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Wholesale Directory> Wholesale Merchandise by Country> List of Italian Wholesalers and Distributors

The "Italian Wholesale Companies" section of the directory lists wholesalers that are based in the European country of Italy (Repubblica Italiana). Includes cities like Bologna, Milan, Naples and Pistoia. If you are a seller based in Italy you can have your wholesale company listed in this category by visiting our Website Submissions page.

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Wholesale Italian Art Suppliers
List of wholesale Italian art and craft suppliers and distributors of merchandise for the European arts industry.

Wholesale Italian Clothes Suppliers
Find clothing wholesalers based in Italy selling wholesale clothes and fashion to Italian customers, Europe, and worldwide.

Wholesale Italian Clothes Accessories Companies
Search for Italian clothing accessory wholesalers selling accessories like handbags, wallets, belts, sunglasses, ties, shoes, and purses in Italy.

Wholesale Italian Computers Suppliers
B2B directory of Italian wholesalers and distributors of computer hardware, computer software, laptops, IT equipment and information technology products out of Italy, Europe.

Italian Couriers
Italian courier and parcel delivery companies delivering letters, parcels, marketing campaigns and small items throughout Europe and worldwide.

Italian Freight Forwarding Companies
Logistics and transport companies in Europe offering freight forwarding services in Italy and worldwide.

Wholesale Italian Electronics Companies
Wholesale directory of Italian companies supplying electronics and electical goods to retailers from Italy.

Wholesale Italian Food Companies
Wholesalers and distributors of food and beverages in Italy. Also includes Italian importers and exporters of food and drink products.

Wholesale Italian Health and Beauty Companies
Wholesale companies based in Italy supplying both Italian and international health and beauty products to the retail market.

Wholesale Italian Home and Garden Companies
Business directory of Italian wholesalers, dropshippers, manufacturers and distributors of house and garden products and merchandise from Italy.

Wholesale Italian Industry Supply Companies
Italian B2B list of industry supply companies with equipment, packaging, supplies, materials, chemicals, machinery, and wholesale industrial products in Italy, Europe.

Wholesale Italian Jewelry Companies
Listing of jewelry wholesalers based in Italy, dealing with the import export trade and Italian jewelry companies.

Italian Logistics
European transportation directory of Italian companies providing logistical, distribution, storage and transport services in Italy.

Wholesale Italian Machinery Suppliers
B2B directory of Italian industrial machinery and equipment suppliers to business and trade companies in Europe.

Wholesale Italian Materials Suppliers
List of Italian companies supplying businesses with materials and resources to a number of industries in Europe and worldwide.

Wholesale Italian Musical Products
European B2B directory of companies supplying wholesale musical instruments, audio equipment and music products in the country of Italy.

Wholesale Italian Pet Supplies
Find Italian wholesale pet supply companies with products for dogs, cats, birds, horses, fish and other domestic pet animals in Europe Italy.

Wholesale Italian Security Products
List of Italian companies supplying wholesale security cameras, self defense equipment, alarms, door access security, cctv, personal protection, and fire safety items.

Wholesale Italian Sporting Goods
Free wholesale list of Italian companies supplying sporting goods and equipment located in Italy, Europe.

Italian Storage and Warehousing Companies
List of European warehousing and storage companies located throughout the country of Italy.

Wholesale Italian Tools Companies
List of Italian tool wholesalers, bulk distributors, and suppliers of trade equipment importing and exporting merchandise in Italia.

Wholesale Italian Toy Companies
Free list of wholesale Italian toy companies and distributors of toys and collectibles in the European country of Italy.

Attilio Noceti di Emilio Noceti
Italian wholesale food company in Graveglia Carasco Genoa, Italy in Europe supplying chestnuts. Products available include fresh chestnuts, chestnut flour, dried chestnuts, pine nut kernels, walnuts in shells, shelled walnuts, shelled hazelnuts, legumes, soyabeans, chickpea flour, maize flours and other food related products in Italy.
(italian wholesalers - genoa - wholesale chestnuts - flour - walnuts - soyabeans - pinenuts - nut suppliers - italian wholesale food)

European company supplying fishing nets and netting for the commercial fishing industry. Includes trawling nets, knotless netting, along with twisted and braided knotted netting to fish for anchovies, herring, capelin and tuna. Bandinotti also manufactures nets for industry, sports, trampolines, building, construction, baseball, soccer netting, hockey nets, tennis, volleyball and more.
http://www.badinotti.com/ (wholesale italy - fishing nets wholesalers - italian sporting goods)

Bag Snacks
Wholesale Italian snack foods company supplying a range of wholesale potato chips, corn chips, baked chips, fried chip products, dried bacon strips, and pub snacks. Chip flavours include bacon, Italian cheese, ham romano and cheese, pizza napoli, bolognese, tomato and basil, cheese, and salted chips wholesale.
http://www.bagsnacks.it/ (italian wholesalers - snack food - wholesale potato chip suppliers - corn chips - italian food wholesalers)

Wholesale Italian furniture suppliers of chair products and accessories for seating. Supplying chair products to Italian companies, European and worldwide furniture companies.
(italian wholesale suppliers - wholesale furniture - wholesale chairs - wholesale italian furniture)

CN Arredamento Design
Contemporary Italian furniture maker based in Giussano, Italy, Europe. Funiture designs of cupboards, tables, desks, drawers and coffee tables.

http://www.cncappi.it/ (italian wholesalers - wholesale contemporary furniture - furniture - wholesale home italy)

Italian sporting goods suppliers of fishing tackle equipment based in Reggello, Italy, Europe. Supplies a range of fishing tackle products like fishing rods, reels, casting reels, sportswear, and fishing line products for saltwater and freshwater sports fishing.
http://www.colmic.it/ (wholesale italy - wholesale fishing tackle suppliers - fishing clothing - reels - italian sporting goods)

Italian company producing dog kennels
for pet owners and dog breeders in Italy Europe. Produces and supplies dog kennels, cages for dogs, carrying cages, dog trailers, training equipment, dog agility equipment and related products for dog owners.
http://www.dlddaversa.it/ (italy wholesalers - dog supply wholesalers - dog kennels - italian pet supplies)

Delfanti Trade
European trade suppliers of produce from a company based in 29010 Monticelli d’Ongina, Italy. Supplies a range of white garlic, rose, shallots, white onions, golden onion, borettana onions, and red salad onions from Europe.
http://www.delfanti.com/ (italian wholesalers - wholesale garlic suppliers - onion distributors - italy food suppliers)

Dolfi Franco
Find wholesale vases for flowers and plant pots for nurseries from a wholesale Italian company in Pistoia. Includes plastic pots for plants, plastic vases, plastic tiles, modular garden pots, and plant pot sets in industrial quantities.
(italian wholesale suppliers - pistoia companies - wholesale vases - wholesale plant pots - wholesale italian house and garden)

Wholesale Italian food distributors of healthy organic food out of Milano, Italy Europe. Includes certified organic frozen food, dried foods, fresh produce, organic vegetables, grains, pasta products, organic rice, and other food with no chemicals and no preservatives.
http://ecomarket.eu/ (wholesale italy - wholesale milano - wholesale organic food - health foods - organic vegetables - organic fruit - wholesale europe - food wholesalers in italy)

FL Fashion
Wholesale European company distributing teddy bears and dolls out of Ravenna, Italy. Specializes in teddy bears, stuffed toys, stuffed puppy dogs, floppy bunny rabbits, plush toys, baby toy products, dolls for girls and other Italian toys.
(italian wholesalers - wholesale teddy bear suppliers - plush toys - babies toys - wholesale dolls - wholesale italian toy companies)

European cycling wholesalers in Firenze or Florence Italy. Supplies custom bicycle frames, racing bikes for professional cyclists, and related cycling accessories from the Italian sporting goods company in Tuscany, Florence.
http://www.formigli.com/ (italian companies - florence companies - wholesale sporting goods - cycling wholesalers - sporting goods in italy)

Fratelli Patricola
Italian manufacturer of wind instruments based in Castelnuovo Scrivia, Italy, Europe. Produces a range of Italian made musical instruments which include oboes, clarinets and English horns for musicians worldwide.
http://www.patricola.it/ (italy wholesale - wholesale wind instruments - italian music instruments)

Gaetano Cazzola
Italian wholesaler of designer and fashion sock, hoisery and stocking for women. Offering a classic, chic and sensual range of womens socks and stockings in Italy.
(italian wholesalers - socks - hosiery - italy clothes accessories)

Wholesale Italian food and wine company in Gazzada Varese, Italy. Supplier, distributor and wholesaler of foods, wines, liquors, salami, meats, cheese, Italian speciality food, soft drinks, and groceries in Italy.
(italian wholesalers - groceries - italy food)

Il Fotoamatore
Italian wholesalers and distributors of photographic equipment and supplies based in Pisa, Italy, Europe. Distributes digital cameras, SLR cameras for professionals, camera filters, memory cards, camera flashes, photography lighting, darkroom equipment, telescopes, underwater photography equipment, camcorders, light meters, tridpods, lens products, camera film, batteries, chargers, and other photographers accessories.
(italy wholesalers - pisa companies - wholesale photography distributors - digital cameras - slr cameras - camera flashes - camera lens - photography accessories - telescopes - camcorders - filters - underwater - darkroom equipment - tripods - art materials - wholesale italian art suppliers)

European supplier of industry equipment and machinery company with headquarters based in Milano, Italy. Supplies a range of degreasing equipment, washing products, sandblasting machinery, peening equipment, pickling, phosphating equipment, and specialty painting equipment for industry. Also provides services to businesses to set up and run the appropriate equipment for their needs.
http://www.itf.it/ (wholesale italy - milano companies - wholesale sandblasting equipment - cleaning equipment - machinery - italian machinery suppliers)

Italian silver company supplying semi-finished silver items using the latest technology and equipment. Products include sheets of silver, silver wire, rods, strips, disks, silver anodes, solder, wires, and rough rolled metal products. Company headquarters in Padova Italia in Europe.
http://www.lamet.it/ (italian suppliers - wholesale silver materials - metal supplies - wholesale italy materials)

Lamp International
Italian lighting company located in San Gimignano, Siena, Italy.
Manufacturing contemporary designed lamps, lights, chandeliers, and lighting decor for the home or office.
http://www.lamp-international.it/ (italian wholesalers - wholesale lighting - wholesale home italy)

Italian sandblasting tools and machinery company based in Milano, Italia in Europe. Machines for sandblasting metals, plastics and glass, along with non abrasive shot peening equipment, microballs, abrasives and more.
http://www.lampugnani.it/ (italian wholesalers - wholesale sandblasting tools - wholesale italy tools)

Lavo Washing Plants
Italian company with headquarters in Giussano Italy Europe. Supplying industry with cleaning machinery, ultrasound washing machines, wash benches, washing tunnel, hydrokinetic, solvent degreasers, parts cleaners, vacuum systems, kilns and other cleaning equipment for companies.
http://www.stimin.it/ (wholesale italy - cleaning equipment machines - kilns - machinery - italian machine suppliers)

Italian fishing tackle suppliers exporting products and equipment for fishermen from Bologna, Italia in Europe. Exports a range of Italian design fishing rods, S Curve rods, S Flex rods, tackle, accessories, fish floats and fishing reels.
http://www.lineaeffe.it/ (wholesalers in italy - fishing tackle wholesalers - fishing rod suppliers - fishing reels - italian sporting goods)

Microtelecamere Item
European security cameras and surveillance products from an Italian company in Torino. Supplies security cameras, surveillance cameras, command systems, micro camera products and related security accessories.
http://www.item-it.com/ (italy wholesale
- wholesale surveillance products - security camera suppliers - italian security suppliers)

Mog Rods
Wholesale fishing tackle distributors in Giugliano, Naples Italia in Europe. Suppliers of bamboo fishing rods, fly fishing rods, lines for fly fishing and other fly fishing equipment for freshwater anglers after bass, trout, salmon, pike, carp, tarpon, barramundi and other fresh water species of fish.
http://www.bamboorods.it/ (italian distributors - naples companies - fishing tackle wholesale - fishing rods - fly fishing equipment - italian sporting goods)

Kids wholesale Italian clothes supplier in Sant'Egidio alla Vibrata, province of Teramo, Abruzzo, Italy. Making boys and girls clothes, baby clothing, kids fashion, accessories, juniors, and trendy clothes for cool children.
http://www.montefiore.it/ (italian wholesale companies - wholesale kids clothing - boys clothes - girls fashion - babywear - wholesale italian clothes)

Ocean Fish Equipment
Sporting goods supplier in Italy, 61100 Pesaro supplying fishing tackle equipment and supplies. Specializing in big game fishing and trolling for big fish. Fishing tackle distributors of rocket launcher rod holders, big game fishing chairs, harpoons, gaffs, tuna belts, harnesses, eagle gaff, outriggers, rod holders and other fiching tackle supplies for amateurs and professionals.
http://www.oceanfishequipment.com/ (italian distributors - wholesale fishing tackle suppliers - wholesale big game fishing - fishing accessories - italian sporting goods)

OMG Industry
European handling machinery company in Gonzaga, Lombardy, Province of Mantua in Italy. Supplies a range of hand pallet trucks, power pallet movers, pallet stackers, picking and packing trucks, reach trucks, side movers, electric powered forklifts, counterbalanced fork lift trucks, rough terrain forklifts, industrial floor cleaning machines, and other equipment.
http://omgindustry.com/ (wholesale italy - fork lift suppliers - handling machinery - cleaning machinery - machinery - italian machinery suppliers)

Paradiso Mineral Water is a company producing bottled water in Paradiso di Pocenia, Udine, Italy, Europe. Supplies natural bottled water to Italian retailers and exported worldwide.
(italian wholesalers - wholesale water - wholesale italy drinks)

Silverstar Celdis
Italian electronics wholesale distributor specializes in semiconductors, industrial computer products, systems and subsystems, passives, electromechanical devices, and connectors. Located in Milano, Italy.
http://www.silverstar-celdis.it/ (wholesalers italy - wholesale components - lighting - italian wholesale electronics)

European insulation company supplying products from their base in 35129 Padova, Italy. Specializing in heat insulating panels which are made of polyurethane foam or Polyiso foam. Home insulation for walls, the roof and the floor.
http://www.stiferite.com/ (italian suppliers - wholesale insulation materials - material supplies - wholesale italy materials)

Studio Soft
Wholesale jewelry from Italy with a range of beaded jewelry, gems, silver, and more.
http://www.studiosoft.it/ (italian wholesalers - beaded jewelry - italian jewelry)

Italian pharmacuetical company distributing medicine, health pills, GSL products, and pharmecuetical products in Italy, Europe.
http://www.umbrafarm.it/ (italian wholesalers - wholesale pharmaceuticals - wholesale health italy)

Urban Babe
Wholesale Italian clothing company headquartered in Funo di Argelato, Bologna, Italy. Supplying wholesale urban clothes for girls and teens, cool jeans, worn jeans, hiphop jackets, fashion accessories, edgy shirts, torn jeans, denim jackets, and sexy hipster skirts.
http://www.urbanbabe.it/ (italian wholesalers - bologna wholesalers - wholesale urban clothing - denim clothing - casualwear - denim jeans - wholesale italian clothing)

Val Pizza
Italian pizza suppliers with headquarters in Castello di Serravalle, Bolgna, Italy, Europe. Supplying traditional Italian pizza, frozen baked goods, snacks, pizza bases, frozen pizzas with various toppings and flavors, ventagli, rotolini, vegetarian ventaglio and other pizza based products frozen..
http://www.valpizza.it/ (italy wholesale - bologna - wholesale frozen baked goods - wholesale pizza supplies - wholesale baked food - italy food suppliers)

West Trading
Italy based wholesaler of industrial healthcare and hygeine supplies that include bathroom tissue, kitchen towels, handkerchiefs, facial tissues, napkins and wetwipes.
http://www.westtrading.com/ (wholesale healthcare supplies)

Italian wholesale company supplying European leather products out of 36050 Zermeghedo, Vicenza, Italia in the famous tanning district of Arzignano. Supplying high quality leather products for the automotive industry, furniture leathers, handbags, shoes, and hair on hides.
http://www.wipelli.com/ (italian wholesale companies - wholesale leather materials - wholesale materials - wholesale italy materials)

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