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This page lists all the wholesale merchandise alphabetically with wholesale products that begin with the letter "F" with a brief description of the goods offered in each category. If you are a wholesaler, distributor, dropshipper or manufacturer and would like to have your company listed on the Wholesalers Network Directory, go to our Website Submission page.

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Fabric - Wholesale fabric for the manufacture of clothes and related prodcts.

Fabric Paint Wholesale - Find fabric paint and dye suppliers of major hobbyist brands and products.

Fans - Manufacturers, wholesalers and distributers of ceiling fans, industrial fans, home desk fans and fan appliance accessories.

Fans (Computers) - Wholesale distributors of fans and cooling systems for computers and technology.

Fashion Jewelry - Fashion jewelry from major manufacturers and jewelry makers worldwide.

Fast Food - Search for wholesalers and food distributors of burgers, fast food, hotdogs, fries, chicken nuggets, and snack foods.

Fats - Directory of distributors wholesaling a range of fats, lard, ghee and animal fat for cooking and other industries.

Fax Machines - Fax machines for the office or home from distributors and wholesalers worldwide.

Feathers - Suppliers of feather for bedding, linen and clothes accessories.

Feng Shui Items - Wholesale Feng Shui products, lucky gift items, and new age merchandise from wholesalers and dropshippers.

Ferrets - Wholesale ferret supplies, ferreting equipment, cages, breeders and products for pet ferrets.

Fibers - Clothes fibers suppliers to the textile industry with natural and man made fiber materials.

Figs - Wholesale producers of figs, fig paste, and related fig food products for sale.

Figurines - Gifts that include figurines and small sculptures of the figure.

Fingerprint Security - Fingerprint access control products wholesale from companies worldwide.

Fireplaces - Suppy companies offering a range of fireplaces, stoves, gas burners, and other indoor heaters and heating accessories.

Fire Security - List of security companies supplying products for fire security including detectors and sprinkler systems.

First Aid - Wholesale first aid and medical packs.

Fish (Food) - Find fish mongers, seafood suppliers and processors of fish, fish products and fresh fishes for eating.

Fish (Pets) - List of fish supply companies distributing pet supplies for fish owners and enthusiasts.

Fish Tanks - Find wholesalers and distributors of fish tanks, tropical aquariums, fish bowls and ponds for fishes.

Fishing Accessories - Fishing accessories, tackle and equipment wholesalers and distributors wordwide.

Fishing Bait - Fishing supplies with live and frozen baits, pastes, squid, prawns, and more for anglers.

Fishing Clothing - Clothes wholesale companies of fishing clothing, professional anglers clothes and outdoor gear for fishermen.

Fishing Hooks - List of b2b companies supplying or manufacturing fishing hooks, hook accessories, and gaffs fishing tackle supplies.

Fishing Line - Tackle supplies with a focus on fishing lines, wire traces, and fishing leaders.

Fishing Lures - Fishing lures and jigs includes poppers, spoons, spinners, wobblers and more.

Fishing Nets - Commercial fishing nets and fish netting equipment wholesalers.

Fishing Reels - Fishing companies manufacturing and supplying fishing reels for freshwater and saltwater angling.

Fishing Rods - Lists companies manufacturing and supplying fishing rods for beach, boat, freshwater, game, and fly fishing.

Fishing Tackle - Suppliers and distributors of fishing tackle, rods, reels, line, and fishing lures.

Fitness Equipment - Wholesalers and distributors of fitness equipment, home gyms, weight lifting equipment, and exercise bikes.

Flags - Suppliers and wholesalers of flags, flag poles, and patriot products.

Flashlights - Wholesale flashlight and torches.

Flip Flops - Wholesale flip flops, beach sandals, foot thongs and pool shoes.

Flooring - Wholesale flooring for the home or office includes hardwood floors and more.

Flour - List of wholesale flour suppliers, flour mills and related milled flours for bakeries and related food industries.

Flowers - Flowers from wholesale florists and flower growers.

Fly Fishing - Fishing tackle supplies for fly fishermen using flies to fish.

Foam Suppliers - Find companies supplying foam products and different foams for a variety of industries and professions.

Food and Beverage - Food and drink distributors and wholesalers working with retailers.

Food Bases - Search for condiment wholesaling businesses supplying food bases, sauces and ingredients for meals.

Food Industry Uniforms - Wholesale businesses distributing food industry clothes, chefs hats and aprons, waitress clothing, hospitality wear, and restaurant apparel.

Food Processors - Find wholesale food processors, mixers and blenders.

Footwear - Wholesalers of shoes, flip flops and sandals.

Forklifts - Companies supplying and distributing forklifts and small cranes for use in factories, warehouses and industrial settings.

Formal Wear - Wholesale suits and formal dresses for proms and special events.

Foundry Equipment - Suppliers of foundry machinery amd equipment, kiln and furnaces.

Fourth of July Products - Wholesale companies supplying retail shops with 4th of July products, American independence day merchandise, USA flags, and patriotic gifts.

Framing Wholesale - Wholesale art supplies businesses with products for framers, painting frames and photo frame products.

French Bread - List of bakeries supplying baked French bread in a variety of styles and flavors.

Freshwater Fish - Directory of freshwater fish suppliers or sweet water fish mongers selling fresh and frozen fishes.

Frogs - List of exotic meat suppliers of frogs, frog legs and related French cuisine products.

Frozen Baked Goods - Wholesalers and suppliers of frozen baked goods include frozen bread, pies, cakes and other bakery items.

Frozen Food - Frozen food distributors, manufacturers and wholesalers to the retail market, supplying frozen fruits, vegetables, ready to eat meals, and more.

Frozen Fruit - Suppliers of wholesale frozen fruit and berry products from produce distributors around the world.

Frozen Meat - List of frozen meat supplies and distributors of froze beef, chicken, lamb, turkey, goat and other meats preserved.

Frozen Seafood - Frozen seafood wholesalers and distributors of fish, shellfish, and other seafoods which have been frozen.

Frozen Vegetables - List of wholesale suppliers of frozen vegetables and related frozen food merchandise.

Fruit - Wholesalers and distributors of fruits includes frozen, fresh and organic produce.

Fruit Juice - List of wholesale fruit juice companies supplying fresh a preserved fruit juices.

Fruit Pies - Baked fruit pie suppliers and distributors for the food industry.

Fruit Trees - Wholesale nurseries supplying fruit trees and berries to plant nursery and industry experts.

Fudge - Wholesale fudge companies that supply and distribute fudge and related fudge products and varieties.

Fuels - List of wholesale suppliers and distributors of fuels including petroleam and gasoline.

Furnaces - Suppliers of industrial furnaces for trade and industry worldwide.

Furniture - Home furniture wholesalers, distributors and importers.

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