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This page lists all the wholesale products alphabetically with wholesale products that begin with the letter "C" with a brief description of the merchandise offered in each category. If you are a wholesaler, distributor, dropshipper or manufacturer and would like to have your company listed on the Wholesalers Network Directory, go to our Website Submission page.

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Cabbage - Find wholesalers and distributors of fresh and frozen cabbage products.

Cables - Audio cable suppliers and distributors of cables, wires and cords for audio and music equipment.

Cajun Food - List of wholesale cajun food suppliers and distributors of Acadia food from Louisiana in the United States of America.

Cakes - List of bakeries and baked goods distributors supplying a range of cakes in different flavors and styles.

Calculators - Importers and Exporters of calculators at wholesale prices.

Calligraphy Wholesale - List of art supply wholesalers of calligraphy products, pen and ink, nibs, pens, and calligraphy paper.

Camcorders - List of electronics wholesalers and distributors of camcorders, video recorders and digital video cameras for movies.

Cameras - SLR and digital cameras from wholesalers and distributors of cameras and electronics.

Camera Filters Wholesale - Wholesale suppliers and distributors of camera filters for photographers using digital or manual cameras.

Camera Flashes Wholesale - Camera flash wholesalers, manufacturers and distributors of products for photography.

Camera Lens Wholesale - Wholesale businesses supplying camera lens products for photography shops and retailers online.

Camping - Wholesale camping supplies and equipment for campers, hikers, bushwalkers and outdoors enthusiasts.

Camping Hiking Bags - Wholesale distribution companies supplying camping bags, hiking backpacks and carry cases for camping people.

Candles - Hand made wholesale candles and candle making supplies with wax and wicks.

Candle Making Wholesale - Find companies supplying was, wiks and candlemaking supplies for hobbyists and small businesses.

Candy - Candy wholesalers with a range of sweets and lollies for candy retailers.

Candy Apples - List of wholesale confectionery and candy suppliers and distributors of candy apples.

Canned Food - Wholesalers, manufacturers and distributors of canned foods, preserved foods in cans and meals in cans to retail shops.

Canned Fruit - List of wholesale suppliers of canned fruit and preserved fruit products in tins and cans.

Canned Seafood - Food distributors of wholesale seafood, tinned tuna and preserved fish for sale.

Canned Vegetables - Find companies supplying canned vegetables and veggies in tins preserved.

Canoes - Yellow pages of wholesale canoes, canoe makers and suppliers of boating accessories for canoeists.

Canola Oil - List of oil and fat wholesaling companies supplying canola oil and related cooking oils.

Canvas Wholesale - Wholesale canvas and art supplies for artists and painters, with stretched canvas, both primed and unprimed canvases.

Car Audio - Wholesale car audio and stereo systems for vehicles.

Car Monitors - Car entertainment businesses supplying and distributing car monitors, dvd players and tvs for vehicles.

Car Security - List of companies supplying car alarms and security for vehicles.

Carbon - Suppliers of carbon and carbon composite materials companies by country.

Caribbean Products - Wholesale Caribbean products and supply companies in the region of the West Indies.

Caribbean Food - List of companies supplying wholesale Caribbean food and drink products worldwide.

Carp - Wholesale carp suppliers of the freshwater fish sold to supermarkets, resataurants and the food industry.

Carpet - House and garden wholesalers with products that include all types of carpet.

Carrots - List of carrot suppliers with fresh and processed carrots.

Carts - Suppliers and distributors of shopping carts, trolleys and baskets for shoppers in markets and stores.

Carving Tools Wholesale - Suppliers of wholesale carving tools for sculptors and crafts people.

Cashews - List of companies supplying raw cashews, processed cashew nuts, and flavoured cashew nut products.

Casual Clothes - Casual clothes manufacturers, distributors and wholesalers worldwide.

Cats - List of wholesale companies supplying a range of pet supplies for cats, kittens and cat related products.

Cat Food - Suppliers and distributors of cat food, tinned kitten foods and dry cat food products for pets.

Caviar - Food distribution companies supplying wholesale caviar products to the food industry.

CCTV Cameras - Find distributors and wholesalers of cctv cameras and surveillance cameras for home or business security and safety.

Celtic Jewelry - Wholesale silver celtic jewelry with crosses, greenman, and celt symbol pendants, necklaces, rings, and wrist bands.

Ceramic Materials - Industry suppliers of ceramics and ceramic components for trade.

Ceramics - Wholesale ceramics offers products made from clay, terra cotta pots, ceramic dinnerware and pottery.

Cereals - Wholesale directory of cereal distributors and b2b companies supplying cereal ingredients and packaged cereals for breakfast.

Chains - List of jewelry suppliers and distributors of gold chains, neck chain products and necklace chain jewellery.

Chairs - List of chairs suppliers and distributors of designer chairs, stools, barstool, benches and chair accessories.

Charms - Buy charm bracelets online wholesale, lucky charms and sterling silver bracelets with charms.

Cheerleader Uniforms - Wholesalers and manufacturers of cheerleader outfits, pom poms and cheer clothes.

Cheese - Wholesale cheese companies, dairy food distributors, and manufacturers of cheeses from cow, goat, sheep and buffalo.

Chemicals - Chemical suppliers of a range of different chemicals for a variety of industries and professions.

Cherries - List of cherry orchards and fruit distributors of fresh, dried or orgnaic cherries and cherrry products from farmers and growers worldwide.

Chess Boards - Wholesalers and makers of chess board games, chess pieces, and accessories for playing the game of chess.

Chestnuts - Wholesale nut companies producing a range of chestnut products and raw chest nuts for retailers and wholesalers of nuts.

Chicken and Poultry - Distributors and farmers of chickens supplying day old chicks, chook eggs, and poultry products.

Chickpeas - List of wholesale suppliers, importer and exporter of chickpeas and related chickpea items at wholesale prices.

Childrens Clothing - Children's wholesale clothes includes popular brand name clothing for kids.

Childrens Footwear - List of wholesale footwear companies selling children's shoes, sandals, flip flops and casual shoes for boys and girls.

Chili Oil - Business to business companies supplying restaurants, distributors and retailers with chili oil, sweet asian chilli oils and related cooking products for Asian foods.

Chinese Medicine - Health wholesalers of Chinese medicines and herbs.

Chocolate - Wholesalers and distributors of chocolate products and chocolate gifts.

Chocolate Bars - Wholesale chocolate suppliers and distributors of various chocolates in bar forms and chocolate blocks in milk, white and dark chocolate.

Chocolate Truffles - Gourmet chocolate truffle suppliers of chocolate covered truffles or chocolate flavored by truffle.

Chorizo - List of sausage makers and meat suppliers of the French suasage called chorizo.

Christening Clothes - Wholesale christening and communion clothes for boys and girls.

Christian Holiday Products - Wholesale suppliers and distributors of Christian holiday products.

Christian Jewelry - Religious jewelry with christian symbols, crosses, and fish symbols at wholesale.

Christian Products - Wholesale suppliers of christian products and merchandise for the religion of Christianity that worships Jesus Christ.

Christmas Holiday Products - Wholesalers and distributors of christmas holiday products and merchandise for the annual christmas holiday celebrating JEsus Christ.

Citrus Fruit - Search for produce suppliers of wholesale citrus fruit, oranges, lemons, mandarins, and limes.

Clams - Shellfish seafood supply companies offering fresh and live clams, processed clams and preserved clam shells.

Cleaning Equipment - Machinery companies supplying machines and equipment for the cleaning industry.

Cleaning Products - Home cleaning products at wholesale prices from world distributors and manufacturers.

Climbing - Wholesale outdoors companies supplying a range of climbing products, ropes, clips, safety equipment, wires, and equipment for climbers.

Clocks - Wholesalers of wall clocks, grandfather clocks and table clocks for the home or office.

Closeouts - End of line products and discontinued lines of merchandise at cheap prices.

Clothes Materials - Clothes materials supply companies with a range of products for the textiles industry and clothing manufacturers.

Clothing - Main clothing section of the wholesale clothes companies listed on Wholesalers Network.

Clothes Shops - List of wholesalers supplying products to run clothes and fashion shops includes fixtures and fittings for the clothing industry.

Cocktails - List of drink wholesalers supplying alcoholic cocktails, mixed drinks and ready to drink cocktail beverages.

Coconuts - Produce wholesalers of coconuts and coconut products distributed worldwide.

Cod - Wholesale seafood suppliers and fish mongers supplying fresh cod, fish fillets and frozen cods.

Coffee Wholesale - Distributors and wholesalers of coffee beans and ground coffee from growers around the world.

Coffee Tables - Business directory of b2b companies supplying or manufacturing coffee tables and designer table furniture for the living or lounge room.

Cognac - Wholesale drink suppliers of cognac and French brandy products.

Comics - Wholesalers, publishers, and distributors of comics, comic book merchandise and accessories of comics.

Compasses - List of wholesale businesses supplying both digital compass products and hand held magnetic compasses.

Composites - Material companies supplying composites and composite materials to industry worldwide.

Computer Accessories - Accessories for the personal computer PC from distributors and wholesale companies.

Computer and Software - Suppliers of PCs and personal computer products to retailers.

Computer Cases - Computer case wholesalers and distributors of boxes, shells or cases for desktop computers.

Computer Components - List of information technology companies supplying computer components and parts for PCs.

Computer Dropshippers - List of dropshippers of computers and information technology wholesalers that dropship computers, notebooks, and related computing merchandise.

Concrete - List of companies supplying concrete and cement products.

Concrete Machinery - Directory of industry company manufacturers and distributors of concrete machinery and cement mixers.

Condiments - Food wholesalers and manufacturers of condiments, sauces, oils and ingredients for cooking.

Condoms - Wholesale condoms for sex protection and stimulation for adults.

Confectionery Suppliers - Wholesale confectionery suppliers and distributors of candy, chocolate, sweets, and gum for retail candy shops.

Confectionery Equipment - List of b2b companies supplying the candy industry with confectionery equipment and candy making tools.

Contact Lenses - Wholesale contact lense companies supplying eyewear pruducts and eye care for contact lenses.

Contemporary Furniture - List of companies supplying contemporary designer furniture, contemporary seating and designer lounges.

Cookies - Baked goods businesses supplying cookies and biscuits including the popular choc chip cookie.

Cooktops & Ovens - Wholesalers and distributors of cooktops, ovens, ranges, range hoods, and cookers for the home or industrial kitchen.

Cookware Wholesalers - B2B companies supplying cookware, cookers, cook equipment and ovenware for the home or industrial kitchen.

Cooler Bags - Suppliers of cooler bags and insulated backpacks for keep food and drink cool.

Copiers - Office copiers and copying machines for the home or office.

Copper - Metal material suppliers of copper and related coppers for industry.

Corn - List of suppliers or corn products, maize, corn cobs, frozen corn and related processed corn foods.

Corn Chips - wholesale corn chips snack food distribution companies supplying food retailers and grocery stores with products.

Corn Oil - Fats and oils businesses manufacturing and wholesaling corn oil and related vegetable oil products used in cooking and salads.

Corporate Clothes - Corporate and office wear uniforms at wholesale.

Corsets and Girdles - Wholesale clothing suppliers and distributors of women's corsets and girdles.

Cosmetics - Beauty supply products with a range cosmetics available to purchase at wholesale.

Cosmetic Bags - Wholesale businesses supplying cosmetics bags and makeup packs for women and girls.

Costume Jewelry - Wholesale jewelry for dressing up as characters and costumes.

- Costume wholesalers for fancy dress parties and halloween.

Couches - List of wholesale furniture companies supplying couches, designer sofas and lounge chairs.

Crab - Wholesale directory of seafood companies offering a variety of crabs for bulk sale.

Crackers - Wholesale businesses supplying crackers for snacks.

Craft Supplies Wholesale - Wholesale craft businesses and distributors of craft supplies and related products.

Craft Kits Wholesale - Wholesalers and distributors of craft kits, starter packs and guides to start various crafts and hobbies.

Cream - List of dairy companies supplying cream in a variety of methods including whipping cream and fresh creams.

Cricket Equipment - Suppliers of cricket equipment and gear for cricketers includes cricketing clothes, cricket bats, balls, batting gloves, wicket keep gloves, pads, and related merchandise.

Croissant - Bakeries making and supplying the popular croissant, French bread in a variety of styles and flavours.

Crosses Religious - Religious items with a focus on christian crosses for churches and christian shops.

Cross Stitching Wholesale - List of wholesale businesses supplying cross stitching and sewing equipment to retailers worldwide.

Cross Trainers - List of wholesale cross trainers and elliptical trainers for gyms and home fitness.

Crowd Control - Companies supplying crowd control products and services for controlling large crowds and shoppers.

Crystals - Wholesale crystals and healing stones for new age stores and rock shops.

Cucumbers - List of growers and farmers of cucumbers both fresh and processed.

Cufflinks - Directory of wholesale jewellery suppliers, manufacturers and distributors of cufflinks for suits.

Curry - List of condiments suppliers of curries, curry powder and curry pastes for cooking and ingredients.

Curtains - Wholesalers and distributors of curtains, draperies, and curtain rods for windows.

Cushions - List of homeware business supplying wholesale cushions and designer pillows for sofas and beds.

Custom Jewelry - List of jewelry suppliers of custom and personalized jewellery and fashion accessories.

Cutlery - Manufacturers of kitchen cutlery, silverware, flatware, forks, knives, spoons and food serving instruments.

Cutting Machinery - List of wholesalers and distributors of cutting machinery, saws, sawing equipment, saw blades and tools to cut things.

Cycling - Wholesalers and distributors of cycling equipment, mount bikes, BMX bikes, racing gear, and spare parts for bicycles.

CZ Jewelry - Import export companies and jewelry wholesalers of CZ jewelry, cubic zirconia diamonds, and imitation gemstones.

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