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This page lists all the wholesale products alphabetically with wholesale products that begin with the letter "B" with a brief description of the merchandise offered in each category. If you are a wholesaler, distributor, dropshipper or manufacturer and would like to have your company listed on the Wholesalers Network Directory, go to our Website Submission page.

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Baby Clothing - Clothes for babies from wholesalers and distributors worldwide.

Baby Food - List of food distributors, manufacturers and wholesalers of baby foods and infant formulas.

Baby Products - All baby wholesalers of products for infants, babies and toddlers including baby food, baby clothes and toys for babies.

Baby Toys - Wholesale babies toys suppliers to retailers and toy shops.

Backpacks - List of bag wholesalers specializing in backpacks and camping packs.

Bacon - List of meat suppliers offering bacon, Canadian bacon and related meat products from the pig.

Bagels - Wholesale bakeries supplying a range of bagels to cafes, restaurants and food retailers.

Bags - Wholesale companies that supply bags, handbags, shopping bags, purses, man bags and carry bag products.

Bags (Shopping) - List of wholesale companies supplying bags to shops and retailers.

Baked Goods - Food wholesalers and distributors of baked goods like bread, cakes and pies.

Bakeries - B2B directory of bakeries supplying cakes, pies, bread, croissants and other baked products.

Ballet Clothes - Search for wholesale suppliers of ballet clothes and related clothing items for ballet dancers including tutus, ballet dancer belts, and pointe shoes.

Balloons Wholesale - Find balloon wholesale from companies selling party supplies and balloons.

Balls - Directory of wholesale balls for sports for playing games like soccer, football, cricket, basketball and hockey.

Bamboo Plants - Nurseries supplying bamboo plants for indoor and outdoor planting.

Bands - List of jewellery suppliers of wedding bands, engagement band, and gold, silver and platinum bands.

Band Equipment - List of musical supply companies distributing band equipment for musicians and roadies.

Barbecue Meat - List of wholesale meat suppliers offering a range of bbq meat products for cooking on grills, smoking, and outdoor barbecues.

Barbecues - Wholesalers and manufacturers of BBQs or barbeques for cooking outdoor.

Barley - List of nuts and grain suppliers of barley grains and related barley products.

Barricades - B2B companies and businesses supplying barricades and temporary fences to direct customers and crowds.

Basketball - List of sports goods wholesalers and distributors of basketball gear, accessories, hoops and balls.

Bass Fish - Find wholesale bass fish suppliers of products to seafood retailers and restaurants.

Bass Guitars - List of musical instrument companies supplying bass guitars and electric basses to music stores and musicians worldwide.

Bathroom Accessories - Companies supplying bathroom accessories and products that include toilets, bathtubs, bathroom mirrors, and bathing decor.

Bathtubs - Wholesaler of baths, spas and claw foot bathtubs.

Batteries - Wholesale batteries for electronic products, with battery accessories and rechargable batteries.

Beaded Jewelry - Handmade beaded jewelry wholesalers includes necklaces, earrings, and more.

Beading Supplies - Purchase beads in bulk at wholesale prices, along with a range beading and crafting supplies.

Beans - Wholesale beans and legumes supply companies sending products by country.

Beauty Salon Supplies - Wholesale beauty salon supplies, equipment, beauty parlour furniture, chairs, and products for the beauty industry.

Beef Suppliers - Wholesalers, producers and distributors of beef which includes both fresh beef and meat products from the cow and cattle.

Bedding - Bedding supply wholesalers with products for beds and sleeping.

Bedroom Furniture - Wholesale suppliers of bedroom furniture and accessories for beds and the bed room.

Beds - List of bed companies supplying a range of beds and bedding accessories world wide.

Beer Wholesale - Wholesale beers from major makers of beer and beer making supplies.

Belgian Chocolate Suppliers - Full list of Belgian chocolate supply companies that are either based in or distribute Belgian made chocolates from the European country of Belgium.

Belly Dance Clothes - List of belly dance clothes wholesalers and distributers of belly dancing clothing accessories and products for the tradition Turkish dance.

Belt Buckles - List of fashion accessory companies supplying belt buckles, western belt buckle products and belts online.

Belts - Clothing accessory wholesalers selling wholesale belts and belt buckles.

Berries - List of wholesale produce companies supplying fresh, dried, frozen or organic berries and berry products from suppliers and distributors.

Bibles - Christian wholesale companies with a range of bibles and christian literature for churches and retailers.

Bikinis - List of clothing suppliers of bikinis, bikini tops and bottoms, gstring, tankinis, and thong bikinis for the beach and swimming.

Billiards - Wholesale companies and manufacturers of billiard tables, snooker balls, pool cues, and pool balls.

Binoculars - Directory of wholesale businesses supplying binoculars and related products like telescopes.

Birds - List of pet supply companies supplying businesses with bird food, seeds, aviaries, bird cages and accessories for birds.

Bird Cages - Bird cage suppliers of parrot cages, aviaries, bird breeders, aviary supplies and houses for pet birds.

Bird Food - Find pet suppy companies supplying pet bird food, bird feed mixes, parrot mixes and seeds for birds.

Biscuits - Food wholesalers and distributors of biscuits, cookies, shortbread, brownies, scones and other snack foods for retail.

Biscuits - Baked goods companies supplying a range of biscuits, scones and cookies to food retail stores.

Blades - Wholesale blades, knives and cutting tools from distributors and manufacturers worldwide.

Blinds - Wholesale window blind manufacturers and distributors with indoor and outdoors blinds and awnings.

Board Games - Wholesalers and B2B distributors with merchandise that includes educational and entertaining board games.

Board Shorts - List of clothing and apparel suppliers of board shorts, mens swimwear, surf shorts and boardies for the beach.

Boating - List of companies supplying boating equipment, boat accessories and boat builders products.

Boat Motors - B2B directory of wholesale boating companies supplying and distributing boat motors, outboard engines, and boat motor accessories.

Boat Trailers - Boat trailer manufacturers and distributors of boat trailers for towing yachts, speed boats, and other marine vessels.

Body Jewelry - Body jewelry wholesale companies with nipple rings, belly button piercings, and nose rings.

Books - Wholesale books and bulk books from publishers, distributors and publication wholesalers.

Bookcases - Directory of furniture business supplying bookshelves, designer bookcases and library shelving for book collections.

Boots - List of wholesale boots companies selling footwear for men and women globally.

Boring - Search for boring machinery suppliers and manufacturers of borers and equipment used for boring materials.

Boxed Candy - Wholesale food suppliers and distributors of boxed candy, gift boxes of weets, and chocolate in a box.

Boxed Chocolate - Wholesale suppliers and distributors of boxed chocolates and chocolate gift boxes.

Boxes Wholesale - Wholesale boxes and packaging material for companies worldwide.

Boxing - List of boxing supply wholesalers of boxing gloves, rings, clothes and trainers for boxers.

Boys Clothing - List of wholesale clothing companies supplying clothes shops with boys fashion and clothes for young males.

Bracelets - List of jewelry suppliers and distributors of bangles and wrist jewellery products made from materials like gold, silver, copper and stainless steel.

Brandy - Directory of liquor and alcohol suppliers of brandy and flavoured brandies for drinking.

Bras - Wholesale bra suppliers and distributors by country worldwide.

Bread - Bakers of bread and related bread products include white bread, wholemeal, wholesagrain and organic breads.

Bread Rolls - Baked goods distributors of bread rolls in a number of styles and flavors.

Bridal Clothes - Wholesale bridal clothes companies supplying retailers with wedding dresses, bridal gowns, bride clothes, and formal clothing to be married in.

Briefcases - Suppliers and wholesale distributors of briefcases, business bags and document cases for businessmen.

Bronze - List of metals material supply companies specializing in bronze materials and bronze casting products.

Brooches - List of wholesale jewelry suppliers and distributors of brooches and decorative pins.

Brushes - Art supply wholesale with a rang of artist brushes for painting and craft projects.

Buffalo - Meat suppliers and distributors supplying buffalo meat, beef, steak and other cuts.

Building Machinery - Directory of building material machinery for companies in the contruction industry.

Building Materials - List of companies supplying building materials and equipment to the building industry, builders and home repair people.

Building Supplies - Building supply wholesalers for the do it yourself home owner of the professional builder of homes.

Bulletproof Glass - List of suppliers manufacturing or distributing bulletproof glass for vehicles and other security uses.

Burglar Alarms - Security products with a range of business, office and home alarms to prevent burglars.

Burqas - List of clothing wholesalers of womens burqas for muslim women.

Business Cards - Printers and business card designers to produce business cards.

Butter - Wholesale dairy companies supplying butter for spreads and cooking.

Buttons - Wholesale buttons lists clothes materials companies supplying the textile industry worldwide.

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