company in Amtzell Germany producing custom designed fiber composite technology products with a specialty in the marine industry. High tech components made from carbon prepreg, closed cell foam, woven aramid, high flex resin matrix, aluminium alloy, HPOSC-Technologie, and more.
http://www.jostec.com/ (german wholesalers - amtzell wholesalers - wholesale composite materials - material suppliers - wholesale germany materials)

Kampfmeyer Food
European food suppliers in Hamburg, Germany. Supplies milled grains, flour, baking additives, organically grown grains and flours, bean flour, pea flour, products from buckwheat, corn, barley, oats, millet, rice, rye, soy beans, soft grains, and other grains and legumes distributed throughout Germany and Europe.
http://www.kampfmeyer.com/ (german wholesalers - hamburg companies - wholesale flour suppliers - oats - barley - corn - rice - wheat - organic grains - milled products - nuts and grains - german food suppliers)

Käthe Kruse Puppen
Wholesale German doll company in Europe. Supplies a range of dolls for girls, classic dolls playdolls, waldorf dolls, plush toys, stuffed animals, christmas dolls, baby toys and other doll related toys and collectables.
(german wholesalers - wholesale dolls - wholesale plush toys - wholesale german toys)

Lambert GmbH
German wholesalers of homewares and decor for the house in Mönchengladbach, Germany in Europe. Supplies a range of wholesale bedding products, cushions, home textiles, blankets, plaids, tablecloths, bed linen, carpets, home accessories, decor, lighting, lamps, armchairs, sofas, tables, furnishings, garden furniture, cupboards, and wholesale European furniture.
http://www.lambert-home.de/ (wholesale germany - bedding wholesalers - curtains - fabrics - home accessories - carpet - decor - lamps - armchairs - euro furniture - sofas - furniture - wholesale decor germany)

Major European lubricants company based in Maintal, Germany supplying products worldwide. German suppliers of lubricants, marine lubrication, valves and fittings lubricant, oxygen sliding agent, h1 lubricants, lubricating oils, lucricationg greases, grease thickener, along with cleaning products, degreaser, and oil remover.
http://www.lubcon.com/ (german wholesalers - maintal companies - wholesale lubricants - hydraulic fluids supplies - auto supplies - wholesale german auto supplies)

German company manufacturing glassware products for the home located in Mannheim, Germany. Home decor items include crystal glasses, vases, wine glass, goblets, jugs, and glass art. Glassware designs from periods like baroque, classicism, biedermeier, art nouveau, modern, and contemporary designs.
http://www.ludwigsthal.com/ (german wholesalers - home decor - glasswork - wholesale home germany)

Molotow Paints
Wholesale German art supplies products for artists and designers in Germany. Supplies a range of artist paints, spray cans, aerosols, graffiti colors, fat markers, ink pens, tagging pens, grafx markers, spraycan colors, protective artist supplies, spraycan belts, street art paint, spray caps, 3M respiratory protection mask, face masks and other paint supplies.
(germany wholesalers - wholesale spraypaint - markers - ink supplies - face masks - artist paints - artist supplies - wholesale art suppliers in germany)

European lasers and specialty industry equipment company with headquarters in Berlin, Germany. Supplies a range of laser beam shapers, optical isolator equipment, faraday rotators, optical devices, advanced flat top laser heating systems, photovoltaics equipment and other specialty laser machinery and devices in Europe.
http://www.mt-berlin.com/ (wholesale germany - berlin companies - lasers companies - machinery - german machine suppliers)

Omya Hamburg GmbH
Wholesale German chemicals supplier in the city of Hamburg in Europe. Distributors of a range of chemicals to clients worldwide with products that include industrial chemicals, feed addititives, food additives, detergents, raw cleaning materials, oleochemicals, raw cosmetic materials, plastics and other raw materials for industry. Omya also handles logistics with warehousing, packing, shipping and lcl.
http://www.omya-peralta.de/ (german suppliers - hamburg wholesalers - wholesale chemical materials - plastics - material supplies - wholesale germany materials)

Wholesale German sporting goods company with headquarters in Hochdorf, Germany. Supplies wholesale tennis racquets, strings, grips, dampers, tuners and racquet care, tennis balls, and tennis string machines. Also supplies racquets and equipment for playing squash, badminton and other racquet sports in Europe and worldwide.
http://www.pacific.com/ (german companies - wholesale tennis equipment - badminton - squash - racquets - sports goods - german sports goods)

Parfum Channel
Perfume and cosmetics company based in Hamburg, Germany offering a large range of fragrances from well known brands like Bond no.9, Antonio Fusco, Dior Couture cologne, Clean Parfums, Michael Kors, Ulrich Lang toilette spray, Creed and more.
http://www.parfumchannel.de/ (german wholesalers - perfume - wholesale beauty germany)

Particular GmbH
German suppliers of high technology nanomaterial products from a European company based in the city of Hanover in Germany Deutschland. Producing nanoparticles, nanoparticle dispersions, coating, nano markings, and related products.
http://particular.eu/ (german suppliers - hanover wholesalers - wholesale nanomaterial suppliers - material companies - wholesale germany materials)

European clothing company with headquarters located in Düsseldorf, Germany. Wholesale suppliers of men's sweaters, polos, premium tees, kids casuals, mens and womens jackets and coats, outdoor gear, hooded fleece jackets, tracksuits, socks and underwear products.
http://www.promodoro-shop.de/ (german wholesale - dusseldorf companies - wholesale casual clothes - tees - hoodies - polos - jackets - sweaters - kids clothing - wholesale german clothes)

Rheinhessen Wholesale Wine Export
Wholesale distributor of wine in Armsheim, Germany. Offering a large selection of bulk wine, red and white wine from wine producing countries like Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Portugal, Hungary, Bulgaria, Austria and Switzerland.
(german wholesalers - wine - germany drink)

German company supplying manicure kits, pocket knves and and sommelier knife products. Based in Solingen-Ohligs, Germany, Europe. Großhandel.
http://www.richartz.com/ (großhandel - wholesale nail care - knives - wholesale beauty germany)

Romy Hubegger
German manufacturer of shawls and ties located in Franzosengraben, Wien, Germany.
(german wholesalers - ties - germany clothes accessories)

Rotex Warenhandels
European suppliers and distributors of protective workwear out of Frankfurt Main in Germany. Specializes in protective work wear, acid resistant uniforms, welding clothes, polos, sweaters, tshirts, embroidered logos, canvas clothing, work jackets, protective overalls, protective work boots, steel cap boots, and protective clothing for industry.
http://www.rotex-berufskleidung.de/ (german wholesale - frankfurt companies - wholesale work uniforms - safety clothing - heavy industry uniforms - workwear - overalls - work boots - wholesale german clothing)

German clothes company supplies a range of men's and women's casual clothing merchandise. Offering shirts, pants, skirts, blouses, and tops for tha man or woman.
http://www.seidensticker.com/ (german wholesalers - wholesale casual clothes - germany clothes)

Silberschmuck Grosshandel
German jewelry wholesalers located in Hamburg, Germany in Europe. Suppliers of imported jewelry products from Mexico, Italy and India. Stocks a range of wholesale celtic jewellery, Indian jewelry, themed, silver, necklaces, pendants, earrings, ear studs, native American jewelry, western jewelry, gothic, aztec, spiritual, angels and religious jewelry products out of Deutschland.
http://www.silberschmuck-grosshandel.de/ (deutschland wholesale - hamburg companies - wholesale silver jewelry - spiritual - religious jewelry - new age - indian - celtic jewelry - earrings - native american - necklaces - wholesale deutschland jewellery)

Sortimat Technology
Global assembly equipment company with locations in Winnenden and Schwenningen, Germany, Europe. Specializing in ATS automation tooling systems, semi automation assembly machines, fully automatic assembly lines, feeder technology, industrial handling solutions, and step feeders for small parts.
http://www.sortimat.com/ (wholesale germany - assembly machines - machinery - german machine suppliers)

German food distributors of fats and oils Sternchemie GmbH & Co. KG is based in Hamburg, Germany. Supplies food and ingredients to the food industry in Germany, including spray-dried coconut milk powder, red palm oil, MCT oil or medium-chain triglycerides oils, lecithins and other oils.
http://www.sternchemie.de/ (wholesalers in germany - hamburg companies - wholesale palm oil suppliers - oil suppliers - wholesale food & drink - food distributors germany

Thueringer Hirschhornverarbeitung
German wholesalers and manufacturers of home decor items based in Kleinschmalkalden, Germany. Offers interior decoration merchandise made from deer horn and antlers that include handcrafted antler lighting, art, chandeliers, lamps, fireplace accessories, antler furniture, table lamps, wall sconces, ceiling lights, and deer antler furnishings.
http://www.antlercrafts-germany.com/ (german wholesalers - home decor - wholesale home germany)

ThyssenKrupp Crankshaft Company
European suppliers of wholesale engines parts in Homburg Germany. Manufacturing a range of engine crankshafts, forged and machined for cars, trucks, motorcycles and other vehicle engines. Also produces piston connecting rods, conrods, forged and pre machined pistons and piston heads, car suspension parts, wheel hubs, spindles, transmission parts, forged gears and related parts for engines.
http://www.thyssenkrupp-forginggroup.com/ (wholesale germany - wholesale engines - auto parts - transmission - car suspension - auto supplies - wholesale german auto supplies)

Toy Palace
German wholesale company with a range of action figures and toys from popular television programs and Hollywood movies. Include wholesale merchandise from Star Wars, Spider Man, Lord of the Rings, Transformers and many more.
(german wholesalers - wholesale action figures - toys germany)

Tragant Computers
Computer hardware and software suppliers of IT parts and components in Berlin Zehlendorf Germany. European company supplies computer parts, electronics, pc cables, motherboards, flash memory, networking products, computer peripherals, hard disk drives, computer monitors, gps, external hard drives and other IT products for business and personal use in Germany.
http://www.tragant.de/ (wholesale germany - berlin company - wholesale modems - data storage distributors - pc peripherals - mother boards - pc networks - computer hardware wholesalers - gps - it equipment - wholesale computers germany)

Wholesale German audio electronics company in Bergisch Gladbach, Europe. Supplying quality German engineered turntables with metal platters, Transrotor tonearms and cartridges made in Germany. Also offers related turntable accessories and components.
http://www.transrotor.de/ (german merchandise - bergisch gladbach suppliers - wholesale analog audio - turntables - wholesale german electronics)

Fashion accessory wholesalers in Europe supplying a range of headwear accessories, hats, caps, bandanas, hip bags, belts, sunglasses for men and women, flexfit caps, fashionable hats, and other clothing accessories. European company based in Dortmund, Germany.
http://www.uprock.de/ (wholesalers in germany - dortmund companies - wholesale sunglasses - headwear suppliers - belts - wholesale clothes accessories germany)

Verlag Neue Musik GmbH
European music sheet company in D-13156 Berlin, Germany with a music store in D-50321 Brühl. Supplies a range of new and old sheet music, music for chamber ensembles and orchestras, instructional music books, study scores, chamber music scores, classical guitar tablature, orchestra music, opera, stage and more music books.
http://www.verlag-neue-musik.de/ (germany wholesale - berlin distributors - wholesale sheet music suppliers - german musical instruments)

Voelkel Juice
European vegetable juice suppliers based in Pevestorf, Germany. Organic vegetable juice products, carrot juice, beetroot juicetomoto, berry, citrus, fruit juices, and other organic juices sold from Germany.
http://www.voelkeljuice.de/ (german distributors - wholesale vegetable juice - juices - fruit juice - germany drink suppliers)

V4 Tec
German sporting goods wholesalers of scuba equipment based in Mannheim, Germany, Europe. Supplies a range of diving equipment, rebreathing products, tankbands, back plates, weight systems, navigation equipment, diving tanks, and other dive gear for water sports.
http://www.v4tec.de/ (german companies - wholesale sporting goods - wholesale scuba equipment - german sporting goods)

Vtq Videotronik
Security products company in Querfurt, Germany, Europe. Supplies a range of digital surveillance cameras, cctv, wireless security cameras, surveillance equipment, security camera accessories, dvr products, antennas, modulators, encryption, generators, mobile control centres, and video wireless transmission.
http://www.vtq.de/ (germany wholesale
- wholesale surveillance equipment - cctv wholesalers - security cameras - german security suppliers)

German wholesale of malt products based in Bamberg, Germany, Europe. Supplies products for alcohol brewing, baked goods and distrilleries. Products supplied include brew malt, wheat malt, caramel malts, rye, choclate roasted, roasted unmalted grains, certified organic malt grains, malt extracts, barley malt, dried malt extract, distillery malts, liquid roasted malt extract and other related germinated cereal grains.
http://www.weyermann.de/ (wholesale germany - bamberg companies - wholesale malt suppliers - organic grains - nuts and grains - german food wholesalers)

German distributors of alcoholic drinks to industry, with headquarters in Leipzig, Deutschland. Cocktails and mixed drinks include sex on the beach, tequila sunrise, pina colada, uncle sam, swimming pool, and other along with non alcoholic beverages in Germany.
http://www.wonderbar.de/ (german wholesalers - leipzig wholesale - wholesale cocktails - mixed drinks - wholesale liquor - alcohol distributors - german drink companies)

Zebra Design
German jewellery wholesalers and distributors of new fashion jewellery products from Berlin in Germany. Specializing in rings, necklaces, earrings, bracelets, bands with text, rings with images, custom jewellery, personalised jewelry, and other fashion accessories from Deutschland, Europe.
http://www.zebra-design.com/ (german wholesale companies - berlin wholesalers - wholesale bracelets - ring bands - rings - custom jewelry - necklaces - wholesale german jewelry)

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