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List of "Thessaloniki Wholesale Companies" based in the European country of Greece (Hellenic Republic or Ελλάδα). If you are a seller based in the city of Thessaloniki or Thessalonica or Salonica, Greece you can have your wholesale company listed in this category by visiting our Website Submissions page.

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Art Sound
Company in Papafi, Thessaloniki, Greece selling audio equipment, dj equipment, CD players, PA sound equipment, amplifiers, speakers, lighting systems and related audio products.
http://www.artsound.gr/ (wholesalers greece - wholesale audio equipment - greek wholesale electronics)

Fino Metal
Greek company making stainless steel kitchen products based in Thessalonika, Greece. Among the stainless steel utensils, cutlery and tableware offered are platters, dishes, baking pans, trays, serving trays,
bowls, tongs, frying pans, saucers, timbales, pincers, and pots.
http://www.finometal.gr/ (greek wholesalers - wholesale cutlery - cookware - wholesale home greece)

G. Apostolou
Seafood wholesalers and distributors of seafood based in Thessaloniki-Polygyro, Greece in Europe. Distributes live lobsters and shellfish, cod, whitebait, shrimp, mullet, carp, swordfish, squid, prawns, bass, sea bream, cockles, oysters, mussels, havara, and other fresh seafood. Also supplies processed and prepared seafood, cleaned octopus and squid, cuttlefish, squid rings, shelled mussel meat, frozen fish fillets, salted cod and other seafood products.
http://www.apostolou.gr/ (wholesale greece - thessaloniki company - seafood distributors - prawns - live seafood - frozen seafood - oysters - squid rings - cod - fish - lobster - shellfish - greece food wholesale)

Greek clothes company located in Thessaloniki, Greece. Producing sexy lingerie, sleepwear, women's pyjamas, nightwear, socks, tights, panties, bras, and underwear for men and women.
http://www.per.gr/ (greek wholesalers - wholesale lingerie - sleepwear - greece clothes)

Greek manufacturer of emblems and fabric prints exporting products worlwide. Christos Toumpelis updates their stamps and clothes emblesm monthly. Located in Polihni Thessaloniki, Greece in Europe.
(greek wholesalers - wholesale emblems - greece clothes accessories)

Greek clothing company in Thessaloniki Greece supplies men's and women's underwear to clothing shops worldwide. Clothes merchandise include panties, bras, tops, sleepwear, thongs, and underwear fashion.
(greek wholesale suppliers - undergarments - men's underwear - women's underwear - bras - wholesale greece clothing)

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