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Wholesale Directory> Wholesale Merchandise by Country> List of Spanish Wholesalers and Suppliers

The "Spanish Wholesale Companies" section of the directory lists wholesalers and distributors that are based in the European country of Spain (Kingdom of Spain or Reino de España). Find companies in Spanish Cities like Barcelona and Valencia. If you are a seller based in Spain you can have your wholesale company listed in this category by visiting our Website Submissions page.

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Wholesale Spanish Art Suppliers
List of wholesale Spanish art and craft suppliers and distributors of merchandise for the European arts industry.

Wholesale Spanish Clothes Companies
Find fashion and clothing wholesalers based in Spain selling wholesale clothes and apparel to Spanish customers, European and worldwide.

Wholesale Spanish Clothes Accessories Companies
Search for Spanish clothing accessory wholesalers selling accessories like handbags, wallets, belts, sunglasses, ties, shoes, and purses in Spain.

Wholesale Spanish Computers Suppliers
B2B directory of Spanish wholesalers and distributors of computer hardware, computer software, laptops, IT equipment and information technology products out of Spain, Europe.

Wholesale Spanish Electronics Companies
Wholesale directory of Spanish companies supplying electronics and electical goods to retailers from Spain.

Wholesale Spanish Food Companies
Wholesalers and distributors of food and beverages in Spain. Also includes Spanish importers and exporters of food products.

Wholesale Spanish Health and Beauty Companies
Wholesale companies based in Spain supplying both Spanish and international health and beauty products to the retail market.

Wholesale Spanish Home and Garden Companies
Business directory of Spanish wholesalers, dropshippers, manufacturers and distributors of house and garden products and merchandise from Spain.

Wholesale Spanish Materials Suppliers
List of Spanish companies supplying businesses with materials and resources to a number of industries in Europe and worldwide.

Wholesale Spanish Pet Supplies
Find Spanish wholesale pet supply companies with products for dogs, cats, birds, horses, fish and other domestic pet animals in Europe Spain.

Wholesale Spanish Sporting Goods
Free wholesale list of Spanish companies supplying sporting goods and equipment located in Spain, Europe.

Spanish distillery of rums and liqueurs in Malaga, Spain. Produces Spanish made mature rum, white rums, honey rum, aged, golden rum, banana cream liqueurs, cocktails, coffee cream liqueur, chocolate liqueur, and other alcoholic beverages.
http://www.arehucas.es/ (spanish wholesalers - malaga wholesale - rum suppliers - liqueurs - wholesale liquor - alcohol distributors - spanish drink companies)

Wholesale Spanish furniture suppliers of lounges, designer couches, armchairs, stools, tables, benches, seats, chairs and contemporary seating for the home. Contemporary furniture company in Spain with distributors throughout Europe and worldwide.
(spanish wholesale suppliers - wholesale couches - wholesale furniture - contemporary - wholesale chairs - wholesale spanish furniture)

Carmengil Creacion
Formal clothing company in Pontevedra Spain in Europe specializing in bridal wear and elegant wedding dresses for brides and bridesmaids. Offers a range of traditional white wedding dresses, wedding gowns, bridesmaid gowns, evening dresses, and veils for brides.
http://www.carmengil.com/ (spain wholesalers - wholesale wedding dresses - formal wear - dresses - women - wholesale spain clothes)

Spanish food wholesalers of fresh cherries from Bugarra, Valencia, Spain. European cherry orchard near the coast supplying fresh cherries from the Mediterranean. Altafruta S.L is located in the Los Serranos region of Reino de España.
http://www.cherrita.com/ (spain wholesalers - valencia companies - wholesale cherries - wholesale stonefruit - spanish food wholesalers)

Curzon Classics
European outdoor wear clothing company based in Sevilla, Spain. Designers and manufacturers of hunting wear, waterproof clothing, fishing jackets, cold weather coats, clip on leggings, outdoor vests, balaclavas, beenies, headwear, check shirts, safari shirts, polo shirt, water proof hats, baseball caps, trousers, rain suits, socks, scarves, shooting mitts, and hunting, camping and fishing clothes for outdoor enthusiasts.
http://www.curzonclassics.com/ (spain wholesale - wholesale jackets - fishing clothes - outdoor gear - sports clothing - socks - hats - scarf suppliers - waterproof clothing - thermals - wholesale spanish clothing)

Spanish wholesaler and distributor of fresh mineral water. Company based in Galicia, Spain supplying local and national shops and retailers with natural bottled water in a range of sizes.
http://www.fontecelta.com/ (spanish wholesalers - wholesale water - wholesale spanish drinks)

Luxury sofas or lounges from a Spanish company in Europe. Supplying comfortable sofas, lounge chairs and armchairs for the home or office.

http://www.hermasl.com/ (spanish wholesalers - wholesale sofas - wholesale home spain)

International Sanitary Trading
IST is a Spanish wholesaler of medicines and pharmaceuticals. The company supplies a large range of medical and pharmaceutical products currently available in the European Union.
http://www.sanitary-products.com/ (spanish wholesalers - wholesale pharmaceuticals - wholesale health spain)

J. Gras Códol
Spanish wholesaler of men and women's hoisery products and protection for the feet. Located in La Pobla de Claramunt, Barcelona, Spain.
http://www.pikys.com/ (spanish wholesalers - hosiery - spain clothes accessories)

Spanish wholesalers of mirrors, moulds and frames based in Valencia, Spain in Europe. Supplies decorative molds, deco wood resin products, Louis XV and Louis XVI trimmings, oval mirrors, ornates frames, conice and other related craft products in Spain.
(spain wholesalers - valencia companies - wholesale framing supplies - wholesale craft supplies - wholesale mirrors - wholesale spanish art suppliers)

Kin Cosmetics
Spanish wholesale company supplying hair products with headquarters in Girona, Spain in Europe. Products include hair treatment, hair coloring, hair dyes, styling products, bleaching supplies, salon products, perm protection, men's haircare items, and shampoo wholesale in Europe.
http://www.kincosmetics.com/ (spanish wholesalers - hair coloring - wholesale hair products - wholesale shampoo companies - salon supplies - wholesale beauty spain)

Ledo Alberti
European fashion accessory wholesalers with headquarters in Barcelona, Spain. Offers a range of corporate gifts, silk scarves, mens ties, pret a porter neckties, bow ties, formal fashion accessories, women's handbags and purses.
http://www.ledoalberti.com/ (españa wholesale - barcelona company - wholesale neckties - scarves - neckwear - purses - promotional clothing - spain fashion accessories)

Wholesalers of women's underwear and lingerie in Barcelona in Spain, Europe. Designs a range of ladies undergarments, bras, bodysuits, bra and panty sets, comfort panties, sexy panties, supportive bras, and supportive under pants for women and girls.
http://www.magafa.net/ (spain wholesale - barcelona companies - underwear - lingerie wholesalers - women's underwear - bra sets - sleepwear - wholesale spanish clothes)

Narwhal Inflatable Craft
Boating wholesalers in Spain's Petelos 36415-Mos region. Suppliers of inflatable boats and boating accessories, rescue boats, heavy duty inflatables, inflatable jet boats, boat seats, jockeys and consoles, boat a-frames, upholstery for boats, fuel tanks, stairs and boat ladders, and other boating accessories out of Spain in Europe.
http://www.narwhal.es/ (wholesalers in spain - wholesale boating equipment - wholesale inflatable boats - recreation equipment - wholesale spain recreational equipment)

Ofertas Airis
European distributors of personal computing products and electronic equipment based in Valencia, Spain. Distributes a range of computer laptops, tablet PCs, ebook readers, heating radiators, desktop computers, digital cameras, LCD television, heaters and other electronics products. Includes famous technology brands like Acer, Dell computers, Toshiba notebooks, Sony, Compaq, Airis, HP, Lenovo, Samsung, IBM and others.
http://www.ofertasairis.com/ (wholesale in spain - valencia companies - wholesale notebooks - pc desktop distributors - digital tablets - pdas - smartphones - wholesale heaters - digital cameras - mp3 players - tv distributors - phones - technology equipment - wholesale technology spain)

Wholesale Spanish footwear supplier and distributor of kids shoes and sandals. Supplying a range shoes for children, flip flops, sandals, outdoor footwear, kids boots, pumps, athletic shoes, boys shoes, girls shoes, mary janes and school shoes. Wholesale distributor located in Fuensalida, Toledo, Spain, (Reino de España) Europe.
http://www.pablosky.com/ (españa wholesale suppliers - wholesale kids shoes - b2b footwear - spain clothes wholesale)

Pv Sa
Spanish producers of a range of a pet foods through a number of petfood brands in Europe. Includes a range of dog food with Bilby Force, Rocco, Tam Can and Tam Can HQ, ferret food with Ali Huron, and cat food with
Tam Cat food brands. Supplies pet food in Spain, throughout Europe and other foreign markets.
http://www.pv-sa.com/ (spain wholesalers - pet food wholesalers - dog food - cat food - ferrets - spanish pet supplies)

Record Player
Spanish audio company manufacturing designed record players for djs, home entertainment, and industry. Company located in Jumilla, Murcia, Spain.
http://www.recordplayer.com/ (wholesalers spain - wholesale audio - spanish wholesale electronics)

Spanish clothing uniform manufacturers with headquarters in Vinaròs Castellón Spain. Specializing in uniforms for the beauty industry, hair salons, barbers, the hospitality industry, chef uniforms, waiters uniforms, maid uniforms, cooking aprons, vests, safety clothes, reflective vests, cold work uniforms, dentist uniforms, labratory wear, professional gowns, scrubs, nurse gowns, hospital clothing and other uniforms for a number of industries.
http://www.rodiel.net/ (spain wholesale - wholesale uniforms - medical uniforms - chef uniforms - safety uniforms - security uniforms - industry - wholesale spain clothes)

Spain wholesalers and manufacturers of billiard tables and other table game products with headquarters in Barcelona, Spain in Europe. Supplies a range of billiard tables, billiards equipment, air hockey games, table football games, foosball tables, card tables, poker table, and other tables games equipment made in Spain.
http://www.segarsa.com/ (spain companies - barcelona wholesalers - wholesale billiard tables - table games - wholesale sports goods - wholesale spain sports equipment)

Spanish wholesaler and distributor of gourmet food products that include special cheeses, sausages, olive oils, hams, vinegar, and olives. Food distributor located in Ciudad Real, Spain.
http://www.vegajardin.com/ (spanish wholesalers - gourmet food - spanish food)

Spanish company of ceramic materials in Valencia, España, Europe. Supplies a range of traditional and technical ceramic products with materials like aluminas, cordierites, steatites, mullites, and porous bodies being used. Uses of materials to make tableware, maiolica, electrical porcelain, refractories, cordierite and stoneware.
http://www.vicar-sa.es/ (spanish suppliers - wholesale ceramic materials - material supplies - wholesale spain materials)

Clothing supplies company in Valladolid in Spain supplying a range of wholesale school uniform products for boys, sportwear, jerseys, polo shirts, pants, raincoats, t-shirts, girl's school uniform vests, skirts, dresses, and boys pants.
http://www.yarbiss.com/ (spain wholesalers - wholesale school uniforms - sportwear suppliers - tees - jerseys - raincoats - polo shirts - wholesale spain clothes)

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Have your Spanish wholesale company listed on the regional category of our wholesalers merchandise directory. Your wholesale merchandise company, manufacturor, exporter, importer, suppliers, or distribution company must be based in the country of Spain, Europe to be listed on this page. Includes the cities of Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia, Bilbao, Seville & Málaga.

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