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List of courier companies worldwide. Find companies involved in the delivery of parcels and messages with expertise in overnight delivery, same day postage, international parcel delivery, fast delivery, and courier services.

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Regional Couriers
All the courier and parcel delivery companies listed on Wholesalers Network categorized by country worldwide.

International Couriers
Directory of international couriers and global package delivery businesses sending parcels between countries.

Overnight Couriers
List of overnight couriers and express parcel delivery companies delivery letters and packages.

Same Day Couriers
Look for same day delivery couriers and local parcel delivery services.

Ace Air Cargo
American air cargo carriers based in Anchorage, Alaska, U.S.A. Services include small parcels, fresh seafood, documents, C.O.D deliveries, air couriers, hazardous materials, letters, and other mail in the state of Alaska.
http://www.aceaircargo.com/ (american logistics - alaska logistics - parcel delivery - us couriers - us air cargo)

Brasil Courier
Brazil couirers and logistics company. Services include international courier services, transportation of packages and parcels, logistical services, door to door delivery, and related transport services for businesses.
http://www.brasilcourier.com/ (brazil logistics - international couriers - brazilian couriers)

FedEx Vietnam
Vietnamese arm of the global American courier company FedEx. Includes international parcel delivery, overnight package delivery, same day delivery, and express mailing via air and ground transport.
http://www.fedex.com/vn/ (vietnamese logistics - international couriers - over night deliveries - couriers in vietnam)

I and L Express
Malaysian transportation company located in the Penang Chinese Town Hall in Penang, Malaysia close to air and sea ports. Services include perishable logistics of fresh flowers, tropical fish and frozen tuna, sea freighting cargo, air freight, tricking of parcels, packaging, customs tariff consulting, and freight forwarding in Malaysia.
http://www.iandlonline.com/ (malaysian logistics - penang transportation - malaysian freight forwarders - perishable logistics - packing companies - malaysian air freight - ocean freight malaysia)

IMX Italy
Postal services company in Italy providing first class postage services, economy postal, international parcel delivery, magazine post on demand services, international marketing campaigns, packaging and letter preperation services and related courier services in Italy.
http://www.imxitaly.it/ (italian logistics - italian couriers - postal services - international parcel delivery)

Jet Worldwide
Australian parcel delivery and courier located in Mascot NSW 1460, Australia. Provides domestic and international express courier services, priority parcel delivery, same day delivery, airfreight services, logistics, warehousing, and trucking transport of products in Australia.
(logistics australia - nsw logistics - australian couriers - overnight couriers - international couriers - same day couriers - airfreight - trucking - australian warehousing - logistics)

Koerier Centrale
European courier services company in the major city of Amserdam in the Netherlands. Logisticals services include same day delivery, package postal, global parcel delivery, overnight postage, weekend deliveries, urgent deliveries and letter postage.
http://www.koerierscentrale.com/ (netherlands logistics - amsterdam transportation - global deliveries - over night courier - urgent deliveries - netherlands couriers)

Le Nouveaux Coursiers
European logistics and courier services company based in Paris, France. Services offered include inventory management services, delivery of products, order processing, secure warehousing and related logistical services in Paris.
http://www.lesnouveauxcoursiers.com/ (french logistics - paris logistics - distributors - inventory management - french couriers - secure warehousing)

Magma Transport
Logistics and courier services for business and trade from Magma Transport based Berlin, Deutschland. Transport services include overnight express parcel delivery services, national and international package postage, small parcels, large parcels and related logistics services in Germany.
(deutschland logistics - berlin logistics - german couriers - overnight couriers - international couriers - logistics)

Pony Express
Russian couriers and logistics company with headquarters in Moscow. Provides parcel delivery and mail postage to cities throughout Russia, international package delivery, and express deliveries to locations in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan, and Moldova. Also provides logistical and distribution services for businesses, warehousing, insurance and freight delivery.
http://www.ponyexpress.ru/ (russia logistics - moscow logistics - russian couriers - worldwide couriers - overnight deliveries - distributors - storage in russia)

Quik Trak
New York messenger and courier services serving businesses in the New York City, Manhattan and Tri-State regions in the United States. Delivers items fast via truck, van, bike or foot. Provides same day delivery for urgent deliveries in NYC.
http://www.quik-trak.com/ (american logistics - nyc logistics - parcel delivery - same day deliveries - us couriers)

Seabridge Transport
German freight forwarders and logistics business with headquarters in Hamburg, Germany, Europe. Provides logistical services for businesses in Europe like freight forwarding, air, sea and rail transport, trucking logistics, cargo movement, international courier services, warehousing in Germany and transport logistics insurance services.
http://www.seabridge.de/ (german freight forwarding - hamburg logistics - freight forwarders - logistics insurance - couriers - air transport - sea freight - rail - german warehouses)

Siet Internazionale
Logistics and warehousing company located in Udine, Italy in Europe. Services offered include logistical services, warehousing and storage of goods, import and export, Italian customs clearance, courier services to Croatia, and related delivery services.
http://www.sietinternazionale.it/ (italian logistics - italian couriers - customs clearance - import and export - italian warehousing)

Xm SaiLing International Logistics
Chinese freight forwarding and logistics services company located at the Shenzhen Bao'an International Airport in Bao'an District, Shenzhen, Guangdong, China. Provides international logistics and distribution services, freigh forwaring, courier services, warehousing, storage, trucking, air freight and other forms of transport in China.
http://www.xm-cargo.com/ (china logistics - guangdong logistics - importers and exporters - air freight - trucking transport - warehouses - chinese freight forwarders)

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