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Search our list of wholesalers and industry supply companies distributing Materials, Chemicals, Packing, Trade Supplies, Plastics, and Building Materials. If you are a seller you can have your wholesale Materials company listed in this category by visiting our Website Submission page. See Wholesale Materials Worldwide.

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Wholesale Zimbabwean metals supplier of aluminum products from an African company located in Harare, Zimbabwe. Almin is a fully equipped aluminum extrusion plant and a light metal foundry with skills in engineering, technical knowledge, toolmaking and maintenance.
http://www.almin.co.zw/ (zimbabwean wholesalers - wholesale aluminum supplies - metals suppliers - wholesale zimbabwe materials)

Asahi Kasei
Japanese conglomerate company supplying a range of materials and based in the Asian city of Tokyo, Japan. Divisions of the materials company specialize in chemicals, rubber, microdevices, medical supplies, pharmacueticals, construction materials, building supplies, fibers and more. Headquarters in Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 101-8101 Japan with offices worldwide.
http://www.asahi-kasei.co.jp/ (japanese suppliers - tokyo wholesalers - wholesale chemical materials - rubber - construction supplies - material supplies - wholesale japan materials)

Bangkok Synthetics
Thai company with headquarters in the Asian city of Bangkok, Thailand. Suppliers of a range of fuels and fuel products to industry worlwide. Part of the National Petrochemical Complex 2 to produce C4 products. Fuel products inlcude Butadiene (BD), Butene-1 (B-1), C4 Raffinate (Isobutylene), Methyl Tertiary Butyl Ether (MTBE), C4-LPG and other fuels.
http://www.bst.co.th/ (thai suppliers - bangkok wholesalers - wholesale fuel supplies - material supplies - wholesale thailand materials)

Beijing Invention Biology Engineering
Chinese materials company in Beijing China supplying customers with a range of carbon products. Offers a range of fireproofing materials, expandable graphite, flake graphite products, sulferless products and high carbon graphite materials for clients worldwide.
http://www.graphite-cn.com/ (chinese suppliers - beijing wholesalers - wholesale carbon supplies - material supplies - wholesale china materials)

Building Materials Wholesale
American building materials wholesaler with locations throughout Alabama and Mississippi in the United States. Supplies a large range of building and construction materials and products for builders and the building industry in America.
http://www.bmwholesale.com/ (american suppliers - alabama wholesale - wholesale building materials - wholesale usa materials)

Cairns Wholesale Paint
Australia wholesale paint supplier based in Cairns, Qld, Australia. Dealing with the public, industry and business customers. Paints include marine paint, industrial, house paints, timber finishes, automotive paint supplies, sign writing products, texture finishes and much more. Famous paint brands include 3M, Wattyl, Awigroup, Jotun, Septone, Debeer and more.
http://www.cwp.com.au/ (australian suppliers - queensland wholesalers - wholesale paint supplies - material supplies - wholesale australia materials)

Castlet Timber
British building suppliers of timber and building products for trade and DIY builders based in Landon, England. Builders merchant with products that include wood, timber, lumber, tiles, flooring, doors, plumbing supplies, sheet materials, adhesives, insulation, chemicals, plaster board, polish products and other materials for building and construction in the UK.
http://www.castletimber.co.uk/ (british suppliers - london wholesalers - wholesale building materials - timber supplies - wholesale united kingdom materials)

Cb Tex
Wholesae South African textile supplier based in the city of Cape Town. Supplies a range of textile products for the clothing industry including flat polyester, flat nylon 6, dope dyed polysester, hig tenacity nylon, tyre cord fabrics in rayon, high twist yarns and more.
http://www.cbtex.co.za/ (south african wholesale companies - cape town wholesalers - wholesale textile supplies - wholesale yarn - wholesale south africa materials)

CI Abrasives
Wholesale South Korean materials company supplying abrasives for industry and trade companies worldwide. Offers a range of abrasive tools including diamond cutters and polishers, carbine tungsten cutters, tungsten router bits, grinding tools, grinder wheels, sharpening stones, cloth abrasives, paper abrasives, bias buffs, car buffer wheels, sisals and more. Company based in Kwangjin Gu, Seoul, South Korea.
http://www.cicorp.co.kr/ (south korean suppliers - seoul wholesalers - wholesale abrasive supplies - material supplies - wholesale south korea materials)

European textile company supplying a range of yarn products from Poland. Offers a range of polyester yarns, cotton yarn, vicose and mixed yarn materials for the textile industry in Europe.
http://www.drago.net.pl/ (polish suppliers - wholesale textile supplies - wholesale yarn - wholesale poland materials)

Durban Roodeport Deep
DRD Gold is a South African gold mining company. Aiming to supply low risk, low cost, high margin underground and surface ounces of gold from mines throughout Africa. Offices in Roodepoort, Johannesburg, South Africa.
http://www.drd.co.za/ (south african companies - johannesburg suppliers - wholesale gold supplies - metal suppliers - wholesale south africa materials)

Eco Spray Foam Insulation
Irish wholesalers and distributors of foam insulation products in Butlersbridge, County Cavan, Ireland, Europe. Supplies home insulation foam for barns, energy efficient foam for homes, sheds, and studios providing a superior thermal insulation barrier.
http://www.ecofoaminsulation.com/ (irish suppliers - wholesale foam materials - insulation supplies - wholesale ireland materials)

Elektroporcelan Louny
Czech Republic company supplying industry with LV, HV and E.H.T. systems, ceramic insulators, insulators for transformers, oxide ceramics, and more. European suppliers located in Postoloprtská 2951 Louny and Merklín, Czech Republic.
http://www.epl.cz/ (czech republic suppliers - wholesale ceramic supplies - material supplies - wholesale czech materials)

Wholesale Russian company supplying wax and adhesive products to industry. Supplies a range of waxes, hot melt adhesives, packaging, wax paper, ergomelt, ergowax, wax emulsions, oil emulsion, paraffin wax, gloss waxes, and related materials. Ergotek is based in the city of Perm in Perm Krai, Russia.
http://www.ergotek.ru/ (russian wholesalers - perm wholesalers - wholesale waxes - adhesives - wholesale russia materials)

Ets Marcel Dumas
French wholesale of animal leathers and skins supplying raw and finished products to companies worldwide. Includes natural cow hides, imitation cow skins, lamb and sheep skin, rabbit hides, goat skins, springboks, blesboks, reindeers, fox skins, buffalo hides, stags, bear skins, sebra skin and more animal leathers.
http://www.etsdumas.com/ (french wholesale companies - wholesale leather materials - wholesale materials - wholesale france materials)

Eversafe Rubber Works
Malaysian materials supplier headquartered in 31400 Ipoh, Perak. Malaysia. Suppliers of tyre rubber, procured tire tread, masterbatch, cushion gum, orbitread rubber strips, sidewall veneer rubber and more. Customers in Malaysia, throughout Asia and exported worldwide.
http://www.eversafe.com.my/ (malaysian suppliers - perak wholesalers - wholesale rubber materials - material supplies - wholesale malaysia materials)

Foshan Nanhai Nanfang Aluminum
Asian materials supplier of Aluminum products and materials for the building and construction industry. Includes alumium tubing, pipes, forgings, castings, and other aluminum products from an Asian supply company in Foshan City, Guangdong province in Southern China.
http://www.nh-nf.com/ (chinese suppliers - guangdong wholesalers - aluminum supplies - metals - wholesale china materials)

Romanian suppliers of steel products in 800701, Galati, Romania. Suppliers of cold rolled strips of steel, metal sheets, packing strips, coated strips, glvanized steel products, steel wire and related steel products in Romania.
http://www.galfinband.ro/ (romanian suppliers - wholesale steel suppliers - suppliers of metal - wholesale romania materials)

Grace Construction Products
Hong Kong building materials supply company with branches countrywide and globally, supplying a range of consctruction supplies, building materials, concrete, cement products, masonry products, structural waterproofing, fire protection and more. Offices in Fanling, in the New Territories of Hong Kong.
http://www.hk.graceconstruction.com/ (hong kong suppliers - new territory wholesalers - building supplies - cement supplies - wholesale hong kong materials)

Hoganas Sweden
Swedish materials supplier with headquarters in SE-263 83 Höganäs, Sweden in Europe. Supplies a range of metal powders, chemicals, hot polymer filtration products, sintered components, soft magnetic composites, metallurgical products, iron fortification, glidcop, refined metals, specialty surface coating and other European metal products and services.
http://www.hoganas.com/ (swedish suppliers - wholesale metal powder suppliers - chemical wholesalers - wholesale sweden materials)

India Paper
Indian suppliers of paper and pulp products Narsingh Dass Group is a trading group supplying paper, art papers, artica, chromo paper, enamel boards, matt finish boards, coated craft papers, paperboard and related paper products. Asian company found in Chawri Bazar, Delhi-110006 in India.
http://www.indiapaper.com/ (indian suppliers - delhi wholesalers - wholesale paper supplies - material supplies - wholesale india materials)

Wholesale Iranian suppliers of wax products from the Middle East country of Iran in the city of Tehran. Far East exporters of paraffin waxes, candle wax, residue wax, calcium carbonate and industrial plastic machines for the plastic industry.
http://www.jabarouti.com/ (iranian suppliers - tehran wholesalers - wholesale waxes - chemical supplies - wholesale iran materials)

John's Building Supplies
Wholesale building supplies company based in Welshpool, Perth, Western Australia. Supplying building materials to builders and trades, with products that include doors, door knobs, James Hardie fibre cement products, CSR Gyprock plasterboard products, home insulation, doors, paint, door frames and much more.
http://www.johnsbuildingsupplies.com.au/ (australian suppliers - wa - perth wholesalers - wholesale building materials - wholesale australia materials)

Jostec Composites
European company in Amtzell Germany producing custom designed fiber composite technology products with a specialty in the marine industry. High tech components made from carbon prepreg, closed cell foam, woven aramid, high flex resin matrix, aluminium alloy, HPOSC-Technologie, and more.
http://www.jostec.com/ (german wholesalers - amtzell wholesalers - wholesale composite materials - material suppliers - wholesale germany materials)

Ksp Steel
Kazakhstani steel company in Almaty, Republic of Kazakhstan in Eurasia. Suppliers of a range of steel products including steel tubes, pipes, steel billets, tubing, couplings, casing pipes, all in a range of diameters and sizes.

http://www.kspsteel.kz/ (kazakhstani suppliers - wholesale iron companies - wholesale metals - material supplies - wholesale kazakhstan materials)

Kuangan Glass
Asian Taiwanese suppliers of glasses and glass products company based in Taliao, Kaohsiung 83162, Taiwan. Producing glassware and glass accessories for the home, industry and the office.
http://www.kuangan-glass.com.tw/ (taiwanese suppliers - kaohsiung wholesalers - wholesale glass supplies - material supplies - wholesale taiwan materials)

Italian silver company supplying semi-finished silver items using the latest technology and equipment. Products include sheets of silver, silver wire, rods, strips, disks, silver anodes, solder, wires, and rough rolled metal products. Company headquarters in Padova Italia in Europe.
http://www.lamet.it/ (italian suppliers - wholesale silver materials - metal supplies - wholesale italy materials)

Libyan Iron and Steel Company
Lisco is a Libyan company based in Misurata, east of Tripoli in Libya. Suppliers of couted coils and sheets, galvanized or non- galvanized steel, cold rolled coils and sheets of metal, un-annealed cold rolled sheets, hot rolled coils, pickled coils, light and medium sections, channels, beams, flats, steel bars and rods, slabs of metal, billets, blooms and hot briquetted iron from Libya in the Middle East.
http://libyansteel.com/ (libyan companies - wholesale steel companies - wholesale metal - wholesale libya materials)

Magnolia Bronze
American metals company in Omaha, Nebraska 68134, USA. Products include bronze castings and alloys, lead-free B-1® bronze, machined bronzes, and finished bronze products in the metal casting industry.
http://www.magnoliabronze.com/ (american suppliers - nebraska wholesale - omaha - wholesale bronze supplies - alloy suppliers - wholesale usa materials)

MIL Resources Limited
Australian supplier of magnesium with offices in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia 2000. Australian Securities Exchange ASX listed metals company controlling SAMAG, Papua New Guinea Iron, Magnesium Holdings and Magnesium Developments Limited, among other mining and metals interests.
http://www.mgil.com.au/ (australian suppliers - nsw - sydney wholesalers - wholesale magnesium suppliers - alloy metals - wholesale australia materials)

Norsk Hydro ASA
European Nordic metal suppliers in N-0240 Oslo, Norway on the Scandinavian Peninsula. Global suppliers of a range of cast aluminum products, extruded metal products, wire rod and rolled products.
http://www.hydro.com/ (norwegian suppliers - oslo wholesalers - wholesale aluminum suppliers - metals suppliers - wholesale norway materials)

Omya Hamburg GmbH
Wholesale German chemicals supplier in the city of Hamburg in Europe. Distributors of a range of chemicals to clients worldwide with products that include industrial chemicals, feed addititives, food additives, detergents, raw cleaning materials, oleochemicals, raw cosmetic materials, plastics and other raw materials for industry. Omya also handles logistics with warehousing, packing, shipping and lcl.
http://www.omya-peralta.de/ (german suppliers - hamburg wholesalers - wholesale chemical materials - plastics - material supplies - wholesale germany materials)

Packaging Supplies
US company supplying cardboard shipping boxes, jewelry boxes, shrink wrap, padded mailers, mailing tubes, tape, envelopes, labels, strapping products, bags, and cardboard boxes at wholesale prices. Based in Cleveland, OH, USA.
http://www.packagingsupplies.com/ (american wholesalers - ohio wholesale - cardboard boxes wholesale - packaging - wholesale usa industry)

Pamuk Iplik
Wholesale Turkish Tekstil company in Istanbul supplying cotton yarn products for the textile industry in Europe. Textile products available include ring spun combed 100% cotton yarn, ring sup carded and open end cotton yarns, along with other materials for weaving and knitting.
http://www.pamukiplik.com/ (turkish suppliers - istanbul distributors - wholesale textile suppliers - wholesale yarn - wholesale turkey materials)

Particular GmbH
German suppliers of high technology nanomaterial products from a European company based in the city of Hanover in Germany Deutschland. Producing nanoparticles, nanoparticle dispersions, coating, nano markings, and related products.
http://particular.eu/ (german suppliers - hanover wholesalers - wholesale nanomaterial suppliers - material companies - wholesale germany materials)

Provincial Paper
Wholesale packaging materials, shipping supplies, and general industrial supplies such as bubble wrap, shrink film, stretch wrap, shipping labels, silica gel desiccants, VCI wrapping paper, gummed tape, as well as environment friendly packaging supply options. Based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
http://www.provincialpaper.com/ (canadian wholesalers - packaging wholesale)

Global producer and supplier of aluminum with headquarters in Nikoloyamskaya str., Moscow, 109240, Russia. Rusal owns bauxite and nepheline ore mines, alumina smelters, aluminium refineries, alloys, foil mills, packaging materials and power generating assets. Products include foundry alloys, metallurgy powders, silicon, corundum, chemicals, wire rods, wrought alloys, gallium and much more.
http://www.rusal.ru/ (russian wholesalers - moscow wholesalers - wholesale aluminum supplies - alloys - metals suppliers - wholesale russia materials)

Saitube Industries
Indian metals supplier of copper with headquarters in Mumbai- 400093 and factories in Chennai, India. Suppliers of copper, copper alloy, copper electrolytic electrical conductivity copper silver, tellurium copper, dhp, and bronzes.
http://www.saitube.com/ (indian suppliers - mumbai wholesalers - wholesale copper supplies - bronze supplies - wholesale india materials)

Turkish company with offices in Istanbul supplying a range of insulation foam products to customers worldwide. Product range includes orthopedic mattresses, sound insulation foams, polyester filter sponges, fire resistant foams, cleaning sponge merchandise, cloths, floor mats, house insulation products and many more.
http://www.sanifoam.com.tr/ (turkish suppliers - istanbul wholesalers - wholesale foam materials - insulation supplies - wholesale turkiye materials)

European insulation company supplying products from their base in 35129 Padova, Italy. Specializing in heat insulating panels which are made of polyurethane foam or Polyiso foam. Home insulation for walls, the roof and the floor.
http://www.stiferite.com/ (italian suppliers - wholesale insulation materials - material supplies - wholesale italy materials)

St Marys Cement
Canadian supplier of building materials with headquarters in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. St Mary's manufactures cement, concrete and related building and construction materials to industry throughout the Great Lakes Region, Canada. Owned by the Brazilian company Votorantim Cimentos.
http://www.stmaryscement.com/ (canadian suppliers - ontario wholesalers - wholesale building materials - concrete supplies - wholesale canada materials)

Strod Marketing
South African wholesalers of animal leathers and leather products with headquarters in Honeydew, South Africa. Supplies leather, synthetic leathers and components for the shoe industry and related accessory companies. Leather and apparel stockists in Africa.
http://strod.net/ (south african wholesale companies - wholesale leather materials - wholesale materials - wholesale south africa materials)

Wholesale New Zealand timber company in Auckland, New Zealand. Importing timber and wood supplies from around the world, includes types of timber like pine, cedar, beech and more for purposes which include wood decking, flooring, fascia boards, weatherboards, and mouldings. Also supplies a range of plywoods, marine ply, mdf, flexiply, veneer board, and melamine panels.
http://www.timspec.co.nz/ (new zealand suppliers - auckland wholesalers - wholesale timber suppliers - building supplies - wholesale new zealand materials)

Tipe Company
Chinese suppliers of nano photocatalyst materials based in Shanghai, mainland China. Titan PE Technologies are a hydrosynthetic photocatalyst manufacturer of of high tech nanomaterial products. Serving industries which include environment, healthcare, chemical, building and energy industry.
http://www.titanpe.com/ (chinese suppliers - shangai wholesalers - wholesale nanomaterial suppliers - material companies - wholesale china materials)

Tirosh Casting
Israeli company supply a range of cast aluminum products from the industrial zone called Afek Industrial Park in Rosh-Ha'ayin 48091 Israel. Tirosh Casting product range includes aluminum sand casting, permanent mold castings and pressure die castings items like gear housings, laser scanner devices, brackets, aluminum printing machine parts, engine manifolds, periscope housing for tanks, housing for guided missiles and other parts for a variety of industries including the defense industry.
http://www.tirosh-casting.com/ (israeli suppliers - wholesale aluminum suppliers - metals suppliers - wholesale israel materials)

Italian wholesale company supplying European leather products out of 36050 Zermeghedo, Vicenza, Italia in the famous tanning district of Arzignano. Supplying high quality leather products for the automotive industry, furniture leathers, handbags, shoes, and hair on hides.
http://www.wipelli.com/ (italian wholesale companies - wholesale leather materials - wholesale materials - wholesale italy materials)

European company in Finland supplying a range of zinc products out of Pori, Finland. Products available from Vertic Zinc Wire Oy include zinc wire and zinc rods made from virgin special high grade zincs. Shipping products worldwide from the popular Finland seaport town of Mäntyluoto.
http://www.vertic.fi/ (finnish suppliers - wholesale zinc suppliers - suppliers of metal - wholesale finland materials)

Very Small Particle Company
Queensland company in Australia producing complex metal oxides at the nano-scale level with a specializination in nano-scale lithium iron phosphate (LFP) material for the use in new gen rechargeable batteries for consumer electronics and applications. Located in Wacol, Queensland 4076, Australia and serving clients worldwide.
http://www.vspc.com/ (australian suppliers - queensland suppliers - wholesale nanomaterial suppliers - material companies - wholesale australia materials)

Spanish company of ceramic materials in Valencia, España, Europe. Supplies a range of traditional and technical ceramic products with materials like aluminas, cordierites, steatites, mullites, and porous bodies being used. Uses of materials to make tableware, maiolica, electrical porcelain, refractories, cordierite and stoneware.
http://www.vicar-sa.es/ (spanish suppliers - wholesale ceramic materials - material supplies - wholesale spain materials)

South Korean stone company supplying a range of stone materials located in Seoul, South Korea, Asia. Asian suppliers of granite, marble, travertino, limestone, sandstone, and slate stones from Europe, South America and Asia.
http://www.yangji.co.kr/ (south korean suppliers - soul wholesalers - wholesale stone supplies - material supplies - wholesale south korea materials)

Yazd Polyester Co
Iranian wholesalers of plastics and related products from the middle east region in Tehran, Iran. Products available include Synthetic fibers, polyester chips, polyethylene terephthalate, PET, and other plastics.
http://www.ypc.ir/ (iranian suppliers - wholesale plastics - material supplies - wholesale iran materials)

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