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The "A to Z Japanese Wholesalers" section of the directory lists wholesalers categorized alphabetically from A to Z that are based in the Asian country of Japan. If you are a wholesaler, distributor, dropshipper, manufacturer or expoerter based in Japan you can have your wholesale company listed in this category by visiting our B2B Website Submissions page.

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Akita Tamago
Japanese food wholesalers and distributors of chicken eggs with headquarters in Fukuyama City, Hiroshima Prefecture, Japan in Asia. Distributes fresh chicken eggs, dozen egg cartons, and related egg ingredient products for cooking.
http://www.akitatamago.co.jp/ (wholesale japan - hiroshima wholesalers - chicken egg wholesalers - poultry supplies - japanese food wholesalers

Amos Toys
Wholesale Japanese toys and toy figures. Amos Toys Japan sells a range of quirky plastic toy figures including the In-Crowd, King Ken, Vortigern's Machine, and Tale from Greenfuzz range of toys and characters.
http://www.amostoys.jp/ (japan wholesale - wholesale asian toys - wholesale japanese toys)

Asahi Kasei
Japanese conglomerate company supplying a range of materials and based in the Asian city of Tokyo, Japan. Divisions of the materials company specialize in chemicals, rubber, microdevices, medical supplies, pharmacueticals, construction materials, building supplies, fibers and more. Headquarters in Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 101-8101 Japan with offices worldwide.
http://www.asahi-kasei.co.jp/ (japanese suppliers - tokyo wholesalers - wholesale chemical materials - rubber - construction supplies - material supplies - wholesale japan materials)

Auction Direct Japan
Wholesaler and exporter of new and second hand cars from a Japanese company based in Yokohama, Kanagawa. Large selection of vehicles from automobile auctions that include sports cars, cheap Asian imports, SUV,s light trucks, and sedans from car makers like Toyota, Honda, Mitsubishi, Mazda, Nissan, and Pajero in Japan.
http://www.auctiondirectjapan.com/ (japanese wholesalers - used cars - japan autos)

Costco Japan
Costco in Japan offers a large range of wholesale food from major brands at wholesale prices. Includes frozen foods, candy, snack foods, dry groceries, fresh meats, fish, bakery goods and wholesale deli products.
http://www.costco.co.jp/ (japanese wholesalers - groceries - japan food)

CWI Cars
Used car wholesaler based in Asakitaku, Hiroshima, Japan. Exporting wholesale vehicles worldwide, including countries like Canada, New Zealand, Australia, United Kingdom, Ireland, Asia, Russia, USA, Africa, Dubai, and the Carribean Islands.
http://www.cwicars.com/ (japanese wholesalers - used cars - japan autos)

Japanese wholesale baked goods suppliers in Kobe, Japan, Asia. Suppliers of French bread products, fresh croissants, bread rolls, bread sticks, baked buns, and fresh white bread goods.
http://www.donq.co.jp/ (wholesalers japan - kobe wholesalers - wholesale baked goods - french bread - bread rolls - bread - croissants - japanese food wholesalers

Wholesale Japan distributors of alcoholic drinks in Shibuya-ku, Tokyo. Supplies local and international brand spirits, hard liquor, brandy, liqueurs, rum, vodka, Scotch whisky, dry gin, and other imported alcohol.
http://www.dover.co.jp/ (japan wholesale - tokyo wholesalers - rum - wholesale liqueurs - brandy - vodka - whiskey - wholesale liquor - gin - alcohol distributors - wholesale japan drink supplies

E Toy Japan
Wholesale and retail Japanese toys made in Japan. Sells and supplies collectible Japanese toys, anime, manga comics, action figures, Samurai toys, Japanime toys, Transformers, Zippo collector lighters, and Takashi Murakami designed toys and pillows.
http://www.e-toyjapan.com/ (japanese wholesalers - wholesale action figures - manga - toys japan)

Japanese clothes company exporting casual clothing worldwide. Includes clothes and shoes for men, women, and children with jeans, t-shirts, sweatshirts, hoodies, girls shirts, and jackets.
http://www.evisu.com/ (japanese wholesalers - wholesale casual clothes - japan clothes)

Gakubuti Gazai
Wholesale art suppliers in Japan in the city of Yamato, Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan, Asia. Supplies a large range of artist materials, drawing products, easels, artist picture frames, stretched canvas, rolls of artist canvas, sketchbooks, artist paper, drawing pads, drawing pens, texta markers, illustration supplies, oil paints, calligraphy pens and ink, illustrator pens, watercolours, soft pastels, acyrlics, oil pastel sets, colored pencils, paint brushes, drawing materials and other products for artists and painters.
(japan wholesalers - yamato companies - watercolours - pencils - stretched canvas - calligraphy - oils - markers - illustration supplies - brushes - pastels - wholesale paper supplies - wholesale artist paint - artist supplies - wholesale art supplies in japan)

Goal Lock
Asian company of security products located in Yodogawa-ku, Osaka, Japan, Asia. Supplying a range of door locks, security access solutions and access control systems.
http://www.goal-lock.com/ (japan wholesale
- osaka companies - wholesale security access control - locks - japanese security suppliers)

GS Needs
Wholesale Japan company located in Asakitaku, Hiroshima, Japan. Supplying high quality makeup brushes for powdering, cheek brushes, lip brushes, for eye shadow, eye liners, and related make up brush products.
http://www.gsneeds.com/ (japanese wholesalers - wholesale makeup - wholesale beauty japan)

Hinomoto Jomae
Japanese company supplying a range of security locks, rotary locks, latches, door lock, school bag security locking systems, pad locks, key locks, codes, and travel case accessories from a supplier in Tokyo, Japan, Asia.
http://www.hinomotojomae.co.jp/ (japan wholesale
- tokyo companies - wholesale locks - japanese security suppliers)

Iwataya Food
Japan wholesalers of meat supplies located in Kurume, Fukuoka in Asia. Supplies a range of fresh and prepared meat of beef, pork and chicken. Includes pig products like fresh pork, ham and bacon, cow and cattle products like beef, steak, ribs, and fat marbled Japanese Wagyu beef, along with poultry products like wholesale chicken breasts, feet, wings, pieces, and prepared chickens for restaurants.
http://www.iwataya-food.jp/ (wholesale japan - kurume wholesalers - wholesale meat suppliers - wholesale beef suppliers - pork - bacon - poultry - wholesale chicken - japanese meat wholesalers

Japanese Knife Wholesale
Japanese wholesalers in Seki-City, Japan are suppliers of traditional Japanese knives and brand name knife products for the kitchen.
(wholesale knives)

Japan Toys
Japanese toy importer and exporter with offices in Osaka, Japan and Tampa, Florida. Suppliers of action figures, anime merchandise, manga, Sofubi figures, Boukenger, Dragon Ball, Gekiranger, Godzilla, Transformers, Hello Kitty, Masked Rider and more popular Japanese figures.
http://www.japan-toys.com/ (japanese wholesalers - wholesale action figures - anime - toys japan)

JRE Water
Japan wholesale drink company located in Tokyo, Japan. Supplies a range of filtered drinking water in bottles. Also supplies iced tea, soft drinks and various other flavored bottled beverages.
http://www.jre-water.com/ (japan wholesale - tokyo wholesalers - wholesale drinking water - wholesale drink suppliers - wholesale japan drink supplies

Kadoya Brand
Wholesalers in Japan of cooking oil products with headqurters in Shinagawa, Tokyo, Kadoya, Japan. Manufactures premium cooking oils, sesame oil in different retail sizes, commercial amounts of edible oils, Asian chili oils, spicy hot sesame oil, bulk tins of oil, roasted sesame seeds, and sweet sesame seeds for commercial cooking purposes in Japan.
http://www.kadoya.com/ (japan wholesale - tokyo wholesalers - wholesale sesame oil suppliers - chili oils - wholesale sesame seeds - restaurant suppliers - oils - wholesale food - wholesale japan food supplies

Kinki Company
Japanese based wholesaler and exporter of new and used cars from Japan. Exporting Japanese made vehicles from Asia like Honda, Nissan, Mitsubishi, Mazda, Subaru, Isuzu, Suzuki, 4WD vehicles, SUVs, and RV-Type cars.
http://www.kinki-company.co.jp/ (japanese wholesalers - used cars - japan autos)

Japanese toy company supply a range of remote controlled cars and die cast model cars made in Japan with Asian headquarters in Chiyoda ku, Tokyo Post cord 102-0093 Japan. Includes a range of authentic die cast cars, Japanese car models, street cars, European sports car models, American muscle cars, along with Japanese robot toys, r/c sports cars, offroad remote controls, rc boats, yachts, helicopters and remot controlled airplanes.
http://www.kyosho.com/ (japanese wholesalers - wholesale asian toys - remote control toys - die cast toys - robots - japan toy wholesale)

Kyoto Shipping
Japanese dropshippers of wholesale Asian gifts and ethnic handicrafts from Japan. Includes traditional Japanese gifts like Japanese folding fans, bells, painted shirts, Kyoto art dolls, collectible doll products, and more.
http://kyoto-shipping.com/ds/ (japanese wholesalers - asian gifts wholesale
- japanese dropshippers)

Lieben Umbrellas
Wholesale Japanese umbrellas company headquartered in the city of Kyoto, Japan in Asia. Supplies umbrellas and parasols for men, women and children including wholesale fashion umbrellas, novelty, work, folding, sun shade, and gold umbrellas for sale.
(wholesale japan - kyoto wholesalers - wholesale fashion umbrellas - japanese clothes accessories)

Mic or Major International Creation are Japanese wholesalers of eyewear in Yokohama, Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan. Supplies a range of famous brand name eye glasses, sunglasses and reading glasses from brands like Ed Hardy, Dazzlin, Ratete, Sugar & Babe, K Swiss, Airwalk, Coleman, Rocky & Hopper, Qiora, Lip Service and other brands of glasses.
(japan wholesale - yokohama companies - reading glasses - merchandise sunglasses - eyewear - japanese fashion accessories)

Japanese wholesale footwear company in Otaru Okusawa, Japan. Suppliers of work shoes, protective boots, anti-static footwear, rain boots, rubber shoes and specialty industry footwear for work places.
(japan wholesale - footwear - wholesale work shoes - japanese clothes accessories)

Mizutani Bicycles
Japanese wholesale company based in the major Asian city of Tokyo, Japan. Supplies a range cycling products, bicycle accessories, riding clothes, bike parts, frames, and more from famous cycling and bicycle brands like Shimano, Brompton, Continental, Roeckl, Biker Ribbon, Elsworth, Odi, Thomson and other bike brands.
http://www.mizutanibike.co.jp/ (japanese wholesale - tokyo japan - sporting goods wholesalers - wholesale cycling supplies - japan sporting goods)

Mont Bell
Multinational recreational company with headquarters in Osaka, Japan. Supplies a large range of camping and hiking equipment, outdoor clothes, winter jackets, thermal underwear, down coats, fishing vests, wet weather clothing, fleece jackets, cycling clothes, along with sleeping bags, hiking backpacks, headlamps, lanterns, trekking poles, tents, tarps, camping cookware, canoes, kayaks, rowing oars and boating supplies for campers, hikers, mountaineers, bush walkers, trekkers and outdoor enthusiasts.
http://www.montbell.com/ (wholesale japan - osaka businesses - wholesale sleeping bags - winter jackets - outdoor equipment - wholesale camping gear - hiking - tents - outdoor clothes - boating - backpacks - thermal wear - japan recreation wholesalers)

Oakley Japan
Japanese office of the sunglasses company Oakley. Offering a range of fashion glasses, eyewear, and sporting glasses in Japan.
(japanese wholesalers - sunglasses - japan clothes accessories)

Ocean and Co. Japan
Wholesale coffee bean importers and distributors in Japan, Asia. Supplies a range of premium coffee beans, specialty coffee and merchandise for coffee retailers and cafes. Based in Chuo-ku, Kobe, Hyogo, Japan.
http://www.ocean-jp.com/ (japanese distributors - wholesale coffee beans - wholesale japan food)

Otaki Hogakki
Asian supplier of traditional Japanese musical instruments based in Tokyo, Japan, Asia. Nippon company promotes and distributes Japanese flutes, drums, harps, and other Asian ethnic music instruments from Japan.
http://www.otakihogakki.com/ (japan wholesale - tokyo wholesalers - wholesale music instruments - wind instruments - ethnic music instruments - japanese musical instruments)

PC Zeroichi
Japanese computer parts and accessories from a company based in Osaka, Japan, Asia. Supplies a range of computer products, pc peripherals, computer software programs, CPU, computer cases, motherboards, pc power supllies, computer memory, hard drives, USB flash drives, keyboards, mouses, external disk drives, ink for printers, toner, computer graphics cards, components, game cards and related computer equipment in Japan.
http://pc01.co.jp/ (wholesalers in japan - osaka companies - wholesale computer parts - components - motherboards - keyboards - hardware suppliers - usb flash drives - software - pc cases - it supplies - wholesale computers japan)

Sanyi Paints
Japan wholesalers of artist supplies and craft products in Naka-ku, Furo-cho, Yokohama, Japan. Suppliers of calligraphy brushes, paint brush products, inks, palettes, paint dishes, gold leaf, watercolour paint sets, calligraphic pens, pigments, artist paper, mediums, ink nibs, pens, and other supplies for Japanese artists and painters.
(japan wholesalers - yokohama companies - artist pigment - gold leaf - watercolours - ink supplies - calligraphy - palettes - brushes - wholesale paper supplies - wholesale paint - artist supplies - wholesale japanese art suppliers)

S&B Foods Japan
Food wholesalers and exporters of Japnese food products out of Tokyo Japan. Supplies Asian condiments and spices including Japanese wasabi, horseradish, miso soup, bulk soups, instant foods, Asian sauces, spices, golden curry sauce, chili pepper powders, wasabi powder, curry powder, mustard powder, and Japanese curry products.
http://www.sbfoods.co.jp/ (wholesalers in japan - tokyo wholesalers - wholesale condiments - japanese wasabi - asian condiments - curry - sauce suppliers - soups - miso soups - wholesale food - wholesale japanese food suppliers

Japan wholesaler importing Turkish food products into Shinagawa, Tokyo, Japan. Suppliers of a range of olive oils, cooking oil, jars of olives, preserved and stuffed olives, sea salt, Turkish tomato paste, chai tea, jams, raspberry jam, fig jams, herbal teas, black and green olives, pepper paste, and other Mediterranean food products from Turkiye.
http://www.serce.jp/ (wholesale japan - tokyo wholesalers - wholesale olive oil suppliers - jam spreads - tomato pastes - salt - chai supplies - wholesale olives - oils - mediterranean foods - wholesale food - wholesale japan food suppliers

Shindo Senikogyo
Japanese wholesale clothing materials company in Asia working with clothes manufacturers worldwide to supply clothes trimmings, ribbons, and textile products from Japan. Based in Awara-shi, Fukui, 919-0614 Japan with other locations worldwide.
http://www.shindo.com/ (japanese wholesalers - wholesale clothes materials - wholesale yarn - ribbons - japan clothes)

Japanese comic books and magazines distributor publishing a range of comics and journals. Supplies wholesale comics, manga comic books, educational publications, magazines, magazine books, and learning material for school children in Japan and worldwide.
http://www.shogakukan.co.jp/ (japan wholesale - wholesale comics - wholesale magazine distributors - books - japan publications)

Sies Jewelry
Wholesale jewelry company based in Nagoya, Japan. Products include silver necklaces, earrings, rings and silver jewelry from Japan in Asia.
http://silver.sies.co.jp// (japanese wholesalers - silver jewelry - japanese jewelry)

Star Child
Wholesale Japanese toys distributor of stuffed toys and teddy bears in Shinjuku, Tokyo, Japan, Asia. Supplies a range of plush toys, teddies, bunnies with floppy ears, stuffed animals, panda bears, handmade collection of stuffed toys, plush animals, dogs, ducks, foxes, cats, rabbits, zebras, cows, birds, sheep, and wholesale teddy bears in Japan.
http://www.star-child.co.jp/ (japanese wholesalers - tokyo companies - wholesale asian toys - wholesale teddy bears - plush toys - wholesale japanese toys)

Stax Earspeakers
Asian electronics distributors of audio headphones located in Miyoshi, Iruma District, Saitama, Japan. Suppliers of high end audio headphones, ear speakers, high power driver units, headphone stands, audio cables, earpads, and electrostatic earspeakers made in Japan.
http://www.stax.co.jp/ (japan wholesale - audio equipment supplies - headphone wholesalers - audio cables - electronics wholesale - japan wholesale electronics)

Sumiya Clocks
Japanese company offering clock repair, maintenance, reconstruction and replica construction of antique Japanese clocks, located in Koyo Town Nagaoka City, Niigata Prefecture, Japan.
http://www.sumiya-clock.jp/ (japanese wholesalers - wholesale clocks - wholesale home japan)

Syouei Create
Japan wholesale or b2b company based in the major Asian city of Tokyo. Supplies equipment for shops and offices, work stations, shelving, display cases, cupboards, office shelves, conference rooms and the design and installation of new office spaces in Japan for small and big businesses.

http://www.syouei.net/ (list of japanese companies - tokyo wholesale - shop fixtures - office fittings - display cases - shelves - japanese shop supplies)

Japanese electronics company in Tokyo producing electrical components for companies worldwide. Components include semiconductors, cpu boards, and custom designed components for electronic manufacturers.
http://www.takebishi.co.jp/ (wholesalers japan - wholesale electronic components - japanese wholesale electronics)

Takeda Bicycles
Japan wholesale sporting goods company supplying bicycles from a company in the seaport city of Sakai City, Osaka, Japan in Asia. Supplies a range of pedal bikes, bicycles for men and women, and cycling accessories for riders.
http://www.takedabicycle.co.jp/ (japan wholesale - osaka japan - sporting goods wholesalers - bicycle supplies - japanese sporting goods)

Toa Corporation
Japanese wholesale electronics company based in Kobe, Japan. Specializing in electronic audio equipment, amplifiers, audio speakers, megaphones, conference systems, voice evacuation systems, microphones, pa systems, electronic mixers, intercom systems and more. Also supplies cctv security systems, digital video recorders, fixed security cameras, coaxial multi transmission unit and other security camera accessories from Japan.
http://www.toa.co.jp/ (japan wholesalers - kobe wholesale - audio equipment supplies - speakers - wholesale cctv - security cameras - japan wholesale electronics)

Wataru Coffee
Japanese importers of coffee beans and coffee merchandise to Japan from coffee plantations in Jamaica. Wataru supplies and distributes raw coffee beans and coffee brewing equipment to cafes and coffee retailers in Asia. Head offices in Minato-ku, Tokyo, Japan with offices also in Osaka and Nagoya, Japan.
http://www.wataru.co.jp/ (japanese distributors - wholesale coffee beans - wholesale japan food)

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