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This search page lists all the wholesale goods and merchandise alphabetically with wholesale products that begin with the letter "P" with a brief description of the goods offered in each category. If you are a wholesaler, distributor, dropshipper or manufacturer and would like to have your company listed on the Wholesalers Network Directory, go to our Website Submission page.

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Packaging - Wholesalers of packaging for business and industrial companies.

Packing Materials - Packing supplies for wrapping and packaging goods.

Pagan Supplies - Wholesale distribution company list of pagan supplies, spiritual merchandise and wiccan items.

Paintball Gear - Paintballing gear, paintball guns, protective goggles, and clothing suppliers.

Paintings Wholesale - List of painting suppliers with both original and reproduction paintings of old masters and contemporary famous paintings.

Paint Materials - Industry suppliers of bulk paint supplies and related paint products for commercial painters and retailers of paints and varnishes.

Paints - Artist supplies with a range of paints and painting supplies in mediums that include watercolor, acrylics and oil paints.

Palettes Wholesale - List of art supply companies manufacturing or distributing artist palettes for painting.

Palm Oil - Wholesale Asian suppliers of palm oil products and oil used in food and other products.

Palms - Wholesale palm trees and tropical plants from wholesale nurseries to retail plant sellers and industries requiring bulk plantings of palms and exotic plants.

Pants - Clothing and fashion wholesalers of pants merchandise for retailers and distributors online.

Pantyhose - List of legwear wholesalers of pantyhose, stockings and tights for women.

Paper Office - Wholesale suppliers of paper for the office and industrial uses.

Paper Art Wholesale - Search for companies supplying paper for artists, rolls of paper, and artist pads.

Paper Materials - Wholesalers and distributors of paper materials and pulp for industry and trade.

Parts (Cars) - Automotive car part wholesalers for popular makes and models of vehicles.

Party Supplies - Cheap wholesale party supply products for the retail industry and the public.

Pasta - Directory of wholesale food businesses wholesaling pasta, lasagne sheets and different Italian pastas for cooking.

Pastels Wholesale - Oil and soft chalk pastels for artists distributed as individual colors or sets of pastels.

Pastes - List of condiments and sauces companies selling a variety of pastes, meat rubs, curry paste and tomato paste products for cooking and ingredients.

Pasties - List of companies supplying a range of pasties and pasty products to food industry companies.

Patriotic Clothing - Clothes wholesalers of patriotic clothing, USA shirts, flag clothes and other wear for patriots.

PDAs - Directory of technology wholesalers and distributors of famous brand PDAs, handheld personal digital assistants and wireless palmtop computers.

Peanut Brittle - List of wholesale distribution companies supplying retail shops with peanut brittle and related sweets and candy products.

Peanut Oil - Oil and fat businesses supplies and distributes peanut oil and other vegetable oils for cooking and salads.

Peanuts - List of nut wholesalers and distribution companies selling peanuts and peanut made products.

Pearl Jewelry - Distributors of pearl jewelry and loose pearls from manufacturers and wholsalers.

Pecans - Wholesale listing of companies supplying pecans and pecan related products like pecan pie.

Pendants - List of jewelry suppliers and distributors of pendants and brooches for jewelry stores online.

Pencils Wholesale - Directory of artist pencil suppliers and distributors of colored and graphite pencils used by artists.

Pens - Pen wholesalers and distributors of writing instruments for the home and office.

Pepper - Spice suppliers of black and white peppers, cracked papper and pepper spices.

Peppers - List of produce companies supplying bell peppers, green pepper, green peppers and capsicums.

Perch - Fishmongers and seafood wholesalers of perch and related fish species for food.

Percussion - List of musical instrument suppliers to music shops and musicians supplying percussion instruments, cymbals and bells.

Perfumes - Perfumes and scents for men and women from major brand perfumery wholesalers.

Peripherals - Computer peropherals suppliers of wholesale computer accessory products by country and region.

Personal Security - Find wholesale businesses supplying personal security products wholesale includes mace and protective self defense products.

Pet Supplies - Wholesalers with pet and animal supplies and equipment for keeping pets.

Pet Books - Wholesale pet supply companies and publishers of pet books and guides on pets.

Pet Cages - Wholesale pet cages and aviaries for keeping pets caged.

Pet Clothes - Wholesalers and suppliers of pet clothes, doggie fashion, dog collars, dress up clothes for pets and clothes accessories for dogs.

Pet Doors - Wholesale pet door products, dog door flaps and secure entries for pets.

Pet Food - Find a list of wholesale pet supply companies of pet food for dogs, cats, birds, fish, horses, ferrets and more.

Pet Jewelry - List of wholesale companies supplying pet jewelry products, bling collars, pet accessories, and dog jewellery.

Pet Toys - Wholesale toys for pets include toys for dogs, cats, birds, fish and horses.

Pharmaceutical Products - Pharmaceuticals and drug companies producing tablets, pills, medicine and health products.

Pharmacy Stores - Pharmacy shop fittings and fixtures, displays for drug stores, and chemist shelving products for pharmicists.

Pheasants - List of game meat suppliers of pheasant meat and eggs from pheasants.

Phones - Home phones for the office and residential setting includes phones with chords and chordless phones.

Photo Booths Wholesale - Manufacturers and distributors of photo booths and vending machines for printing photos.

Photography Wholesale - Main page of the photography wholesalers with products which include cameras, SLRs, photography accessories, lens, filters, film and related merchandise.

Photography Accessories Wholesale - Wholesale merchandise which includes photography accessories and equipment used by photographers.

Pianos - Search for piano suppliers and distributors of musical keyboard instruments globally.

Pickled Food - Suppliers of pickled foods, gherkins, preserved cucumbers in jars and other pickled food products.

Pigments Wholesale - Wholesale pigment merchandise, colors and paint products for artists and painters.

Pigs - Pet pig supplies and other products for farmyard animals.

Pilates - Exercise accessories wholesalers of pilates products and aerobic clothes.

Pine Nuts - Suppliers and distributors of pine nuts, pines, and pine nut bi products.

Pistachios - Whole or shelled pistachios, ground nuts and pistachio nut products.

Pizzas - Pizza bakeries and businesses supplying pizzas and pizza ingerdients to retailers.

Plantain Chips - Wholesale plantain chips and snacks made from dried plantains and dried bananas.

Plant Pots - Wholesalers and manufacturers of planters, plant pots, indoor pots, and garden containers outdoor.

Plants Wholesale - Wholesale plants from nursery wholesale of plants, shrubs, trees, and flowers.

Plastic Bags - Industrial suppliers of plastic bags for shopping and packing merchandise from retailers.

Plastic Containers - Wholesalers of plastic containers, plastic jars, packaging, plastic pill bottles for the medical industry.

Plastic Machinery - Plastics machinery used to melt, bend, mold and manipulate plastic.

Plastic Materials - Suppliers of raw plastic materials and molded plastics for global industries and professions.

Plastic Toys - Wholesale plastic toys and games, cheap plastic toys, and toy products made from various types of plastics.

Playing Cards - Wholesale companies, distributors and manufacturers of playing cards, poker decks, and casino card deck.

Plumbing - Plumbing supplies for retailers and plumbers in the industry.

Plus Size Clothing - Big clothes for plus size men and women from manufacturers and wholesalers of clothing.

Plus Size Casual Clothes - List of wholesale clothing companies supplying retailers with a range of plus size clothing and fashion for men and women.

Plus Size Fashion - Find wholesale clothing companies supplying and distributing plus size fashion clothes and clothing accessories worldwide.

Plus Size Formal Clothes - Search for plus siz e clothes wholesalers and distributors of big and tall clothes for men and women.

Plus Size Men's Clothes - B2B list of companies supplying plus sized menswear for big and tall men.

Plus Size Swimwear - Wholesale directory of companys manufacturing or supplying plus size swimwear, big bikinis, and extra large board shorts for swimming and the beach.

Plus Size Underwear - List of plus size clothing suppliers of underwear and lingerie for tall men and big girls.

Plus Size Women's Clothes - Find wholesale plus size womens clothing companies supplying big clothes for large women and girls.

Polo Shirts - List of clothing companies supplying a range of casual polo shirts and golf shirt products to clothes shops worldwide.

Pool Toys - Pool and water toys from wholesalers and distributors of pool games and toys for the pool.

Popcorn - Wholesale popcorn manufacturers and food distributors of unpopped and ready to serve popping corn snack foods.

Pork - List of meat wholesalers and distributors of pig meat, pork, bacon, pork ribs and ham products from pigs.

Posters Wholesale - List of wholesalers and distributors supplying posters and prints as wall hangings.

Potato Chips - Wholesale food distributors supplying potato chips snack foods.

Potatoes - Wholesale suppliers of fresh and processed potatoes and potato bi products.

Pottery Ceramics - Wholesale ceramic pottery with pots, bowls, vases and dinnerware merchandise for sale.

Poultry Suppliers - Find poultry suppliers and distributors of chickens, turkeys, ducks, eggs and other poultry products.

Poultry - Distributors and farmers of chickens supplying day old chicks, chook eggs, and poultry products.

Power Supply - List of computer power supply products and equipment distributers of pc components.

Power Tools - Power tool wholesale with a range of tools powered by electricity.

Preemies - Wholesale preemie clothes and clothing accessories for premature babies or the preterm baby.

Pretzels - Wholesale pretzels companies supplying baked snack foods including pretzel sticks and German brezels for snacking.

Pretzels - Wholesale baked goods companies supplying pretzels in a variety of shapes and flavours.

Printer Cartridges - Office supply wholesalers with a range of new and recycled printer cartridges and ink refills for the home or office.

Printmaking Wholesale - List of printmaking supply merchandisers with products for etching, screen printing, giclees and related print merchandise.

Printers - Personal computer accessories offer lazer and ink powered printers.

Printing Presses - List of distributors of printing presses and commercial grade printing equipment for publishing pamphlets, books, magazines or large format printing.

Prints Wholesale - Print wholesales and supplies printing or distributing artist prints and limited edition prints.

Produce - List of wholesale produce suppliers and distributors of fruit, vegetables, organice produce, frozen fruits and dried produce products.

Projectors - List of wholesalers supplying projectors, video presentation equipment and home cinema projectors for the home.

Promotional Clothing - Wholesale clothing companies that manufacture clothes for promotional marketing with custom designs and company logos printed with embroidery and screen printing.

Promotional Toys - Wholesalers of promotional toys and marketing items.

Protective Gear Wholesale - Wholesale companies supplying protective gear for artists, crafts people and photographers.

Publications - Wholesalers and distributors of publications and printed material like books, maps, magazines, comics and calendars.

Pulses - Here we list wholesale businesses selling pules, bean and products made from pulse.

Pumpkins - List of wholesale companies supply fresh and processed pumpkins and squash.

Pumpkin Seeds - Wholesale health food suppliers and distributors of pumpkin seeds and foods made from the seed of pumpkins.

Purses - Manufacturers of ladies purses, handbags and man purses.

Puzzles - Games and toy distrubutors focusing on puzzles for kids and adults.

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