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This search page lists all the wholesale goods and merchandise alphabetically with wholesale products that begin with the letter "S" with a brief description of the goods offered in each category. If you are a wholesaler, distributor, dropshipper or manufacturer and would like to have your company listed on the Wholesalers Network Directory, go to our Website Submission page.

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Safes - List of wholesale businesses supplying safe and security deposit boxes for home security of valuables.

Safety Clothes - Wholesale uniform suppliers of safety clothes, protective gear and reflective clothes for outdoors.

Safflower Oil - Listing of companies supplying and distributing safflower oil and other oils used for cooking and salads.

Sailing - Wholesalers and distributors of sailing supplies, boat products and equipment for sailors and boating enthusiasts.

Salad Dressings - Wholesale suppliers of salad dressings, European Italian dressing and other oils for salads and greens.

Salad Greens - Companies distributing salad greens includes lettuce growers and rocket farmers.

Salami - List of sausage suppliers of the Italian preserved salami sausages.

Salmon - Find seafood wholesalers of fresh water salmon and ocean salmon distributed fresh, fish fillets, and canned salmon products.

Salt - List of seasoning and spice companies supplying salt, sea salt and flavored salts.

Sandals - Wholesale sandals companies supplying outdoor footwear, beach sandals, jandals, flip flops, and leather fashion sandals footwear.

Sandblasters - List of industrial companies supplying, distributing and manufacturing sandblasters and sandblasting equipment to trades.

Sandblasting Equipment - Wholesalers, distributors and manufacturers of sandblasters and sandblasting equipment.

Satellite TV Equipment - Eqipment for satellite television with receivers, transmitters, modulators, and satellite television dishes.

Sauces - List of condiments and sauces companies distributing a range of bbq sauces, ketchup, tomato sauce, sweet chili sauce, Asian sauces, mustard and other sauces.

Sausage Rolls - Bakeries and baked goods suppliers and distributors supplying sausage rolls and other baked goods for snacks.

Sausages - List of sausage companies supplying fresh and preserved sausages in a variety of flavors and styles.

Scallops - Directory of seafood suppliers distributing fresh scallops, processed scallop meat and foods using scallops.

Scandinavian Wholesalers - List of European wholesale distribution companies in Scandinavia: Sweden, Denmark and Norway.

Scandinavian Clothes - Scandinavian wholesalers and manufacturers of European merchandise in Norway, Sweden or Denmark.

Scandinavian Food - B2B directory of Scandinavian food and drink wholesalers and distribution companies in Europe.

Scandinavian Furniture - Wholesale Scandinavian furniture companies supplying European products our of Norway, Sweden and Denmark.

Scandinavian Jewelry - List of Scandinavian wholesale jewelry suppliers and distributors of ethnic European jewellery products in Scandinavia.

Scanners - Computer technology products wholesalers and manufacturers of scanners and scanning products for the computer.

Scarves - Wholesalers and distributors of fashion scarves and hand made silk scarf manufacturers.

Schnapps - List of alcoholic beverage suppliers and distributors of German schnapps and American schnaps for mixing cocktails or drinking straight.

School Bags - Wholesale companies supplying schoolbags and student backpacks for schools worldwide.

School Supplies - List of back to school wholesalers and distributors of products for students, stationery, books, pads, pens and related products for school students.

School Uniforms - Wholesalers of school uniforms, student clothes, and college apparel worldwide.

Science Toys - Wholesalers and distributors of science toys, chemistry kits, biology kits and scientific toys for educational purposes.

Scrapbooking Wholesale - List of wholesalers online distributing scrapbooking and craft supplies worldwide.

Scuba Diving Equipment - Suppliers of scuba diving equipment and snorkeling supplies like regulators, fins, flippers, wetsuits, and dive air tanks.

Sculpture Wholesale - Browsr suppliers, manufacturers and distribution companies wholsaling sculpture tool and equipment for sculptors and artists.

- Food wholesalers specializing fresh and frozen fish, lobsters, prawns, and more.

Seasonings - List of food suppliers and distributors selling seasonings and related products for ingredients and grocery stores.

Sea Vegetables - Wholesale sea vegetable suppliers of seaweed and other edible greens from the ocean used as vegetables.

Second Hand Clothes - Wholesale distributors of worn, used, secondhand, old, or recycled clothing companies.

Security and Self Defense - Main category of security, self defense and alarms.

Security Cameras - CCTV securty camera wholesalers that supply and install security cameras.

Security Dropshippers - List of wholesale businesses that dropship security merchandise for online retailers.

Security Uniforms - Wholesaling businesses supplying security uniforms and workwear for security officers and law enforcement.

Seeds - Wholesale suppliers of seeds, grains and nuts.

Servers - List of computing companies and technology suppliers of computer servers for home, websites, office or business use.

Sesame Oil - Wholesale fats and oils companies supplying a range of sesame oil products for cooking and other purposes.

Sesame Seeds - Liost of food businesses supplying and wholesaling sesame seeds and related food items made sesame seed.

Sewing Wholesale -Wholesale sewing and needlework supplies for stores and professionals.

Sexy Clothing - Wholesalers of sexy clothing and accessories for women and men.

Sexy Uniforms - Wholesale business supplying sexy uniforms for naughty adults. Find sexy school girl uniforms, nurses outfits, teachers, doctors uniform, and firefighter uniforms.

Shampoo - Manufacturers, wholesalers and distributors of shampoo, conditioner and hair care products.

Shawls - Hand made and machine made shawls, silk shawl neckwear, and knitted winter shawl products.

Sheds - Garage, car port and shed wholesalers selling package and custom made outdoor buildings.

Sheepskin Boots - B2B companies selling sheepskin boots and slippers also known as ugg boots footwear.

Shellfish - Wholesale seafood suppliers specializing in the supply of shellfish which includes crabs, prawns, lobster, shrimp, and other shell fish products.

Shelving - List of shop supplies companies with shelves and shelving products for store fit outs.

Shirts - Clothes wholesalers of shirts for men, women and children, includes long sleeve shirts, formal shirt and tie sets, and casual shirts.

Shoes - Shoe wholesalers selling shoes for men, women, and kids.

Shortening - Wholesale cooking fats and shortening used by bakers for cooking cakes and other baked goods.

Shorts - Fashion wholesalers and clothing factories supplying shorts or short pants for men, women and children.

Shrimp - List of seafood distributors supplying bulk shrimp, prawns, and products made from shrimp.

Shutters - Window shutters and window awnings for industry and wholesale customers.

Signs - Shop fit out companies doing signs and signage for retailers and service companies needing signage.

Silk Clothes - Clothes makers supplying silk clothes, traditional Asian clothing and luxury silk clothes.

Silver Jewelry - Wholesaler of silver jewelry with necklaces, bracelets, rings, earrings and more.

Silver Materials - Metal suppliers and distributors of cast silvers and silver items worldwide.

Skateboards - Wholesale distributors of skatboards, skateboarding accessories, trucks, wheels, decks, and skate clothing.

Skating - List of sports suppliers with skating products, ice skating clothes, roller skates, and related skate merchandise.

Skin Care - Beauty supplies with creams and treatments for skin care and maintenance.

Skirts - List of clothing wholesale and distributors supplying womens skirts and related skirt products for resale.

Skiwear - Manufacturers of skiwear, winter clothes, snow clothing, and outerwear at wholesale.

Sleeping Bags - List of camping supply companies supplying sleeping bags and related merchandise for campers and hikers sleeping outdoors.

Sleepwear - Companies supplying and manufacturing clothes for sleeping in, nightwear, sleepwear, pajamas, underwear, pjs, and pyjamas.

Slices - Wholesale baked goods businesses supplying slices and cakes which include vanilla slices and caramel slice sweet products.

Slippers - Wholesale slippers suppliers and dropship companies that supply indoor footwear, slip ons, flip flops, houseshoes and indoor sandals to retail shoe shops worldwide.

SLR Cameras Wholesale - Wholesale distributors of SLR cameras, digital SLRs and accessories for professional photographers.

Smallgoods - List of meat wholesalers of smallgood meats, gourmet meat products, sliced meat and sandwich meats or coldcuts.

Smartphones - B2B directory of wholesale cell phones companies supplying smartphones by famous phone brands like Apple iPhones, Blackberry, HTC, Sprint and more.

Smoked Meat - Meat wholesalers directory of companies supplying smoked meat, poultry, fish and seafood products preserved with smoke.

Smoked Seafood - Find wholesalers of smoked seafood with things like fish, cod, shellfish and other smoked items.

Snacks - Wholesale food distributors of snack foods, potatoe chips, food bars, candy, healthy snacks, and junk food snacks.

Snails - Exotic meat distributors of snails, sea snail or French escargot.

Snakes - Pet reptile supplies with snake food and homes for snakes.

Snakes Meat - Directory of exotic meat suppliers of snakes, snake eggs and snake wine products for restaurants and butchers.

Soap Making Wholesale - List of wholesale businesses supplying a range of soapmaking supplies and equipment used to make soaps.

Soaps - Handmade and manufactured soaps and cleaning products from wholesalers.

Socks - Wholesalers of socks for feet, for men, women and children.

Sofas and Lounges - Living rooms seating wholesalers and manufacturers supplying lounges, armchairs, couches, sofas, and seats for the dining room.

Soft Drinks - Wholesale soft drinks, fizzy beverages, soda, and cola drink distribution companies.

Software - Find computer software and PC programs offered by manufacturers and distributors of software.

Solar Power - Environmentally friendly solar powered products and accessories that use the sun to generate green energy.

Sole Fish - Fish mongers and seafood distributors supplying sole fish or flat fish.

Soup - List of food companies supplying and distributing a range of prepared soups, powder soup and canned soup products in various flavors.

Souvenirs - Wholesalers of souvenirs and gift items kept for momentos.

Soybean Oil - List of food wholesale companies supplying a range of soybean oils and related soy oil products for cooking and salads.

Soybeans - Wholesalers and distributors of soybeans and soy related products worldwide.

Soy Food - List of vegetarian food wholesalers supplying soy products, soybean, tofu and other soyabean food items.

Soy Sauce - Directory of soy sauce companies supplying a range of different soy sauce products in different sizes and quantities.

Spa Products - Beauty supply wholesalers with a range of bath and spa products.

Spas - Wholesale spas, hot tubs and jacuzzis for indoor and outdoor bathing and entertainment.

Speakers - List of wholesalers supplying speakers, sub woofers and speaker accessories.

Spices - Spice traders and wholesalers of a variety of spice products from different regions of the world including India and Asia.

Spices and Herbs - Wholesalers, manufacturers and import export companies dealing with herbs, spices and seeds worldwide.

Spinach - Spinach suppliers of both fresh and processed spinach vegetables.

Spiritual Products - Wholesale spiritual products, new age supplies, religious items and other wholesale spirituality merchandise.

Spiritual Jewelry - Gold and silver spiritual jewelry wholesalers of necklaces, earrings, rings, bracelets, charms and other jewellery with a spiritual theme.

Sporting Goods - Wholesalers of sporting goods from popular sports like golf, football, bodybuilding, surfing, and fishing.

Sports Bags - List of companies supplying sports bags, golf bags and sporting backpacks for athletes and sportspeople.

Sports Clothes - B2B companies supplying, distributing and manufacturing sportswear, athletics gear, and team uniforms.

Sports Shoes - Find shoe wholesalers of sporting shoes, athletic footwear and boots for various sports.

Spraypaint Wholesale - Paint wholesalers of spraypain cans, caps for spray cans and aerosols for street art.

Spreads - List of food wholesalers of spreads, jams, jellies, vegemite, peanut butter and other products for spreading on bread and toast.

Squid - Wholesale squid suppliers and distributors of whole fresh and frozen squids, processed squids and calamari rings.

Stained Glass Wholesale - Find wholesale companies supplying stained glass products for making decorative glasses, glass cutters, and colors for stain glass.

Stainless Steel Jewelry - Jewelry products which include necklaces, rings, earrings, chains and bracelets made with stainless steel.

Statues - Wholesalers of statues, sculptures and figurines for the home or gift items.

Steel - List of wholesale distributors and metal suppliers of steels and stainless steel products.

Stereos - Electronic goods wholesalers with stereos and music systems for the home.

Stockings - List of wholesale stockings companies, pantyhose and hosiery suppliers and distributors worldwide.

Stone - Suppliers of stone and rock products for gardens and home building.

Stones Wholesale - List of businesses supplying stone and rock used by sculptors for carving and sculpting.

Stone Fruit - List of stone fruit suppliers of peaches, cherries, apricots and nectarines.

Storage - Computer storage products include hard drives, external hard drives, usb flash storage drive products.

Store Fittings - Directory of shop fitters, store fittings, and products to fit out shops.

Store Fixtures - Buy products for retail stores, shop fittings, displays, cases and shelves for retailers.

Stoves - Wholesale businesses manufacturing and distributing stoves, indoor fires, cooking stove accessories and related equipment.

Stringed Instruments - List of wholesale companies supplying and distributing stringed instruments like guitars, harps, and basses.

Studio Equipment - Wholesale music studio equipment and products for musician recording studios and professional recording tool for singers.

Stuffed Animals - Stuffed animals and plush toy wholesalers.

Sucuk - Search for companies distributing and supplying sucuk Turkish sausage.

Sugar - List of sugar growers, sugar cane suppliers and sugar processors of the natural sweetener sugar.

Sunflower Oil - Directory of food distributors supplying and or manufacturing sunflower oil used for cooking and salads.

Sunflower Seeds - Wholesale seed suppliers and distributors of sunflower seeds, shelled sun flower seeds and products made from sunflowers.

Sunglasses - Find wholesale sunglasses and eyewear manufacturers.

Supplements - Wholesale vitamins and supplements for health and fitness.

Surf Clothing - List of clothes wholesalers of apparel for surfers, surf clothes, board shorts, surfing shirts and surf brands for the beach.

Surfing and Surfboards - Wholesalers and manufacturers of surfing gear, surfboards, and surfer clothes.

Surge Protectors - List of wholesale surge protector suppliers and distributors of power boards, computer backups, electrical equipment protectors, and electronics suppressors.

Surveillance - Directory of security businesses supplying surveilance equipment and security cameras for home protection.

Suspension - Suspension manufacturers and distributors with merchandise that includes shock absorbers, springs, and accessories for the suspension of cars, trucks, and industrial machinery.

Swarovski Jewelry - List of swarovski crystals, jewelry made from swarovskis and crystal jewelry supplies.

Sweaters - Search for wholesale companies supplying and distributing sweaters, jerseys, long sleeve tops and jumpers to clothing companies.

Swiss Chocolate - Listing of all Swiss chocolate suppliers and distributors on the Wholesalers Network b2b directory.

Swimming Pools - Swimming pool manufacturers of indoor, outdoor, and above ground swimming pools and spas.

Swimwear - Wholesale distributors of swimwear, bikinis, wrap arounds and swimmers.

Swords - Sword wholesalers with real replica swords and sword accessories.

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