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Wholesale Directory> Wholesale Merchandise by Country> List of Poland Wholesalers and Distribution Businesses

The "Polish Wholesale Companies" section of the directory lists wholesalers that are based in the European country of Poland (Rzeczpospolita Polska or Republic of Poland). Includes companies in Polish cities like Warsaw. If you are a seller based in Poland you can have your wholesale company listed in this category by visiting our Website Submissions page.

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Wholesale Polish Art Suppliers
List of wholesale Polish art and craft suppliers and distributors of merchandise for the European arts industry.

Wholesale Polish Clothes Companies
Find clothing wholesalers based in Poland selling wholesale clothes and apparel to Polish customers and worldwide.

Wholesale Polish Computers Suppliers
B2B directory of Polish wholesalers and distributors of computer hardware, computer software, laptops, notebooks, IT equipment and information technology products out of Poland, Europe.

Wholesale Polish Electronics Companies
Wholesale directory of Polish companies supplying electronics and electical goods to retailers from Poland.

Wholesale Polish Food Distributors
Wholesalers and distributors of food and drink in Poland, Europe. Also includes Polish importers and exporters of food products.

Wholesale Polish Home and Garden Companies
Business directory of Polish wholesalers, dropshippers, manufacturers and distributors of house and garden products and merchandise from Poland.

Wholesale Polish Jewelry Companies
Listing of jewelry wholesalers based in European Poland, dealing with the import export trade of Polish jewellery companies.

Wholesale Polish Materials Suppliers
List of Polish companies supplying businesses with materials and resources to a number of industries in Europe and worldwide.

Wholesale Polish Sports Goods
Free wholesale list of Polish companies supplying sporting goods, outdoors, camping and recreational equipment located in Poland, Europe.

Artogeia Bryoni
European jewellery company in Poland supplying a range of rings for retailers. Specialising in engagment rings, wedding rings, gold and silver jewelry, friendship ring products, and wedding bands for lovers.
http://www.artogeiabryoni.com/ (polish wholesalers - wedding rings - wholesale gold jewelry - wholesale bands - rings - engagement rings - jewellery - wholesale polish jewelry)

Polish wholesalers of art frames and related products based in Torun', Poland in Europe. Supplies a range of moulded frames, mirrors, gold frame products, picture frames, and framing supplies for frame shops and art collectors needing custom frames for pictures.
(poland wholesalers - wholesale framing supplies - wholesale matting - wholesale mirrors - art supplies - wholesale polish art suppliers)

Ceramica Artystycna Wiza
Polish company manufacturing ceramics and pottery items for the home. Located in Osiecznica, Parowa, Poland.
Ceramic products available include mugs, cups, plates, ceramic dishes, bowls, jugs, teapots, vases, home decor, and decorative ceramics.
http://www.ceramikawiza.com/ (polish wholesalers - wholesale ceramics - wholesale home poland)

Polish wholesaler of air conditioner products based in Chotomow, Poland, Europe. Supplying commercial and industrial cooling systems, water chillers, condensing unit air conditioners.
http://www.cool.pl/ (wholesalers poland - wholesale air conditioners - polish wholesale electronics)

European textile company supplying a range of yarn products from Poland. Offers a range of polyester yarns, cotton yarn, vicose and mixed yarn materials for the textile industry in Europe.
http://www.drago.net.pl/ (polish suppliers - wholesale textile supplies - wholesale yarn - wholesale poland materials)

Wholesale Poland company producing chicken eggs and egg products based in Filomatow, Poland. Goldegs is pasteurized liquid eggs producer, pasteurised yolk liquids, pasteurised whites, and eggs product preparation for the food industry in Europe.
http://www.goldegs.pl/ (wholesale poland - wholesale eggs - polish food distributors)

Konspol Chicken
Wholesale chicken and chicken products from a European company with offices in Warsaw Poland. Brands of chicken and poultry products by the company include Królestwo Kurczaka, Konspol BIS products, and Smaczna Kraina.
http://www.konspol.com.pl/ (wholesale poland - wholesale poultry distributors - polish food suppliers)

Laptops Poland
Polish computers suppliers based in Katowice Plebiscytowa Poland. Supplies a range of information technology equipment, IT products, computer hardware for laptops, notebooks, usb flash drives, carry bags, computer memory, and related laptop accessories in Europe.
http://www.laptops.pl/ (wholesale in poland - wholesale laptops - usb flash drives - laptop cases - technology supplies - wholesale computers poland)

Matterhorn Lingerie
Polish wholesaler in Laryska, Poland supplying sexy clothing to national and international customers. Offering a range of womens lingerie, sexy clothing, bras, g-strings, briefs, garter belts, body suits, corsets, chemises and naughty underwear.
http://www.lingerie-wholesale.biz/ (polish wholesalers - lingerie - poland clothes)

Pieczarki Mazurskie Fedor
Polish supplier of mushrooms in Zalec 16, 11-700 Mragowo, Poland. Fresh mushrooms in various sized packed to customer specifications in the European union group of countries.
http://www.pieczarkimazurskie.pl/ (polish wholesalers - wholesale mushrooms - produce suppliers - polish food suppliers)

Wholesale Polish clothes company supplying women's underwear merchandise to businesses worldwide. Supplies sexy undergarments, sleepwear, naughty lingerie, nightwear, briefs, g-strings, thongs, Polish lingerie, lace underpants, and panties for girls.
(polish wholesale companies - undergarments - women's underwear - sleepwear suppliers - wholesale lingerie - clothes in poland)

Furniture company in Poland offering a range of tables and desks for sale worldwide. Includes kitch tables, coffee tables, side table and desks made from wood or metal by Polish craftsmen.

http://www.yask.info/ (polish wholesalers - wholesale tables - wholesale home poland)

Wholesale Europe recreational products from a company in Warsaw, Poland. Suppliers of sleeping bags, down filled sleepingbag products, wet weather clothes, down clothing, winter jackets, coats, thermal wear, eskimo jackets, thermal vests, dungarees, mitts, backpacks, hiking kits, medical packs, outdoor cooking utensils, and cold weather garments out of Europe.
http://www.yeti.com.pl/ (poland wholesale - warsaw - wholesale sleeping bags - winter coats - outdoor gear - camping equipment - thermal wear - wet weather clothes - poland recreation wholesalers)

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