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Wholesale Directory> Wholesale Merchandise by Country> List of Swiss Wholesalers and Distributors of Merchandise

The "Swiss Wholesale Companies" section of the directory lists wholesalers that are based in the European country of Switzerland (Swiss Confederation or Schweizerische Eidgenossenschaft). If you are a seller based in Switzerland you can have your B2B wholesale company listed in this category by visiting our Website Submissions page.

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Wholesale Swiss Clothes Companies
Find clothing wholesalers based in Switzerland selling wholesale clothes and apparel to Swiss customers and worldwide.

Wholesale Swiss Clothes Accessories Companies
Search for Swiss clothing accessory wholesalers in Europe selling accessories like handbags, wallets, belts, sunglasses, flip flops, ties, shoes, and purses in Switzerland.

Wholesale Swiss Food Suppliers
Wholesalers, suppliers and distributors of food and beverages in the European country of Switzerland. Also includes Swiss importers and exporters of food products. See also Swiss Chocolate Suppliers.

Wholesale Swiss Machinery Suppliers
B2B directory of Swiss industrial machinery and equipment suppliers to business and trade companies in Europe.

Wholesale Swiss Sports Companies
Free wholesale list of Swiss companies supplying sporting goods and equipment located in Switzerland, Europe.

Alpes Lasers
Swiss laser company with offices in Neuchâtel, Switzerland. Products include gaz spectroscopy equipment, trace gaz detection, narrow linewidth lasers, singlemode distributed feedback laser machinery, multimode lasers, and others used in applications which include food processing lines, brewing, combustion diagnostics, medical diagnostics and other areas.
http://www.alpeslasers.ch/ (wholesale switzerland - laser companies - machinery - swiss machinery suppliers)

Bally Shoes
Swiss shoe brand with offices and locations worldwide, based in Caslano, Switzerland in Europe. Manufactures and markets the Bally brand with shoes for men and women, men's dress shoes, wholesale flip flops, leather shoes, casual footwear, loafers, knee high boots and high heel shoes for women.
(swiss b2b - footwear wholesalers - boots - mens shoes - womens shoes - sandals - highheels - flip flops wholesale - swiss clothes accessories)

Brautmode Cinderella
Swiss formal clothing company located in Münchenstein, Switzerland in Europe. Specializing in bridal wear, wedding dresses, and formal women's clothes and accessories.
http://www.cinderella.ch/ (swiss wholesalers - wholesale bridal dresses - switzerland clothes)

Chocolat Stella
Fairtrade producer of premium Swiss chocolate products located in Kreuzlingen, Switzerland, Europe. Chocolat Stella and Chocolat Bernrain supply organic chocolate, kosher, dark, milk, white, filled chocolate bars, pralines, small chocolate bars, and sugar free chocolate supplies to retailers.
http://www.swisschocolate.ch/ (swiss suppliers - wholesale swiss chocolate - kosher chocolate - dark - milk - bars - chocolate suppliers - swiss food suppliers)

European production equipment designer and supplier based in Aesch, Lucerne, Switzerland. Supplies a range of SMT production equipment (Surface Mount Technology), turnkey assembly machinery, pick and place machines, various software solutions, high speed tape feeders, fully automatic dispensing systems, soldering equipment, stencil printers, and other machinery used in the manufacturing process. Also sell pre owned assembly machinery.
http://www.essemtec.com/ (wholesale switzerland - production machinery - printers - machinery - swiss machine suppliers)

Swiss Crossbow
Swiss sporting goods archery company located in Vordemwald, Switzerland. Supplies a range of crossbows, the 3 second crossbow, twinbow, bows, arrows, accessories, parts, and wholesale archery supplies out of Europe.
http://www.swisscrossbow.ch/ (switzerland wholesalers - europe - wholesale archery suppliers - sports goods - switzerland sporting goods)

Switzerland wholesalers of wetsuits in the European city of Belmont. Products include wet and dry wetsuits, scuba diving suits, custom made gear, scuba hoods with valve holes, neck seals, zippers, inlet valves, low pressure hoses, latex wrist seals, pvc gloves, rubber gloves, urinal diving set, thermo boots, and wetsuits made in Switzerland.
http://www.swissub.ch/ (switzerland wholesalers - scuba diving wholesale - water sports - wholesale wetsuits - swiss sporting goods)

Uega Merchandise
Manufacturer of Swiss streetwear and casual clothing based in Bubikon, Switzerland. Supplying retailers with fashionable street clothes, caps, polo shirts, t-shirts, hoodies and clothes accessories.
http://www.uega.ch/ (swiss wholesalers - wholesale streetwear - switzerland clothes)

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